#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 74 – Kabir’s Anger – Weezersongs

Episode begins with….

Riddhima: Kabir (shock)

Kabir (chuckles): Sweetheart…. Cuddles…. Lacking….. juicy (chuckle)

Riddhima: OMG!!! Kabir simply shut up!!!

All had been laughing seeing her blushing

Riddhima: That is ridiculous….. am… am leaving

She simply stormed out to her room leaving a bunch of laughter echoing from the residing space.

Dadi: Awww poor she!!! Sufficient now

Uma: I simply hope that their love blossoms increasingly more

Anupriya: Precisely Di!!! In any case, that occurred prior to now lastly our kids are blissful and am simply grateful to God that he solved all their points and gave them their happiness

Sejal: Oh God!! You as soon as once more turned emotional (banging her head)

Ishani: Precisely Sejal! The way to flip a humorous scenario into emotional…. We have to study from them

Kabir: Guys I feel they will write a e-book on find out how to convert a scenario to centi, a e-book by Rai Singhania women

Children had been chuckling whereas elders had been obtrusive them

Dadi: See Uma, these children at the moment are pulling our legs

Anupriya: Ma, I feel solely Vansh can get them again to tracks

Ishani: Arrey this isn’t truthful. In case you all are spoiling a second then why can’t we even put our views in entrance of you too?

Siya: POINT!!!

Dadi: You all are dramebaaz!! Now simply go and contemporary up dinner will likely be prepared

All chuckled and departed to their respective rooms. Riddhima reached her room and shutting the room she noticed her reflection within the mirror and a small smile crept on her face and he or she burst into laughter reminiscing all of the incidents which occurred couple of minutes again in the lounge. She went into washroom to contemporary up and as soon as executed, she turned into night time put on after which her eyes then fell on the bouquet which was positioned close to the window. Her steps routinely took her in direction of the bouquet, unknowingly her eyes shine, her button nostril smells the perfume, her cheeks flip pink with blush, her lips curve right into a small curve making her smile. Her fingers had been curling over these delicate petals feeling them sending her loves like to her (Vansh’s like to her). She sat there studying his letter and inhaling the perfume of the regal roses, reminiscing their recollections. Unknowingly, tears made their means expressing her happiness of the love she bought. She was misplaced in her ideas which had been interrupted by a knock on her door, wiping her tears she made her means in direction of the door to seek out D’Souza standing

Riddhima: Sure D’Souza

D’Souza: Ma’am Dadi known as you for dinner

Riddhima: Okay I’ll be coming

D’Souza nodded and left adopted by Riddhima. All had their dinner having their common banter and chit-chatting. After dinner elders had been in lounge having their common dialogue on random matters whereas Riddhima and Kabir made their means in direction of garden as Riddhima wished to have a chat with Kabir alone. As soon as into the garden, they sat on the grass when

Riddhima: Kabir I wished to have a private speak with you

Kabir (playfully): Don’t inform me you fell in love with another person as a result of it’s too late Riddhima and now we will’t even change this relationship that you just and bhai share

Riddhima rolled her eyes and Kabir zipped his lips and silence stuffed the ambiance earlier than Kabir spoke

Kabir: What occurred Riddhima? What did you wish to converse with me about?

Riddhima: I wished to debate with you about your previous

Kabir (expressions modified): Riddhima not once more

Riddhima: Until when will you simply postpone this dialogue, Kabir? Its excessive time we have to talk about

Kabir: What do you wish to discuss that Riddhima? Didn’t we’ve many discussions prior to now after we couldn’t type that then what do you anticipate that it’ll be sorted now? (pissed)

Riddhima: Kabir we by no means had a private speak on this and I feel perhaps now we will discover a resolution

Kabir (sarcasm): There isn’t a resolution to one thing which occurred prior to now and discussing about that after a 12 months is of no use as nothing goes to vary

Riddhima: Kabir!!! I do know no matter occurred prior to now is someplace associated to me and am the rationale why you aren’t blissful as we speak and your tomorrow isn’t going to be if we don’t type this out. No matter occurred prior to now shouldn’t have occurred! Provided that I wasn’t there, perhaps you each would have been collectively. Possibly you’d be blissful along with her, perhaps you’d have been settled and you’d have had a household of your self. She was an excellent woman however my existence spoiled your life and I repent for it until as we speak. I wish to set all the things proper in your life as its messed due to me and this may be executed solely when you have moved on out of your previous. I do know I ….. I mentioned it variety of instances however….. however I wish to apologise as soon as once more for no matter I did. Am… .am sorry Kabir due to me your life sucked up

“SHUT UP!!!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!” Riddhima turned to see Kabir shouting at her and he stood up in a reflex making an attempt to manage his anger.

