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The episode begins with Indresh making an attempt to clarify his father Singhasan to not to think about killing Swati as a result of he will need to have heard mistaken in regards to the report however as an alternative he tells him that now it’s final that Swati & her youngster has to die as determined together with Devesh who’s offender for all this to occur whereas Devesh is shocked listening to from out of the room therefore thinks of planning for tackling Singhasan.
Singhasan places some tablet in water & affords to Indresh who sits feeling terrified of Swati however he explains Singhasan that the report might need being modified which I certainly have doubt on Devesh who will need to have accomplished of fixing the report as a result of he had bribed the supervisor additionally giving 25 lacs to kill me to attain Swati & Singhasan will get wild saying Devesh have to be killed first then however Indresh asks permission from him for a while to go looking the precise reality & he permits him just for a while. Singhasan affords Indresh the identical water & he drinks it.
Indresh prays Mata Santoshi to assist Swati & sits on the open floor protecting on crying for Swati whereas Swati who’s stressed & anticipating Indresh to return after assembly his father however sees him sitting on the bottom therefore goes to fulfill him.
Swati is asking Indresh what occurred whereas Beautiful is watching emotionally the pictures of the kid along with her in her telephone & feels depressed however will get shocked watching solely few of them therefore retains looking extra of them however finds a video of Swati & Indresh getting shut which she had recorded on the time of Holi celebration & realizes that the kid is of each of them itself therefore thinks of informing Swati of her proof of innocence.
Devi Polomi will get wild on Mata Santoshi in addition to Dev Rishi & retains calling each of them however Dev Rishi jokes along with her & leaves to Mata Santoshi who’s in deep meditation of Prabhu Mahadev.
Devi Polomi goes to complain Prabhu Mahadev however Mata Paravati shouts her for not disturbing him however she insists on Prabhu’s reply in opposition to Devi Santoshi who’s behaving in opposition to Gods coverage however Prabhu tells her that she is barely spreading the tradition of devotion which you too must do & if query arises of Gods coverage then it’s Tridev’s duty to deal with world’s future therefore to depart now & Mata Paravati additionally warns her to depart & she leaves.
Indresh tells Swati that they’ve to depart from right here as a result of father has learnt in regards to the report which states Devesh Tripathi’s identify as youngster’s father however Swati tells him that we must always clarify him it is likely to be Devesh’s plan however Indresh tells her who’ll clarify him who has misplaced his brains taking oath of killing you & she is shocked.
Beautiful watches each of them in bother therefore strikes forward to tell them however Devi Polomi watches & makes use of her powers to encourage negativity into Beautiful who stops remembering about her earlier incidence when Swati & Indresh gave away the kid to her precise mom therefore plans to take revenge.
Indresh watches Singhasan from window who’s watching each of them therefore is taking away Swati from him however she too watches Singhasan whereas Singhasan thinks Indresh can’t run away taking Swati away from me.

Precap: Swati insists Indresh that we’ll deliver right reviews of DNA & hold it in entrance of father in order that he’ll get satisfied. Indresh accepts her recommendation telling her I’ll deliver these reviews however until time to to not go in entrance of father & she assures him. Swati sees some shadow coming in direction of her.

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