RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 41 (MOOD SAGA CONTINUES) – Weezersongs

Final countdown for the tip of this FF begins. 10 episodes extra to go, will convey my emotions within the final one, until then Thanks all 😊😊. 


Episode begins with:


VR Room:


Riddhima smiled at him Mischievously and he regarded suspecious..


Riddhima: I want a Kiss!


Vansh (enjoyable): Take it..


(Vansh kisses Riddhima on cheeks, whereas she frowns..)


Vansh: What occurred Sweetheart?


Riddhima: Am I your daughter that you just’re kissing me on cheeks 😩


(Riddhima holds Vansh’s collar and pulls him close to and leans in direction of his lips, whereas Vansh says..)


Vansh: Now Mrs Raisinghania being romantic. #MoodChanged!


(Vansh and Riddhima shared a passionate kiss and broke in after lengthy 10minutes, Vansh says..)


Vansh: That was s*xy Sweetheart! Now you’ll be a part of the assembly na?


Riddhima: No, kiss was only for enjoyable. It’s not really easy to vary my thoughts. Afterall I’m Riddhima 😌.


Vansh: Not truthful! You advised after your situation you’ll. And “The Riddhima” doesn’t transfer again from her phrases.


Riddhima: ofcourse, kiss was not my situation; as I advised it was only for enjoyable however my situation is I need a do-it-yourself Mango Musse and with Mango Cheese Cake.


Vansh: What 😲?


Riddhima: Sure! Mango Musse in your VAMIKA and Mango Cheese Cake for Your Sweetheart.


Vansh: Riddhima now your Situations are going uncontrolled, I imply it’s not the season for mangoes, from the place ought to i get them and put together?


Riddhima: Season nhi h Mtlb? You might be Mr Vansh Raisinghania, aise toh bada sulagte rehte ho, VR yeh VR woh aur yahan Mangoes nhi laa skte 😠


Vansh: Riddhima!😩😩 Okay wait..


(Vansh calls Angre contained in the room urgently, together with him Aryan, Siya and Ishani additionally come, they enter whereas Riddhima begins crying seeing them, Angre asks..)


Angre: Bhabhi why are you crying? Boss You referred to as so urgently is all the pieces high quality?


Vansh: Does something appears high quality? Hear now Angre I want mangoes anyhow.


Ishani: However Mangoes, who wants?


(Riddhima smiles brightly, pointing in direction of herself 😁)


Vansh: No must smile.


(Riddhima begins sobbing once more, when Angre says..)


Angre: However Boss, this isn’t the season of Mangoes! Learn how to get them?


Aryan: Yeah it’s no doable Bro!


(Listening to this Riddhima begins crying loudly like children, Vansh says..)


Vansh: (hugging her) Cease it Sweetheart! Don’t cry. See I’m arranging na.


Vansh: (shouting) If season isn’t there then convey the season itself, however I want Mangoes, that’s it.


(Angre tries to rearrange Mangoes in all places however couldn’t discover them, Whereas Riddhima crying, sleeps in Vansh’s lap, Siya says..)


Siya: Bhaiya I’ve a pal, he has a farm, hope he might need stored some, wait I’ll name and ask.


(Siya calls her pal, he will get the Mangoes dwelling, everybody will get relieved, as Riddhima was sleeping in Vansh’s lap, he cancelled all his conferences for the day and requested the servant to organize the Mango Cheesecake and Mango Musse. Everybody depart to their rooms, dish was ready, Servant stored it within the room, Vansh woke Riddhima up, and says..)


Vansh: See Sweetheart, right here’s what you wished to eat. Come on eat it and sit in your assembly.


Riddhima: (kissing his brow) Aww! Thnkew Vansh 😘 however now I’m not in temper to have it. I ought to be a part of the assembly now. I’ll attend mine you go and do your work.


Vansh (in thoughts): She doesn’t even now how a lot efforts have been made to make these desserts andy Sweetheart now could be in no temper to even style it.


(He kisses her brow and goes to the examine, after an hour, he reaches again to the room and located Riddhima lacking, he panicked and ran down, he reached Aryan’s room looking out Riddhima and noticed Her, Aryan and his Pals watching a film and chit chatting, he was shocked, he got here in and mentioned..)


Vansh: What the hell is happening?


Aryan: Bro really my associates got here for a film time so..


Vansh: (taking a look at Riddhima): And What the hell are you doing right here?


Riddhima: I’ve bought the Deal, so having fun with my victory.


Aryan: Bro woh, we had been watching film, Bhabhi handed by and we supplied her a seat, she agreed and now all of us are having fun with.


Friend1: Aryan your Bhabhi is such a enjoyable!


Friend2: Yeah, now all of us are associates together with her too😁


Vansh: (faking smile) Actually? However sorry! Your pal has to go now.


Riddhima: Why? 😟😟


Vansh: As a result of now it’s being too tiring for you. And watching such a loud and violent film isn’t good for you and my VAMIKA each.


Riddhima: Vansh please 🥺 you recognize na j don’t go away any film in between.


Vansh: No please. Come and Aryan until her supply ask your pals to make film plans at Their dwelling not at VR Mansion. Why did you provide her?


Aryan: (nervously) Later j advised Bhabhi to go however she’s didn’t agree.


Riddhima: (angrily) Hww😱Liarr! Tumhe toh mai baad mein dekhungi, pehle tumhare Bhai se nipatloon 😠Hnn toh Mr Vansh Raisinghania I’m not frightened of you. I’ll watch this film and are available.


Vansh: (lifting her) although you’ve turn into heavy however not that a lot. Now shut your mouth and let’s go.


(He leaves the room carrying Riddhima, takes her to the room and tucks her contained in the dovet, he stays indignant and shortly dozed off to sleep whereas Vansh stored on caressing her brow, he got here to mattress and slept cuddling his spouse..)


Episode Ends!




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Keep secure and wholesome 😙😙 All!

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