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Kundali Bhagya twenty first June 2021 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Sherlin opening the door calls Rakhi however there isn’t any reply, she coming into the room as soon as once more calls them however closing the door exclaims they don’t seem to be within the room, she thinks that she has to steal the jewelry at the moment however then wonders why is she getting scared as she has accomplished numerous such issues prior to now,s he decides to take it as quickly as she will, she begins looking the room however unintentionally drops the drugs field, Preeta in her room will get curious pondering she heard one thing from Mahesh’s room however remembers that he went to the stroll with Rakhi, she nonetheless thinks there may another person so leaves to see it for herself.

Sherlin is frantically looking the room and is ready to discover the keys, she opening the locker is relieved to see the jewelry so she locations them in her bag, as she turns she sees Preeta strolling in the direction of the room so will get tensed, Preeta opening the door is shocked to see Sherlin standing within the room, she query what’s Sherlin doing within the room, Sherlin replies she was going to sleep, Preeta asks if she goes to sleep on this room, Sherlin asks why is she at all times making an attempt to questions her, Preeta replies she feels there’s something fallacious.

Preeta walks into the room making an attempt to look it, Sherlin after opening the door to cover the field asks why Preeta is at all times inquiring about her as she is quite a bit wealthier then her and got here to speak with Rakhi about one thing which he doesnot wish to in type Preeta about, she leaves so Preeta laos closes the door however is tensed.

Sherlin enters her room questioning why does Preeta at all times observe her as she is consistently questioning her however she didn’t reply as she desired getting caught in any other case wouldn’t have let her go away, Sherlin thinks she would keep within the room for a while as if Preeta was suspicious she would haven’t left her, she is ready and getting tensed drinks some water earlier than sitting down, she thinks it has been numerous time so she will go and steal the jewelry, she prays to god that if she is just not capable of steal the jewelry then it could be her final night time on this home, she walks out of the room.

Preeta strolling into her room thinks that Sherlin was appearing actually unusual as she for a second felt Sherlin was making an attempt to steal one thing, however she is at all times appearing unusual, Preeta thinks Karan doesnot need to be in jail as he’s actually a pleasant particular person, she vows to do all she will to ensure he’s freed.

Sherlin as soon as once more enters the room and picks the bag, she will get a name from Megha who questions if she would be capable of prepare the cash by tomorrow, Sherlin says that she would get the cash however shouldn’t irritate her. Megha asks her to not be so tensed as it could not be good for her baby, Shelrin says she doesnot have to fret about her as she is blackmailing her for cash, Sherlin asks her to come back and meet her on the lodge the place Akshay was murdered, Megha at first declines however then agrees, Sherlin calls somebody saying she has some jewelry which she must fence and should get the cash by 11 am.

Within the morning Karan is ready, Preeta comes, she is absolutely excited so when Karan asks what has occur, she mentions since she obtained up within the morning, she has been getting a sense that one thing good would occur, she is bound that he would get out of jail as a result of he’s harmless, Karan exclaims he’s additionally feeling that he can be launched, Preeta mentions she would inform him when he’s launched so she leaves.

Sherlin enters the room in a rush, Prithvi additionally follows her, she questions when he himself mentioned they need to not enter the room then why is he coming into, Prithvi questions what’s within the bag as Pammi noticed her and he heard she was speaking with Suresh informing him she feels there’s something fallacious with Sherlin, he as soon as once more asks her what’s within the bag so she says he can search for himself, he’s surprised to see the cash so asks the place did she get it, questioning if she stole the cash from Rakhi Luthra’s locker, she replies she stole the jewelry and fenced it so she obtained the cash, Prithvi in a state of confusion asks if she thought it by as now if Rakhi finds out she stole the jewelry they might be thrown out, Sherlin replies she has a plan as she requested him to make duplicate of the jewelry and he’s recognized for his work, Prithvi is impressed together with her, she sits down mentioning that it’s due to the stress as she first stole the jewelry then gave it to the jeweller and now has to fulfill Megha, Prithvi refuses to let her go away saying they may give the cash at their very own time of selecting. Sherlin insists he give the cash however he doesnot agree, she then asks him to take the cash nonetheless he refuses saying Kritika is taking him to lunch, she will get mad then he says she is sorry as a result of he made her really feel responsible as that is her manner of claiming sorry, Sherlin takes the bag, he asks the place is she going, she replies she goes to provide Megha the cash, he nonetheless says he wouldn’t let her go away however she asks him to go on the lunch with Kritika, she leaves in anger, Prithvi wonders why is he being examined as on one facet there may be Kritika however then there may be Sherlin who is absolutely intelligent, she needs to current him as lunch, there may be additionally Preeta for whom he is able to die.

Preeta and Shristhi are strolling within the lodge, Shristhi questions what are they doing when the police have searched the complete lodge, Preeta explains that when one thinks alone there are specific points which come up, she remembered whereas working within the hospital in Nasik, there was a highway accident however when the police got here to query regarding the accident nobody got here ahead, she explains folks get scared however there is perhaps somebody who could one thing about Sherlin.

Sherlin reaching the lodge texts Megha that she is heading into Akshay’s outdated room, she enters however is shocked as Megha is already sitting there, Megha reveals she did as Sherlin requested so doesnot look after her plans as they’re too difficult, she asks for the cash so she will go away, Sherlin in anger asks if she thought she would be capable of go away so simply with a lot cash, Megha will get scared seeing her anger.

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