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The Episode begins with Vivaan taking Reema contained in the bride’s dressing room and asks her to open her eyes, and asks her to inform no matter Devesh is telling about her and mother, is all lie. He remembers Devesh displaying Chitra’s name on cellular and says mother, you may’t do that. Pandit ji asks Aarav to fill sindoor within the bride’s maang. Simar 2 thinks of her moments with Aarav. Aditi asks Pandit ji to inform the explanation of filling the sindoor. Pandit ji says sure, and tells that based on shashtra, purple coloration signifies energy, it offers energy to guard the home. He says based on science, it relieves lady of the day’s exhausting work. Aarav takes sindoor on the coin. Simar stops him from eradicating her veil. Aarav asks her to not fear and tells that he’ll fulfill her household customs. He applies sindoor with out seeing her face. Avinash and Indu appears on. Simar 2 cries. Pandit ji asks Aarav to make bride put on the mangalsultra and tells that the thread of mangalsutra ties two folks in a relation of faithfulness and signifies their togetherness. Aarav makes her put on the mangalsutra. Simar 2 appears on the mangalsutra. He makes her put on the veil correctly. Simar 2 cries a lot. Pandit ji says this marriage is accomplished. Simar 2 and Aarav take Badi Maa’s blessings. Badi Maa blesses them. Simar blesses them too and hugs Simar 2. They take different’s blessings too. Chitra tries to see the bride’s face and is about to elevate her veil, however Aarav stops her. Chitra smiles. They take Indu’s blessings. Simar 2 hugs her and cries. Indu says your sasural is your private home now, their respect is linked with you and their happiness is your happiness now, asks her to neglect them and settle for the brand new household. She asks her to neglect her outdated life earlier than beginning new life. Simar 2 hugs her. Indu whispers in her ear to go away dream to turn out to be a singer and says you’re neither ours nor your personal, you’re simply of your sasural.

Aarav and Simar 2 take Avinash’s blessings. Simar 2 hugs him and cries. She then hugs Roma and Gagan. Simar additionally cries. Badi Maa indicators what occurred? Simar smiles. Pandit ji says final rasam and tells that bride will put grains on mom’s pallu with out wanting again and pray for his or her prosperity. Simar 2 does the ritual to throw the puffed grains again, whereas Indu catches it in her pallu. She remembers her moments with everybody. Indu and Avinash fold their fingers earlier than Badi Maa and others. Badi Maa additionally folds her fingers. Aarav opens the automotive’s door. Simar 2 cries nonetheless. Aditi makes her sit. Aarav sees her lehenga pallu popping out of automotive and retains it inside. He then sits with Simar 2 and holds her hand. Simar 2 will get tensed.

Chitra calls Devesh and says my plan failed as a consequence of you. Devesh says every thing occurred as per your plan, Reema didn’t attain mandap, however I’ve to get crushed by Vivaan. He says the bottomline is that I didn’t let her attain mandap. Chitra asks what, and asks then whose marriage occurred with Aarav and whose bidaai is going on. Devesh says I don’t know, you shall see, however one factor is confirmed that the bride isn’t Reema. Chitra thinks if Devesh is saying proper then who’s going because the bride.

Vivaan offers pillow underneath Reema’s neck and asks her to open her eyes. He then thinks of Aarav and the bride exchanging garlands and thinks in case you are not on the mandap then who’s that lady? He says I shall inform Bhai and inform him every thing. He calls Aarav and says please choose the decision. His cellphone rings, however he doesn’t see the decision. Vivaan says how will you do that Reema, a giant betrayal, this cheat will break Bhai. Simar 2 cries nonetheless, Aarav appears at her. Vivaan calls him once more and thinks he has to cease this marriage anyhow and runs out from there. Simar is about to sit down with Simar 2, however Aditi stops her and says Reyansh and she is going to include them. She asks Simar to come back with Badi Maa and sits within the automotive. Pandit ji asks Gagan to push the automotive, assuring her that he’s behind her like a help. Gagan pushes the automotive. Indu tells Simar that they’ve finished every thing as per her sayings and says now every thing is in your fingers, handle our daughter and be along with her. Simar folds her fingers. Chitra hears them and thinks that is the key of a reproduction bride.

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