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Episode  29– https://www.tellyupdates.com/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-29-2-days-mystery-part-1/

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Episode 30 :

2 days Thriller(part2)

The episode begins

Scene – 1

Flashback continues.  

Angre sees some shadow exterior Vansh’s workplace. 

Angre  : Boss somebody is listening to our discuss. I’ll catch it 

Vansh  : What  ?

Kabir sees vansh expression and laughed at him 🤣😆😂😄😅. 

Angre went to catch the individual. That individual run.  Angre threw a bottle at that individual’s leg . That individual fell down . Angre caught him. Angre sees the individual’s face  

Angre  : You  , Anjali,  you’re listening to our talks . Why ?

Anjali  : I wished to know whether or not my brother’s assassin goes to jail or not. 

Angre and Anjali continued their video name with KaVa . 

Kabir  : Angre , go away her….Anjali might be useful for us .

Anjali  : Kabir  , What do you suppose i’ll assist my brothers assassin . 

Kabir  : Anju, attempt to perceive….we 4 should be one now…as a result of a extra stronger enemy is coming infront of us . And vansh has promised me that he’ll proof that he didn’t killed Ajay. 

Anjali  : Okay , i’ll consider him this time . What we have now to do .

Vansh  :  That drone sender is leaving in Mahabaleshwar ( hill station ⛰) ….so we are going to catch him later however first we have now to pay attention between riddhima and Arrow man and Pink Diary connection. 

Day – 2

Kabir  : What do you suppose will she inform us about pink diary and vaaz connection so simply. 

Vansh  : I do know that she gained’t inform it simply….however we have now to deliver her emotion infront of her….then solely she is going to inform . Angre and Anjali you each hold an eye fixed 👁on Riddhima 

Angre and Anjali – Okay we are going to do .

They each finish the decision .

Vansh  : Hear kabir  , you must do a faux drama of my dying infront of everybody…..in order that riddhima will really feel her weak ….. FLASHBACK STOPS) 

Current time .

Riddhima : It implies that no matter kabir informed about your dying was faux and it was your plan. (EPISODE 23)

Vansh  : Sure , that dying story was faux however that accident was actual . I informed kabir to make up faux dying story in order that you’ll really feel unhappy and inform about pink diary and vaaz connection .

Riddhima  : Okay , however what about that ” DEATH BED CONFESSION ” Kabir confirmed us ( Episode 24) .

Vansh  : That dying mattress confession was additionally faux.


Kabir  : However vansh do you suppose that i’ll inform everybody that you’re dying and everybody will consider me .  We want some strong proof .

Vansh removes his gun and hit on his head . Vansh head began bleeding. 

Kabir  : Why are you hurting your self….nobody may damage you besides me .

Vansh  : You idiot , Make a video of it . 

Vansh lays on the bottom and began performing.  

Vansh  : You’ll make this video of mine and present this video as my dying mattress confession.  Everybody will consider on this video .

Kabir  : However the script of your faux dying mattress confession will probably be in line with me .

Kabir recorded Vansh’s whole dying mattress confession which he confirmed to everybody afterwards. 


Riddhima  : It implies that dying mattress confession which kabir confirmed to the whole household 👪was additionally faux (episode 24 , scene 4)  .

Vansh : It was additionally faux.

Riddhima: Vansh  ,  now you mentioned that dying was faux however the accident was actual.  Which accident are you speaking about  .

Vansh  : After we shooted the dying mattress confession.  I assumed to go along with kabir so that everybody will suppose me dying .As we have been going one other automotive adopted our automotive .

Kabir  : However i attempted to stop the accident with that automotive with my extremely professional max driving expertise 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . However nonetheless our automotive hit the tree 🌳 . We thought that the automotive which accident us was by mistake…however it was an deliberately made accident.

Riddhima  : Then what occurred subsequent .

Vansh  : Some goons got here out of that automotive and tried to assault us ….however I and kabir labored collectively and defeated them.

Angre : The one who ship that stranger to activate drone in vr mansion (episode 12) was the one who ship these goons .

Kabir  : These mens have been from mafia world ….and tried to kill us however i defeated everybody. 🤣🤣🤣

Vansh: Please anybody save from this kabir’s jokes . After the accident and defeating the goons we have been going when kabir will get a name .


Kabir will get a name .

Vansh  : Who’s it ? 

Kabir  : He’s my buddy and proprietor of basu enterprise..Mr Basu .

Kabir picked up the decision . Mr basu was in panic…like he’s scared 😨from somebody  .

Kabir : Mr Basu what occurred  ? 😳

Mr basu  : Inspector Kabir  , please save me….i’m at basu tower . An individual who was carrying bow and arrow entered into Basu tower . He desires to get that Pendrive.  However on the very second..i’ve the Pendrive and he’s after me . And did you keep in mind that goon assault on basu tower once you come to India in helicopter  ( episode 11 , scene 2) ….truly that assault was additionally made by this arrow man.  I’m hiding however nonetheless he’ll catch ….please save me and that Pendrive  . Calls disconnected. 

Kabir  : I’ve to go to basu tower now 😥😥….to avoid wasting him😥 . He mentioned that an individual with bow and arrow is following him.  He was scared And that individual did goon assault on basu tower ( episode 11 , scene 2) 

Vansh  : An individual with bow and arrow 🏹….it implies that individual might be vaaz . 

Kabir  : It means Vaaz need that Pendrive.  Vaaz have already got the pink diary (episode 15 , scene 2)  and if he will get the Pendrive additionally…then our one greatest secret may come out.  I’ve to cease him .

Vansh  : Don’t take pressure kabir.  I’ll seize that arrow man.  You go in line with our plan .

1) Go to vr mansion and inform everybody that i’m lifeless .

2) Emotionally weaken  riddhima to pressure her to inform the reality .

3) Use that faux dying mattress confession as proof . And i’ll deal with vaaz in Basu tower. Simply consider Me  .

Kabir and Vansh hugged one another 😢😢😢😥😥 .

Kabir  : Thanks ,vansh….i promise that i’ll take away the reality of vaaz and pink diary reference to  riddhima . However you’ll save the Pendrive and Mr basu . 

Vansh takes kabir’s automotive and goes to Basu Tower and Kabir goes to VR MANSION by strolling after which reached VR MANSION and he informed everybody in regards to the dying of vansh ( episode 21) 


Riddhima  : It means Vaaz took that Pendrive and all the pieces  ? What occurred to Mr Basu….please inform me guys …?

Vansh  : I’ll let you know . However did you keep in mind that once you captured kabir and tortured him utilizing electrical shocks ( episode 25) …somebody saved him by slicing the provision wire.

Riddhima  : sure,  that individual saved Kabir  .

Vansh  : it was me . I minimize the suppy wire to avoid wasting kabir

Riddhima  : Please inform me about what occurred between you and vaaz in basu tower ? Did he received the Pendrive.

Vansh  : okay pay attention ….

Precap  –  2days thriller FLASHBACK CONTINUES- Vaaz and Vansh each have duel in Basu tower . Vansh was on the fringe of tower 😳and he may fall down . Vaaz pushes him from the tower. 

Episode ends.

So how did you want todays episode  .

1) Are you having fun with the two days Thriller  ? And the way did you want my planning of two days secret ?

I hope that 2 days secret didn’t upset you want makers 6 hrs thriller.

2) Which greatest previous Kabir and Vansh are speaking about linked with Pink Diary and Pendrive  ?

Above i’ve given the reference episode quantity . In order that’s why i say ….each minute particulars of my ff is essential  .

Are you feeling thrilled  ?

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