Kabir (shout) (anger): Why the hell do you blame your self for no matter occurred prior to now? I advised you a lot of instances to simply cease blaming however I don’t perceive why you might be adamant about not contemplating my request! I advised you a lot of instances and am saying it as soon as once more, it higher be the final time. YOU AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAST!!!! She isn’t as she gave the impression to be. She simply blamed you and left and also you being a silly woman believed it and have been blaming your self even after I advised you a lot of instances. Why don’t you perceive that you needn’t be responsible of the previous! Simply cease it yaar I can’t take this. Cease blaming your self for one thing of which you might be nowhere involved. Am…. Am executed with this stupidity. I don’t wish to take this anymore. Am leaving and please I request you to not present me your so-called responsible face once more. GOOD BYE!!!!!!

Riddhima (shock): Kabir!!! Kabir, please take heed to me as soon as….

However no!!! He left!!! He stormed out of the place in anger with out even wanting again. Riddhima had tears in her eyes as to the way in which he spoke and stormed with out listening to her POV. Simply then all the kids got here to her after seeing Kabir storming into his room in stuffed with anger mode. They understood one thing positively occurred and so went out to seek out Riddhima shedding tears. They had been involved and Ishani ran to her to offer assist

Sejal: Riddhima what occurred? Why was bhai in anger and why are you crying?

Ishani: Riddhima will you simply converse up!!

Riddhima narrated the dialog she had with Kabir a number of moments again, everybody’s expressions modified as if all are about to burst

Ishani: Riddhima Kabir is true! He tried to clarify you a lot instances however why don’t you perceive that nothing occurred due to you! You aren’t answerable for no matter occurred

Sejal: Sure! It’s good to cease your self from blaming your self and for god sake why don’t you cease bringing this matter on daily basis!!!

Siya: Bhabhi you understand bhai will get harm every time he thinks of that then why did you get this matter as we speak?

Ishani: Riddhima for as soon as and for all cease this responsible feeling for which you might be nowhere involved and even related

Riddhima: Am related Ishani isliye toh am responsible

Sejal: Riddhima she simply blamed you to make you’re feeling responsible however the reality was you aren’t accountable. Please perceive this. It’s been a 12 months and you might be nonetheless on that

Ishani: However first inform me why did you get this matter as we speak?

Riddhima: I… I don’t know however throughout our every day banter within the workplace as we speak night, we had been having the dialogue of companions and guess what Kabir was discussing concerning the qualities he needs for in his associate so I bought thought ki isn’t it time he will get his happiness again and perhaps he will get a lady in his life who can full him

Sejal (shock): Bhai was speaking about qualities?

Siya (shock): OMG!!! Lastly, bhai has moved on???

Riddhima: NO!!! That’s the problem. I really feel like he nonetheless is caught in his previous.

Ishani: No Riddhima! I don’t suppose Kabir is caught in previous. As a result of if he’s then we all know him, he would keep depressed even after a 12 months however he isn’t. In truth, he’s again to regular, that chirpy, beautiful, energetic Kabir. We all know him, if in any respect he’s harm then he does take plenty of time to return out of that however he’s again and excellent. He’s effective and out of his previous lengthy again however positively he isn’t in to and he doesn’t wish to get right into a relationship now. Or perhaps he’s afraid that his coronary heart might break as soon as once more.

Riddhima: Then he wants a lady who’d break that shell he created round himself. A lady who’d carry life in his life. A lady who’ll perceive him and who’ll give him solace

Siya: Most significantly a lady who’ll perceive and love his household and associates. A lady who’d not blame a lady for her lack of ability to deal with a relationship. A lady who’ll love him the way in which he deserves.

Riddhima: I feel you all are proper! However the place do we discover such a lady!!

Ishani: I feel now we have to begin a mission

All in unison: MISSION KABIR!!!!!

All mentioned that from the following day they’d be on this mission to go looking a lady for him. That they had some regular chat earlier than departing into their respective rooms


Planning for a double replace by tonight!!! If attainable!!!!

Hope you prefer it.

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