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Hiya all!! I hope you all are doing good..Let’s start with in the present day’s half..

Riddhima : Dad despatched you as my PA naa..

Vansh : Sure ma’am..

Riddhima : So do my work now..

Vansh : Certain ma’am.. 

Riddhima : I want a black espresso, it needs to be robust, robust sufficient..Put 3 packets of Nescafe in it and convey it in 5 minutes or I’ll rip you off..

Vansh : Sure ma’am however you’ll rip my shirt or..? 

Riddhima : Shut up and GO

Vansh : Sure ma’am..

He went to make espresso. 

After 5 minutes, he got here with a cup of black espresso and gave it to her. She sipped from it and threw the cup. 

Riddhima : Didn’t I inform you BLACK COFFEE? 

Vansh : Sure ma’am, you informed..

Riddhima : Then, why sugar? 

Vansh : Ma’am, you didn’t say with out sugar..Shall I make once more?

Riddhima : No Thanks.. 

Vansh : Then, what ought to I do? 

Riddhima : Simply sit on that chair

Vansh : As you say ma’am..

He sat crossing his legs.

She received indignant and shouted,”Is that this the best way you sit in entrance of your boss?” 

Vansh : Sorry ma’am..

He turned the chair to a different aspect and mentioned,”Is it okay, ma’am?” Riddhima hit her head and mentioned,”Uggh!!” She continued doing work till she heard somebody loud night breathing..It was Vansh. She went in direction of him and checked out his face. 

Riddhima : See, how is he sleeping? Nobody is allowed to sleep right here and he’s loud night breathing too..

She pushed him to wake him up and he stood straight in a minute with a jerk. 

Vansh (in his thoughts) : Kaisi ajeeb si ladki hai.. (Trans:- Such a bizarre woman she is) 

 (To her) : Sorry ma’am..

He tried his greatest to cover his chortle however couldn’t and ended up guffawing. Riddhima received hell indignant.

Riddhima : ANGREEE!!

She roared and everybody heard that and received scared. Angre got here there working. 


Angre : In a single hour?

Riddhima : Sure, higher they do it or should face penalties as a result of I’m fed up in the present day..

Angre : Okay ma’am..

He ran and knowledgeable all of them..

Riddhima : And also you..

She pointed at him..

Vansh : Sure ma’am? 

Riddhima : Don’t make me indignant anymore..Go and sit exterior..

Vansh : OK ma’am..

He smiled and left. Riddhima held her head. 

On the workstation : 

Vansh was randomly speaking to everybody after which, he noticed two women on the opposite aspect who have been engrossed within the work. He went to them. 

Vansh : Hey women! Why work? Let’s exit..

He chuckled.

Lady 1 : Arrey! Out? Are you loopy? Ma’am will kill us…You go, don’t disturb us

Vansh : See, a good-looking and scorching boy  is standing earlier than you and also you say to go?

Lady 2 : We agree you’re good-looking however you’re our ma’am’s husband and if she catches us collectively naa..

“REEMA” Riddhima shouted. 

The woman two shivered and mentioned,”Ma’am” 


“Oo..okay ma’am..” Each the women nodded and left for her cabin..In the meantime, Vansh received bored so he went inside Riddhima’s cabin once more the place she was shouting at Sneha and Reema. 

Riddhima : GET OUT NOW! 

Each the women left from there. Vansh went close to Riddhima and began massaging her shoulders. 

Riddhima : Whh..What.. are you doing?

Vansh : Therapeutic massage, you is likely to be drained..

A lone tear escaped from her eyes as she noticed Vansh caring for her..She ordered Angre to carry Vansh’s favorite dishes for lunch..

(Disclaimer: The following few photos include scrumptious meals objects..😋)

         Paneer Butter Masala
                     Aloo Naan
     Pinni (Atta ladoo)

Vansh’s mouth watered seeing the dishes. He jumped on them. Riddhima checked out him, seeing him consuming so properly. She checked out her plate which had soup and salad. She saved her plate apart and began consuming from Vansh’s plate. Each of them completed the meals and dessert. 

Riddhima : Yumm..I by no means ate such yummy meals..

Vansh : What do you eat for lunch, usually?

Riddhima : Soup and Salad..

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : Sure..They’re so boring in comparison with these dishes..I’ll eat them each day now..yumm..

She licked her lips. He checked out her. 

Riddhima : Don’t suppose I melted..I’m nonetheless indignant solely..

Vansh smiled at her and mentioned,”It gained’t take me time to soften you..”

Riddhima : We’ll see..We’ll see..Again to the work now, and keep in mind no sarcastic replies..

Vansh : Certain ma’am..

Riddhima : You higher name me Riddhima than your sarcastic Ma’am..

Vansh : Sure ma’am, I imply Riddhima..

Riddhima : Good, now go and convey File no. 415 from the library..

Vansh : Okay..

After a few moments, he got here with three recordsdata and gave it to Riddhima. 

Riddhima : I mentioned just one..

Vansh : Ma’am you mentioned 415 , I introduced, 4, 1 and 5

Riddhima hitted on her brow and mentioned,”Pay attention, sit there at my place,I’ll do all of the work..You simply relaxation” 

Vansh : Thanks!!

He hugged her and he or she reciprocated it. 

Accomplished with the replace..If you happen to even laughed for a second naa, please remark, a minimum of drop an emoji..(Not forcing, simply requesting) And please give suggestions if you happen to’re liking or not..Or ideas are additionally welcomed..See y’ quickly..Take care!!

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