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Chapter :49…”Future’s Want“…

The episode begins with Riddhima and Ajay paying ludo. They had been sitting within the open balcony. It was embellished with hanging indoor crops. There have been additionally indoor flower crops., it has a swing additionally. They had been sitting in two cane chairs with the cane desk. It was a pleasing night in Delhi. Birds had been chirping exterior earlier than going again to their nest. The color of the sky was considerably blue and purple. Making it a tremendous sundown!!

They had been taking part in. Generally Riddhima was hooting ‘I’ll win’ whereas Ajay was hooting ‘I’ll win’. Instantly one thing got here in Ajay’s thoughts.

Ajay to himself:On this peasant climate nothing however solely songs are revolving in my thoughts. I do know Riddhima can also be considering the identical. I nonetheless bear in mind earlier than we used to play ludo and likewise we used to sing collectively. I feel I ought to sing now, if she additionally sings in pleasure. For her singing is Ardour!! Love!! Dedication!! God!! Life!! and what not. I can’t see her dying on a regular basis.

Disregarding his ideas he begins to sing.

Ajay:Hmm..Neele neele ambar par chaand jab aaye
Pyaar barsaaye humko tarsaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho
Pyaas dil ki bujha jaaye

Oh oonche oonche parvat jab choomte hain ambar ko
Pyaasa pyaasa ambar jab choomta hai saagar ko

Pyaar se kasne ko baahon mein basne ko
Dil mera lalchaaye koi to aa jaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho
Pyaas dil ki bujha jaaye

Neele neele ambar par chaand jab aaye
Pyaar barsaaye humko tarsaaye

Listening to the tune Riddhima remembers their outdated moments. She will be able to’t resist herself however begins to maneuver her physique with the beats. Her physique was flowing within the rhythm however she didn’t sing. She was singing it in her thoughts however the phrases don’t got here out.

Riddhima to herself:I do know you need me to sing, however no!! I cannot. I can’t break my promise. I’ll observe it until my final breath. And I’ll!!

Riddhima:See I received!! Yippe!!

Ajay:Oh no!! My luck was not in my favour at present.

Riddhima:Higher luck subsequent time. (winks).

Ajay:It’s such a tremendous climate let me sing yet another tune.

Riddhima:If you wish to sing then sing, however I wish to take some relaxation.

She leaves to her room instantly.

Ajay:What I’ll do along with her god? Give me a way. Present some magic.

Vansh:Solely 2 years?

Angre:Sure boss, Kabir is serving for less than 2 years.

Vansh:However how can he belief him a lot?

Angre:I individually tried to make him towards him however he’s decided in his phrases.

Vansh:Their entire household is aware of some black magic!!

Angre:He dwelling in Mumbai solely in a room provided by the corporate solely and his household lives in Delhi.

Vansh places his each hand on the desk and bent down a bit bit and gaves an bizarre look.

Vansh:Oh I see!! Delhi.

Angre:Sure boss.

On the opposite facet we noticed Siya and Ishani speaking about one thing.

Siya:Ishani di are you able to do one favour?

Ishani:Siya I can do something for you, simply inform me.

Siya:There might be a music competitors and I wish to take part in it. However bhai..

Ishani:Don’t fear, I’m there na. You simply enroll your title over there. Btw title of the competitors?

Siya:Nationwide Music Competitors.

Ishani:Wow Siya!! Nationwide Competitors, it’s important to give your finest Siya. I do know you are able to do it very effectively.

Siya:However di what about bhai?

Ishani:I’ll attempt to handle him. However when is your audition?

Siya:thirteenth June, Sunday.

Ishani:Okk, go away that on me. I’ll take you to the auditorium, it’s my obligation.

Siya hugs her.

Siya:Thanks a lot di. Love you, you’re the finest.

Ishani:Love you too.

Once more the scene shifts to Vansh and Angre.

Vansh:Then it the time to satisfy with them.

He stands up straight and rubs his each arms with one another giving a smirk.

Angre:Then I can go and watch. I’ll inform you about there whereabouts.

Vansh:Okk so you already know all the things na? What it’s important to do and the way?

Angre:Sure boss.

Vansh:Urgh!! Angre!! ( irritated).

Angre:What occurred any drawback? (tensed).

Vansh: We’re in our home no must say boss. Even I requested you to not say boss in workplace additionally.

Angre:Okay Vansh.

Vansh:That’s my pal.

Angre was going to go away however he feels one thing odd. He was feeling weak, he fell down on the mattress instantly.


Angre:I’m effective, only a little bit of drained.

Vansh:No you aren’t effective!! You took a lot of labor strain. Do one factor you are taking relaxation for tomorrow, I’ll go to Delhi.


Vansh:No if’s and however. I’ll go and it’s ultimate.

Angre nodded and slowly slowly leaves for his room.

Vansh:See you quickly sweetheart, opps ex sweetheart. ( evil smile).

Riddhima was going to her room when she noticed Dadi was sitting in protecting a hand on her head. Although she don’t like her orthodox nature however in spite of everything she is her Dadi. She loves her Dadi so much.

She enters in Dadi’s room and requested her.

Riddhima:What occurred Dadi? You’re tensed for one thing? Tomorrow is puja do some enjoyment.

Dadi:What enjoyment beta. I want a assist.

Riddhima:You need assistance? So say na. What’s the large deal in it?

Dadi:Are you able to please go to Hanuman Mandir tomorrow? Please. ( aayu’s pet eyes😂).

Riddhima:Tomorrow? Okay effective.

Dadi:Thanks beta. You need to convey some gadgets from there for puja. I offers you the record.


She went to her room.

She was sitting in a rocking chair of her room.

Riddhima:Tomorrow is identical day and I’ll go to similar place once more? Do you actually need this god? Inform me would you like me to stay in peace or let me stay in ache? I attempt my finest to forgot then why you poke on the injuries once more? Why?

Whereas considering all this she slept within the chair.

Who is aware of the sport of future?
Who is aware of the way it will take its path?
Each Riddhima and Vansh don’t know what will occur of their life. It’s the silence earlier than a storm. This storm will shake their life. Their love stay incomplete of their final life however that doesn’t imply god won’t give them happiness in subsequent life. Which ever occurs it occurs for our good. Not each finish is an finish. Really each finish is the beginning of a brand new starting. This starting will say how they may discover their motive of ecstasy!!!

Precap:Riansh’s meet… 

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