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Anu sitting on couch studying magzine says to Vibhu to convey espresso quick why you are taking so time to do small work I believe say I’ve to convey new husband. Vibhu says you may convey new husband however you’ll not get husband like me if you happen to search with a 1000watt bulb. You cant get mannequin like me 100km in 1lit. Anu says these fashions are out dated. Vibhu says you’ll launch after I’ll go away you. Anu says he learnt this mellow drama from his mom full household is mellow dramatic, Anu will get message and says why I bought electrical energy invoice alert I gave him cash to pay and calls Vibhu. Vibhu come and says I gave you cash to pay invoice did you paid. Vibhu says you tried to pay on-line. Anu says server was down that’s why I provide you with 3000rs to pay invoice for 2 months. Vibhu says I may need paid why are you makeing mess os small issues I will need to have paid it. Tiwari involves Vibhu’s home see Vibhu and Anu combating and itemizing every little thing factor. Anu says you should used that cash to your celebration. Vibhu says what electrical energy board will do minimize our provide I’ll make new electrical energy connection from Tiwari’s wire how a lot time I did that. Anu says I don’t imagine you what occur to you why have you ever grow to be so insensitive, I do know with rules and beliefs we can not earn bread however have to not be so insensitive. Vibhu says you are attempting to say I’m insensitive I don’t have feelings show it. Anu says you keep in mind one time we went to market and there was one males who bought epileptic assault however you run away from the scene. Vibhu says you don’t know I noticed his eyes it was inexperienced he didn’t bought epileptic assault he was possessed. Anu says whenever you ran away I took him to physician he give hime epileptic injection and he turned regular. Vibhu begins his mellow drama. Anu says Vibhu cease it you don’t have feelings for others and begin shouting on vibhu. Vibhuti faints and Anu calls physician. Tiwari says I received’t allow you to down Anu I’ll be over emotional and leaves.

Angoori will get name she picks up and greets Ammaji. Ammaji says Pandit Ramphal is telling some fault in Tiwari’s horoscope so that you don’t have to fret it’s important to cook dinner meals and name your neighbour for lunch and don’t let Tiwari learn about this. Angoori says dont fear I received’t let Tiwari learn about this. Ammaji asks so who all you’ll be calling on feast. Angoori says to name Anu and Vibhu. Ammaji says dont name Vibhu name Anu I like her. Angoori says it is not going to look good you’re inviting Anu however not Vibhu they’re couple. Ammaji says okay name them I’m preserving telephone now.

Anu, Helan, Gupta and Vibhu in bed room. Anu asks Gupta what occur to Vibhu is every little thing superb. Helan says to Anu why are you at all times persecute him, why are you at all times after him everytime. Anu says I requested him for a cup of espresso for which he took 1hrs 30min. Gupta says it’s not about espresso you should have stated one thing which made his situation worst, its not about at the moment he have to be having this burden from final many days. Helan says how is Vibhus helath. Gupta says he’s not good. Anu says however he appears to look superb. Gupta says folks like this appear regular however at all times carrying a giant load of feelings inside them as a result of which there BP fluctuate. Anu asks what’s the remedy. Gupta says preserve close by surroundings lite, there ought to be not pressure round him or else he’ll enter in coma. Helan says oh god Anu made my child sick. Anu says why are you accusing me, he’s your child. Vibhu moans in ache. Gupta says please Anu and Helan don’t create surroundings with tenson its affecting him for some days be associates. Anu says okay for some days I’ll not battle with you.

Angoori in kitchen cooking meals and singing track. Vibhu come to Angoori and begin flirting, Vibhu asks how are you. Angoori says I’m good however you don’t really feel alright what occur to you. Vibhu says final evening my Blood strain fluctuated. Angoori says did Anu scolded you. Vibhu says no she didn’t scold me I used to be anxious about my future. Angoori says sure you’re unemployed and don’t have any profession, Angoori says I need to invite you and Anu for dinner tonight. Vibhuti says I’m completely superb. A person come and says you liar and leaves. Vibhu asks who is that this individual. Angoori says he lives home no. 277 with uncle. Vinbu says however he had daughter, anyway physician gave me drugs and stated to be joyful and I’m at all times joyful round you. Angoori says bon appétit. Vibhu says first she was promoting English now she is promoting french and leaves.

TMT sitting close to tea stall. Teeka says oh might god its to scorching bow a days. Malkhan says to Teeka why don’t you bought to Londons Buckingham Palace. Saxena come to TMT and says what occur you all are speaking about palace. Malkhan says Saxena have you ever seen Buckingham palace. Saxena come right here are you able to see this scar, that is from a cat from Buckingham palace. Malkhan says first inform me what you had been doing in Buckingham palace. Saxena says to TMT the garments of palace had been gone to laundry to get clear, the proprietor of that laundry Mr. Jhon Dholay got here to India one time and my grandfather took excellent care if him and advised him about India. Tillu asks what occur after that. Saxena says after that I used to be born and my thoughts was not secure tried all over the place in India to treatment me however after a while my grandfather known as Mr. Jhon Dholay then I went to Buckingham palace, over there I used to be handled, I do know it’s tough to imagine this however that is true. Anu come and everybody greets her. Saxena asks Anu what occur what you don’t like. Anu says I don’t like Vibhu’s situation I dont know what occur to him his BP is fluctuating. Tillu these many issues occur we are going to show you how to. Malkhan says you simply give orders. Teeka says we may give our life for Vibhu. Saxena says you simply give orders we’re your child I say complete kanpur is your child. Anu says dont make kanpur my child its okay until you. Saxena says sorry inform what we will do. Anu says he’s unhappy due to which his BP is fluctuating I would like you to make him joyful. Teeka asks why is he unhappy. Malkhan says did he do one thing. Anu says no I simply scolded him just a little he turned unhappy. Saxena says don’t take pressure I’ll loosen up him. Anu says you simply must entertain him and make him joyful and for this I’ll play you. TMT says you may pay no matter you want. Saxena and TMT says dont take pressure we will likely be there to amke Vibhu joyful.

Tiwari sitting in eating chair speaking to himself how he’ll open his feelings in entrance of Anu. Angoori come and says what I heard you made a dam. Tiwari says I used to be simply singing a track on dam. Anu and Vibhu come and greets Angoori and Tiwari. Angoori asks Vibhu how are you feeling now. Vibhu says I’m feeling higher and my BP can be in management. Angoori asks did one thing occur once more. Anu says no its not critical I simply scolded him in morning and he collapsed from that point his BP is fluctuating. Tiwari says to Vibhu do you endure from blood strain and begin crying. Anu asks what occur to you, you even have drawback of blood strain. Tiwari says no I don’t have blood strain drawback and begin crying says I had a pet canine however his blood strain use to fluctuate a lot. Vibhu will get anxious and says please change the subject and cease it. Anu says okay he have to be superb now and asks Angoori how are you every little thing is okay every little thing is nice and we’re grateful you invited us on dinner. Vibhuti says to Angoori its our pleasure. Angoori says welcome. Tiwari begin crying.

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Anu and Vibhu in there bed room. Anu says look into my eyes and inform what are you seeing. Vibhu says I can see sheep in your eyes

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