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Jamvati asks Radha to hunt gold from Jestha/Alakshmi as additionally they need her to have some instructed like them. Satyabhama backs her. Radha closes her eyes and says fact is she doesn’t want good and what she needs is along with her. Alakshmi says a girl all the time wishes gold jewellery, so she ought to search gold. Radha says she is comfortable like a full utensil which can not maintain extra water. Alakshmi says she could repent later. Radha says she won’t. Alakshmi thinks she is going to educate her a lesson and asks Jamvati what she needs. Jamvati says she needs gold which even Kuber doesn’t have. Alakshmi asks all different women to shut their eyes and get their needs fulfilled. All of them shut their eyes. Alakshmi does magic and a magical voice says their needs shall be fulfilled for positive. All of them get comfortable seeing gold rising in entrance of them. Magical voice asks Radha why didn’t she ask something. Radha says she simply wants her blessings. Voice tells Jamvati that she is going to get the quantity of gold she desired after 5 years, so she ought to ask for some now. Radha says she ought to ask now as she shall be caught in it for five years. Jamvati says she will wait for five years for Kuber’s gold. Voice says she has to pay one thing in return. Jamvati says she will pay something for Kuber’s gold. Sam thinks its good that mom requested Kuber’s gold from Alakshmi, all that gold wil be his. Krishna thinks Jamvati will ha e to pay for her greed.

Radha tells Krishna that generally she feels he can see the long run, in the present day he mentioned about gold in the present day and Jamvati sought Kuber’s gold later; asks if Jamvati’s demand was proper or fallacious. Krishna says he can simply say that identical to they breathe and eat meals to dwell, an individual has to take the choice himself/herself, equally no person can take Radha’s resolution. Jamvati wears gold fortunately considering she is going to expertise immense happiness and can get her image painted by a painter. She asks Laxmana to name a greatest painter to color her picture carrying gold. Laxmana says after 5 years, her gold will look invaluable in entrance of Kuber’s gold. Jamvati is shocked to see her gold disappearing. Laxmana warns her to not contact her. Jamvati touches her and her gold bangles disappear. She then touches gold trunks and gold disappear. Laxmana walks away fuming. Voice emerges once more and tells Jamvati that she has to lose one thing to realize one thing. Jamvati cries.

Krishna walks to Alakshmi and requests her to cease her heinous acts. Alakshmi says with Jamvati’s greed, she is going to carry poverty in Dwarka which is able to destroy Radha’s avatar Dhanalakshmi. Devi Gauri seeing that tells Mahadev that she will switch her powers into Radha if she needs. Mahadev says Krishna should have deliberate one thing concerning this. Radha consoles Jamvati. Revati asks how can gold disappear. Laxmana says she herself noticed gold disappearing. Alakshmi walks to Jamvati and says she simply needed to make her comfortable and didn’t know this is able to occur to her. Jamvati cries for assist. Radha consoles her once more. Sam asks Alakshmi why did she do that to Jamvati. Alakshmi says she needed similar and says they respect visitors in Dwarka and if she informs everybody Sam’s intention. He says he simply helped her. She says Jamvati’s issues are shor lived. Krishna walks to them and says he is aware of about Jamvati’s issues and says one ought to search what they’ll deal with and shouldn’t be in greed. Jamvati says he is aware of her ache and may assist her. Krishna says he can not assist her. Radha asks who else will. Krishna says they need to begin reciting Ashtalakshmi’s story from in the present day and since they bought gold through Dhanalakshmi, they may begin Dhanaalakshmi’s story first. Alakshmi will get jealous seeing that.

Krishna gathers everybody. Laxmana says solely ladies sought gold, then why did he invite even males. He says this story will educate them that poverty can not keep the place Dhanalakshmi is prayed. Alakshmi walks in. Krishna invitations her to take a seat with them and says everybody will begin chanting Asthalakshmi’s names first. He chants Adilakshmi first. Radha’s interior power will get activated and stops Lakshmi from stepping in direction of them. He then chants Dhanalakshm, Dhanyalakhsmi, Gajalakshmi, Santanalakshmi, Dhairyalakhsmi, Jayalakshmi, Vidyalakhsmi and with every identify, power emerges out of Radha and forces Alakshmi to again off. Krishna says with these names, poverty shall be out of their place.

Precap: Krishna tells Alakshmi that Radha will not be egocentric and its clear that Alakshmi will not be affected by Radha’s deeds. Alakshmi says quickly Radha iwll be affected by her deeds. Radha presents a hoop to Jamvati and says if she sacrifices greed, she is going to win.

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