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hello everybody!!.iam again with ninth episode ☺️.hope you all get pleasure from it…


sai comes inside police station and will get shocked seeing naira and sirat wanting identical and she or he involves sirat and…

Sai: excuse me..

sirat turns to sai and..

Sirat: sure..

Sai: are you and naira are twins? really I’ve got here right here to tell one thing to inspector relating to naira’s case and iam shocked to see each of you wanting identical…

sirat seems to be at sai and..

Sirat: really iam inspector virat sir’s sister. And naira is just not my twin and i used to be additionally shocked to see her however virat bhai informed that she is my look-alike…

Sai: ohh..

Sirat: you might be associated to naira’s case??

Sai: really a man named Aditya is cause for naira’s arrest. I feel naira is arrested for violently hurting a man proper?

Sirat: sure..iam feeling pity in the direction of naira.iam considering easy methods to rescue her as a result of that man is at most important fault however on account of some untime naira attacked him and received jailed…

sai thinks and..

Sai: iam nurse sai.i used to be dealing with Aditya who was admitted by your virat bhai.he isn’t violently attacked however he’s doing drama to place naira in jail..on account of his drama solely naira is in jail….

sirat will get shocked listening to this..

sirat: what??

Sai: are you able to assist me to reveal him??I additionally really feel pity in the direction of this woman and that’s why I got here right here to tell to virat sir however I don’t have any proof to show him that Aditya is doing drama however I believed to tell him as a nurse.and may you assist me to get the proof towards Aditya??

sirat will get indignant on Aditya and agrees to assist sai in accumulating proof towards Aditya..

Sirat: I’ll allow you to however easy methods to gather the proof from him??

sai thinks and will get some concepts and shares her plan with sirat and sirat will get completely happy…

Sirat: wow..your plan is nice!!.come lets go and execute it..

Sai: certain!.

Sirat POV: I wish to unite two love dare this Aditya??now he’s gone.i need naira to unite along with her love and for that I can do something…

telling this sai and sirat goes to hospital to gather the proof towards Aditya.



mihir and bani are seen discussing and bani shares one thing to mihir..

bani: yesterday I met a silly man..

Mihir: what?? Did that silly man troubled you??

Bani: no..he’s buddy of mayuri. He stopped me from slapping her..if he dint are available between then I’d have slapped her extra however he stopped me from slapping her as he’s her buddy.

Mihir: mayuri can also be having a superb buddy like us!!

bani will get indignant and..

Bani: shut up!!. I hate that man a lot as a result of he got here in between private matter.

Mihir: however he’s buddy of her so he could supported her with out figuring out her simply go away your anger apart and give attention to to gather the proof towards ponky and mayuri.

Bani: you might be appropriate.

instantly Neil sir enters and Everybody stops their chatting and so they greet him..

Everybody: good morning sir.

Neil: good morning..

telling this he begins taking class and after a while veer enters the category together with Avni in anger and shouts…

Veer shouts(in anger): who’s ponky right here??simply come out you blo*dy rascal…

everybody will get shocked as somebody is coming within the class and screaming whereas bani will get extra shocked seeing him..

mihir sees bani sitting shocked and he asks..

Mihir: why are you shocked as should you noticed a ghost??iam completely happy as somebody got here right here to cease Neil sir’s class however why are you wanting shocked??

Bani: you idiot!!.that is the person who stopped me from slapping mayuri!.

mihir too will get shocked and each of them will get shocked seeing seeing Avni close by him and..

Mihir: what’s Avni doing with him??

Bani: if it’s mayuri’s buddy then how can he be avni’s buddy too???how do Avni know him???

Mihir: possibly he’s her brother.

Bani: no..she don’t have any brother.

Mihir: then we’ll see what is going on right here so that we’ll discover out who’s he and why Avni introduced him right here..

Bani: okay..

telling this they each take a look at veer and Avni whereas veer retains on shouting..

Veer(angrily): simply come out ponky orelse I’ll bash you…

ponky sees Avni and will get scared whether or not this new man discover out his reality whereas Neil involves veer and stops him and..

