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The voice of rain drops had been snoothing slightly woman’s coronary heart..

A woman protecting her hand close to her coronary heart was listening the character’s  music which was created by rain drops…

She closed her eyes and was feeling  each inch of music…tears seize her candy mushy and milky cheeks…

She opened her eyes after which her hand, a fantastic butterfly pendant was there…

Few drops of tear fall over it…she elevate her hand to wipe them however that locket fall from his hand and reached the highway crammed with gloominess and lonliness..

She stood up and was feeling very responsible..

How can she lose  final thing of her mom that she has together with her…

She ran downstairs..and was about to open the door..

However somebody caught her..

A girl:- ‘Riddhima’ What are you doing right here right now you need to have slept..

Her voice was chocked..

She was frightened by the considered lossing that locket as she misplaced her mom..

Girl:- Riddhima?

Are you okay. The place had been you going..? Are you hungry..

She requested her with stuffed with care and concern cupping her face..

Riddhima:- with a heavy voice..v..o..h. I..l.ost .m.y.l.o.cket she stated whereas crying..

The girl understood her situation..she took her in her embrace to consolation her..

Girl:- Riddhima don’t fear I’ll discover it for positive…

She was about to go outdoors seeking it..



It was thunder..it began raining closely..

Like the character Don’t wished to get her locket…

A unknown sarcastic smile crept on Riddhima’s face…

Riddhima:- I..t..’s.. okay..m.a.’a.m I don’t deserve that..

Saying this she went upstairs..sat within the nook of room wrapping her legs round her chest…

She was crying?

No her soul was crying..

Subsequent morning!!!

After raining all night time..the climate was nice..solar rays peeped from the window and stated hey to the little woman sitting and sleeping beside the cabinet…he rubbed her eyes..and after remembering yesterday night time..in a hope that she will be able to catch that rope that she left yesterday rushed downstairs…

She was in such a rush that she was operating with out seeing she was simply in a rush in order that nobody else can take it…

She collided with somebody..

She was about to fell however two sturdy pairs of arms catch her..

She was misplaced in her black orbs and he wasin her Magnificence and her pale face..

He was considerably speaking together with her coronary heart along with his coronary heart…


A voice broke thier dialog

Outdated girl:- Vansh!!

Realising there posture he helped her to face..

Vansh:- Sorry!! Take care..

Riddhima was not listening him..

Her eyes had been caught in his hand…

Her locket was there…

Tears once more captured her cheeks

Vansh was confused…

He thought that due to she is crying..

Vansh:- I’m very sorry! Pls don’t cry..it doesn’t go well with you…

Riddhima was out from her dreamland…

She was very pleased!! She wiped her tears and stated…

Riddhima:- Vo..h..this locket is mine It fell from window I used to be …

Vansh giggles..

Vansh:- oh so that you communicate additionally I assumed..

He give her locket to her…

Vansh:- right here take your  property..I discovered it on highway so..

 She snatched and stored it in her hand and packed it tightly together with her fingers…

Vansh:- I see it’s very near your coronary heart..

Riddhima:- No it’s related to my soul…

You don’t understand how a lot I’m grateful to you..

You helped me you possibly can ask something in return..

Vansh:- Something?

Riddhima:- Sure something..

Vansh:- Are you able to give me this locket..???

Riddhima was shocked..

Vansh:- okay I need two issues..will you give me..

She thought he’ll change his choice so she  nod in affirmative.

Vansh:- Very first thing-locket

Second thing- you need to include me on a date..

Riddhima was shocked along with his phrases…

She couldn’t deny as she couldn’t take her phrases again..

She wasn’t figuring out why her coronary heart’s wish to settle for..

He forwarded his hand….

She give her hand in his….

Yeh lamha jo thehra hai

Mera hai ye tera hai

Yeh lamha major jee loon zara

Tujh mein khoya rahoon major

Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu

Khudko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi

Tujhse milta rahoon major

Mujhse milti rahe tu

Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi

Haa. phir kabhi

Kyun bewajah gungunaaye

Kyun bewajah muskuraaye

Palkein chamakne lagi hai

Ab khwaab kaise chupaaye

Behki si baatein kar lain

Hans hans ke aankhen bhar lain

Ye behoshiyan phir kahan

Tujhme khoya rahoon major

Mujhme khoyi rahe tu

Khud ko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi

Tujhse milta rahoon major

Mujhse milti rahe tu

Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi

Haa. phir kabhi

Dil pe taras aa raha hai

Pagal kahin ho na jaaye

Woh bhi major solar’ne laga hoon

Jo tum kabhi keh na paaye

Yeh subah phir aayegi

Yeh shamein phir aayengi

Yeh nazdeekiyaan phir kahan

Tujhme khoya rahoon major

Mujhme khoyi rahe tu

Khud ko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi

Tujhse milta rahoon major

Mujhse milti rahe tu

Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi

Haa. phir kabhi…

They reached the backyard…

The backyard was so stunning with dew on each petal of flower…

It was one thing totally different, It was one thing particular..

Vansh:- Waise would you prefer to know why I take this locket from you..

Riddhima:- hmm..

Vansh:- I’m pondering of gifting this to my new pal..whom I met couple of minutes in the past…

Riddhima was simply wanting in his eyes…

Vansh:- the place are you misplaced… Don’t assume a lot I’m taking about you solely…. forwarding the locket..

How can I separat a coronary heart and a soul..

However keep in mind from now this locket has my contribution additionally so meaning my coronary heart is in that soul and mine soul is related with you with my coronary heart… complicated?

Depart it…

Take pleasure in your espresso…

Riddhima was smiling as she by no means…

Her coronary heart was smiling her soul was smiling…

All this was witnessed by 2 pairs of eyes…

Outdated girl:- She is such a fantastic and harmless woman…

Girl:- She will not be was,your grand son did the magic..who by no means smile..is now smilling together with her complete coronary heart…

Who was at all times was in a concern of loosing is now having fun with…

Your grandson helped her to fulfill her soul and coronary heart collectively..

Outdated girl:- I toh come right here to contribute in charity for those who don’t have anybody with them however My Vansh did an amazing job…

They’re wanting so excellent..

Made for one another!!

The scene went  with the movement of wind and a board was proven….

Little coronary heart Orphanage!!!

The Finish…

I actually don’t know what I’ve written..

Do feedback…

I’ll come again with all of the pending tales quickly…

Bye take care…

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