Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa,Aly Gony-Jasmin SS Part 2 – Weezersongs


Laal Ishq5..Pink love..Half 2

Prem was strolling.Instantly he bumped with a lady.The woman was about to fall down.Instantly Prem caught her.They checked out one another.

Prem:Are you alright Heer?

Heer:Sure Prem.Thanks.

Prem launched her from his palms.

Heer:How are you?

Prem:For title sake,I’m alright.Ever since Stells left me,my life is an enormous zero.

Heer grew to become upset.

Heer:I additionally misplaced my household in an accident.However I’ve Stella’s household to help me.They’re my household now.You even have a household Prem.Be comfortable for them as your happiness issues essentially the most for them.

Prem nodded slowly.

Prem:How about you?Are you nice?

Heer:When Stella’s mother and father are there with me,I’m very comfortable.I can’t even consider that I’m not their daughter.Despite the fact that I’m solely their household pal’s daughter,they deal with me as their very own daughter.After I misplaced my mother and father they’re my guardians…all the pieces.

Prem:After they misplaced Stella,you’re the one who gave them hope to stay.

Heer smiled.

Stella’s mother and father David and Gracy watched them with a uninteresting face.

Baljeet Khurana is a wealthy conceited girl.She is Reyaansh’s grand mom too.

Baljeet is adamant that Reyaansh has to marry the woman of his selection;Mallika.

Reyaansh:I’m sorry dadi.I can’t obey you on the subject of marriage.I can’t marry Mallika.

Baljeet was offended.

Baljeet:Mallika is the most effective woman you will get.Then why can’t you marry her?

Reyaansh:You might be improper dadi.Mallika is just not the most effective woman I can get,however the most effective bahu you will get on your monetary profit.You need me to marry Mallika,in order that your unlawful enterprise partnership with Mallika’s father will be strengthened.

Baljeet slapped him in anger.

Reyaansh felt upset.

Baljeet:That is the issue when a avenue orphan such as you is dropped at a wealthy household.Your foster father who’s my son Abhishek saved you from a kidnapper who kidnapped you for begging.He pitied you and introduced you to this home.He gave you identification as his personal son.Despite the fact that Abhishek is just not alive,I sorted you.However you aren’t grateful in any respect.

Reyaansh’s coronary heart pained.

Reyaansh:I’m grateful to you for giving me shelter.That’s why I did’nt inform the police about your unlawful enterprise.

Baljeet’s anger was rising up.Reyaansh walked away.

Baljeet:I didn’t anticipate this kitten to speak to me like this.However I’m certain that he gained’t inform anybody else about my unlawful enterprise.He does’nt have the braveness to do this as he loves Abhishek.

Reyaansh reached his room.He burst into tears.

Reyaansh:I did a very good factor by leaving you Pranati.I’m handled like a dust right here.If  I had introduced you right here as my spouse,on a regular basis you’d have suffered.You escaped from the by no means ending struggling.






Kabir,Pranati and Jugnu performed loads.

Jugnu did humorous mimicry by imitating animals.

Kabir and Pranati laughed.

After Jugnu went,Pranati checked out Kabir.

Pranati:Kabir,nonetheless there’s time.My daughter and I could develop into a burden for you in future.If you need,you may again out.

Kabir:Pranati…why are you speaking like this?Did’nt you see how a lot I loved Jugnu’s firm?You might be my greatest pal.That’s why seeing our friendship,when your mother and father instructed this alliance,I agreed to marry you.As you understand,my mother and father too love you a large number.After all of your father and my father are greatest buddies.So don’t assume like this.Okay?

Pranati smiled emotionally.

Instantly Vyom rang up Kabir.Kabir attended the decision fortunately.

Vyom:We’re again Kabir.

Kabir:Hey was your international journey?

Vyom:We actually loved 2 months international journey.

Kabir:I’m glad to know that you just guys loved the journey loads.That’s why you didn’t name me for two months.

Vyom:Sorry yaar.Attributable to community points solely it was not attainable.

Kabir:I do know that.Even I did’nt wish to spoil your loved ones journey by calling you.

Vyom:I’ll give the telephone to Kavya.

Kavya took the telephone from Vyom.

Kavya:Hello Kabir…

Kabir:Hello Kavya.How was the journey?

Kavya:It was stuffed with enjoyable.Arush is the one who loved essentially the most.

Kabir:Youngsters take pleasure in such journeys essentially the most.


Vyom took the telephone from her.

Vyom:In any case we are going to meet quickly.

Kabir:Okay.Now you guys take relaxation.We are going to meet quickly.



Kabir mentioned in his thoughts:Once we meet,I’ll shock you guys by revealing my engagement with Pranati.






Shivani was getting back from the workplace.Instantly by mistake she ran into somebody.

That individual shouted at her:Don’t you’ve got eyes?

Shivani:You even have eyes.You additionally may have been cautious.

He:You probably did mistake and you might be blaming me.Say ‘sorry’.

Shivani:Why ought to I apologize after we each are at fault?

He:To hell with you.

He walked away angrily.

Shivani seen him getting into the constructing subsequent to their Mansion.Naintara went in direction of her.

Naintara:You met him?I noticed you speaking to him.

Shivani:Who’s he?

Naintara:He’s the well-known stylist Veeranshu Singhania.He’s a stylist of many well-known celebrities.I heard that he’s newly shifted to the following constructing.By the way in which, once you each have been speaking it was good to see each of you collectively.What about wooing him di?

Shivani:Are you mad?He’s so conceited.I can’t think about going near him even in my goals.

Naintara giggled.






Naintara and Shivani went for the Navratri occasion.

Naintara and Romi danced collectively.

Shivani was alone as she had no companion.She merely walked watching others dance.Instantly he collided with somebody.She was shocked because it was Veeranshu.

Veer:Oh …so that is your typical job.Bumping into good-looking boys.

Shivani:You shut up.I’m not that sort of a lady.

Veer:I did’nt say that you’re that sort of a lady.However perhaps after seeing me you felt like bumping into me.As a result of I’m good-looking.It’s not your fault as a lot of the women attempt to befriend me as no woman can resist my appeal.

Shivani:However I,Shivani Oberoi is just not one amongst them Mr.Veeranshu Singhania.

Veer:So you understand my title.You enquired about me a lot simply after a gathering?

Shivani:I’ve no time to waste on you.I simply got here to know your title as you might be well-known.That’s it.

Veer:Okay nice.In any case I heard your title Shivani.By the way in which even in case you are attracted in direction of me,spare me.As a result of I belong to another person.She is essentially the most fashionable woman on the planet who matches a stylist like me completely.

Shivani:No matter!I’m not desirous about you or your private life.

She simply walked away whereas he smirked.

Shivani:Boys like solely fashionable women?Gained’t there be any boy who likes unusual women like me?





Kabir acquired a telephone name.He attended the decision.He was shocked.


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