Neil: excuse me sir..this isn’t a fish market to shout.whoever you might be please preserve your battle exterior the faculty..and should you shout right here then we now have to take motion on you..

veer calms his anger and..

Veer: iam sorry to shout right here professor.however I wish to see ponky now as I wish to get justice to your pupil Avni..

neil sees Avni angrily and..

Neil: so you might be avni’s help?

Veer: sure..

Neil: did she inform any lie about that humorous video and is it for that you’re coming and shouting by believing her lie??

veer will get indignant on Neil however controls and..

Veer: professor simply name ponky in order that additionally, you will know the reality…

neil calls ponky and ponky comes very scared and..

Neil: he’s (ponting in the direction of ponky)ponky. He’s an excellent pupil and good pupil additionally then what’s the complain on him miss.avni and supporter??

veer sees ponky indignant and slaps him exhausting..

veer shouts: ponky..what did you assume??are you not ashamed your self??now inform your actuality to your professor and to this entire class in order that they’ll know your soiled considering…

everybody within the class will get shocked and..

Everybody POV: now Neil sir’s class changed into a film..

whereas bani and mihir too will get shocked and..

Mihir: did this man discovered the proof of ponky’s cheat??

Bani: I feel so…

whereas Neil will get indignant and stops veer and..

Neil shouts: excuse aren’t appearing in probably have enemity with ponky then present it in exterior faculty and don’t disturb this entire class…and miss.avni why did you introduced him right here??is it to disturb the category??

veer will get indignant and shouts..

Veer shouts: Neil sir..I can tolerate something however not woman’s respect. Ponky have finished such a mistake that I gained’t spare him. Even when that is an workplace I’d have finished the simply ask him what he have finished in order that additionally, you will do the identical what iam doing..

neil will get shocked and turns in the direction of ponky and..

Neil: did you do something ponky??

ponky will get scared and lies..

Ponky POV: did they discovered about me??..I hope there isn’t a proof..

Ponky : no sir.

instantly a voice comes from behind..

Somebody: you might be underneath arrest ponky.

everybody will get shocked seeing inspector virat and virat comes in the direction of ponky and shouts..

Virat angrily: don’t dare to cover something ponky. You’ll get arrested for what you have got finished…

ponky (in scared): si..sir..what did I do??

Virat: shut up!!I’ve proof..

virat exhibits the video to neil sir and Neil will get shocked….

Virat: your mates finished this along with your phrases proper ponky??

virat brings his buddies and asks his buddies to tel the reality to everybody..

Ponky’s buddies: sure..ponky have requested us to harass Avni or rape and he provided cash to create Neil’s pretend video additionally…

everybody will get shocked whereas ponky bows his head down in disgrace and Neil turns into indignant and slaps him exhausting…

neil shouts: disgrace on you ponky!!.how low cost you might be..chii.due to you Avni received punished and then you definitely tried to harass…how low cost??boys like it is best to keep in jail inspector get him arrested..

virat arrests ponky and he thanks veer and he takes ponky and buddies whereas Neil seems to be Avni in guilt whereas Avni cries and hugs veer..

avni(cryingly): take me to residence veer.i don’t wish to come to school as a result of iam fearful of males’s now…

veer sees bani sitting and he consoles Avni by hugging her..

Veer: is best to examine faculty. Iam all the time there to guard you..

veer once more sees bani in a single eye and he not directly flirts along with her..

Veer: Avni..there’s a sturdy woman on this class who’s knowledgeable in slapping so that you go and sit along with her in order that she’s going to shield you from males as a result of seeing her anger and slap all the boys’s would run away…

everybody together with Avni will get confused whereas bani understands and she or he murmers in low tone..

bani murmers: iam completely happy that he saved Avni however why is he once more targetting me??what’s his motive??did I slap mayuri in such a means that he’s praising my slap??


precap: sai and sirat wins towards Aditya.shivani pours kerosene on herself.naksh is suprised.neil apologises to Avni.



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