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Closely inebriated Anant imagines Krishna in Gehna and will get offended on him for interfering in all places. He pulls her nostril. Gehna shouts to depart her. He asks the place did Krishna go. He picks stick and says he’ll punish Krishna. Gehna jumps on couch and says Krishna shouldn’t be right here. He drops stick. She says she will be able to see a number of Anants, counts, and says he’s in multiples. She catches each. Anant says he’s right here. She falls on desk and injures her elbow. He brings bandage and asks the place is she injured. She exhibits her elbow. He bandages her picture within the mirror. He asks its paining. She says sure. He blows mirror. She asks what’s he seeing in mirror, she is right here. He holds her and appears at her bindi. She closes her eyes. He says she seems very stunning like a princess and flying fowl. She asks if he likes her a lot, why don’t she love him.

Baa scolds Hema and asks how can she suppose that Krishna and Gehna are in a identical room. Chetan additionally scolds her. Hema thinks her plan failed and she or he is bearing their scolding. Hiral says they need to learn how Anant and Gehna acquired inebriated and who spiked their meals or drink. Kanak picks cake bowls and tells Baa says these bowls odor a chemical as if somebody combined a hypnotic. Baa smells it. Paresh asks how did hypnotic come right here. Hema thinks if she is caught, Chetan will kick her out of home like Pankaj kicked Kanak out of home.

Gehna insists Anant to inform her why he doesn’t love her. He says he doesn’t love her as she has horns on her head. Gehna asks how did horns come on her head and laughs saying even he has horns on his head. Their jokergiri continues.

Again in corridor, Tia says Sagar will need to have accomplished it. Chetan asks why would Sagar do this. Tia says who else will. He brings Krishna’s bag and says he introduced hypnotic powder. Krishna realizes its Hema’s plan, says he saved it in his bag as its an arthritis medicines and he offers it to one in all his play actor, asks Hema how she is aware of that he saved it in his bag. Everybody have a look at Hema. Hema will get tensed, says they’re questioning her as a substitute of questioning Krishna. Baa asks how does she is aware of and why did she go close to his bag. Hema says she noticed Krishna holding snacks in his bag, so she considered stealing snacks; she apologizes Krishna for checking his bag uninformed. Krishna thinks he’s certain that Hema is planning towards Cuckoo. Hema shouts at him. Baa scolds her to behave with their visitor and apologizes Krishna on Hema’s behalf. Krishna says she shouldn’t apologize as he’s certain Hema will need to have picked his bag to take snacks. Hema says he’s proper.

Subsequent morning, Anant wakes up and tells Gehna that he feels lightheaded. She says even she feels lightheaded. He says he feels as if he’s inebriated. She says he was telling one thing. He asks what. She says he advised she is a princes, flying fowl, and many others. He says he should be speaking about his bungie leaping expertise and asks her to prepare and are available to terrace in 1 hour as he desires to make her expertise the gorgeous moments of life. She hesitates, however agrees. Hema hears their dialog and plans to hurt them. After one hour, Anant eagerly waits for Gehna on a desk at terrace edge. Gehna walks to him and will get afraid seeing top. He asks her to not fear and are available up holding his hand. She stands on desk holding his arms with closed eyes. He says she doesn’t must be afraid.

Hema walks to Kanak and says she desires to present he wedding ceremony anniversary reward and she is going to leap in happiness seeing that. Kanak asks what does she imply. Hema says Anant and Gehna have gone to terrace to expertise bungie leaping, she is going to get pleasure from a dhamaka. Kanak asks what did she do. Hema asks to simply watch the dhamaka, thinks she tied a rope to the desk and as soon as she is going to pull it, desk leg will break and Gehna will fall down. Kanak will get tensed pondering what Hema is as much as. Anant holds Gehna in a titanic pose and asks her to expertise the sensation of freedom fearlessly. Gehna opens eyes. Anant says she ought to take away concern from her thoughts. They each shut eyes and expertise cool breeze. He pulls rope and breaks desk leg. Gehna falls down and rolls in direction of terrace edge.

Precap: Kanak tells Jigna that she must struggle with complete Desai household this time and tells Sagar that she induced suspicious towards Gehna in Baa’s thoughts, its time to execute their plan’s stage 2.

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