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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar twenty second June 2021 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Bhim Rao guarantees to marry Rani and Bala however for that she has to return with them, Puranjan agreed.

Bala didn’t need to go along with Ramji, he requested him to let go. Ramji blamed him for operating somebody dwelling. Bala defended that loving somebody wasn’t fallacious. Ramji mentioned that what he did was fallacious, he slapped him. He took Bala with him Satara.

The villagers there backlashed Ramji for bringing his uncultured son again to this village. He was insult to their caste. The villagers have been about to hit them, Puranjan stopped them. A girls threw grime water on Rani, mentioned that she shouldn’t have returned. The ladies cursed her. Bhim Rao took Rani.

Maharaj was performing prayer, Sethji and Pandit noticed Ramji and Bala. Maharaj needed to see how Ramji makes the justice prevail in case of his son. Maharaj went to see.

Ramji threw Bala on the ground warning everybody to not come shut. Sandesh got here ahead, Bhim Rao guarded Rani asking Sandesh to remain away. Ramji needed Bala to apologies to Sandesh, he refused. Ramji grabbed a stick; he shall be overwhelmed if he didn’t apologies. Bala refused, he’ll runaway once more as he beloved Rani. Ramji slapped him; his slap is not going to make him cease loving. Rani mentioned that she was equally concerned within the matter, she agreed to runaway with Bala. Sandesh picked a keep on with hit her, Anand stopped him saying that it was unethical to lift hand on a lady. Sandesh mentioned that this girl has no disgrace, Rani questioned if he ever felt ashamed of beating her. Bala is not going to elevate anybody hand on Rani. He mentioned to Ramji that regardless of how a lot he beats him he’ll runaway once more. Ramji slapped him once more. Mangesh requested Ramji to cease, Bala should hold quiet. He mentioned that these males have been standing right here take pleasure in, they have to cease on the matter of respect. Sethji mentioned that he would have damaged his son’s legs for such act. Bhim Rao mentioned that it wasn’t vital to know what he’ll do, Mangesh mentioned that everybody is aware of what he did to his son. Bhim Rao requested Ramji and Bala to go inside. Bala mentioned that he doesn’t care who a lot disgrace and insult is imparted on them for loving Rani, however he wont cease. Bala as slapped once more, Ramji took him inside a room.

Bala mentioned that even when he’s not in a position to stroll he would run away with Rani. Ramji mentioned that he gained’t be succesful to go away this home. Ramji began beating him, Rani begged to let him go. Jijabai requested her to go away as quickly as she will.
Sethji considered punishing Bala, however Ramji was doing the job for him. Maharaj ridiculed Sandesh asking him to maintain himself someplace hidden to keep away from additional insult. Sethji requested him to return to his hut and put on his spouse’s garments and incase he wants some he should ask for it.

Everybody was busy knocking the door, Sandesh took Rani. He tied her with a rope keen to punish her for her sins. He tied her mouth up as effectively, he was about to beat her up. The police got here in, Sandesh requested them to not meddle in husband spouse matter. The police took Sandesh on the fees of home abuse. Puranjan had referred to as the police on Bhim Rao’s recommendation, he knew what Sandesh meant to do. Puranjan laborious Rani’ cries. He went to her, untied her. He requested her to grasp that no matter was being was for the higher, there’s all the time some fights between husband and wives however that doesn’t name for such rational resolution.
Everybody begged to open the door. Ramji got here outdoors and left. Meera requested to deliver Bala outdoors, Bhim Rao went to deliver some medication.

Ramji hit his hand crying for hitting the kid he raised. He continued hitting himself however Anand out his hand in entrance. Tulsa and Manjula got here. Anand requested why he was doing it. Ramji mentioned that he was wounding himself equal to Bala. Anand mentioned that Bala should have carried out fallacious, however he was proper. He didn’t look after the best or fallacious, however he thought good for Rani which ended up being dangerous for Sandesh. Tulsa mentioned that he might have made Bala perceive. Ramji mentioned that he hasn’t overwhelmed Bala up the society would have. They went in opposition to the society to have Rani married within the first place, this time they might have killed us for being in opposition to the society. Tulsa mentioned that Bala was actually harm, Ramji was equally harm for beating his son.

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