Made for each other (Part-31) #IMMJ2 – Weezersongs

Recap: After their matches have been over,our gang was going in direction of meals court docket to have their lunch.

Whereas the 4 of them have been on their strategy to meals court docket,Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Guys transfer quick.I’m actually hungry…Particularly after that tiring match.

Riddhima: Aur nhi toh kya…jaldi chalo yaar….bohot bhookh lgi hai.

Sufia: Oh ho guys..I toh am not even capable of stroll correctly after such tiresome matches and also you guys are working….huhh.

Angre: It’s as a result of our stamina is effectively constructed,in contrast to you,who simply lives by the rule “eat,sleep,repeat.”

Sufia(pouting): You might be too imply Angre…as a substitute of giving me help and serving to me to stroll correctly,you might be taunting me.

Riddhima: Sufia,for those who say,I can ask Angre bhai to select you up and take you to the meals court docket…as a result of we toh will not be gonna decelerate.

Angre: If so,then e-book a mattress in a orthopaedic hospital.

Vansh: However why??…and for whom?

Angre: After all for me…kyunki agar meine iss moti ko uthaaya naa,toh meri ek aadh haddi toh zaroor toot jaani hai.

Sufia: Angre ke bache,whom did you name moti??…from previous few minutes you might be taunting me.I’ll not depart you at the moment….Rukk tu zaraa.

And Sufia ran in direction of Angre to catch him.

Riddhima: Angre bhai,run in direction of the path of meals court docket…iss bahaane we’ll attain early.

Angre(whereas working): Riddhima,mujhe lagta hai tum Sufia ke haathon se mera homicide karwa ke hello rahogi….And Sufia,only a minute in the past,you have been saying ki you don’t have power to even stroll…and now are working behind me….The place’s the logic yaar?

Sufia: Angre,let me catch you first,then I’ll clarify in full element.

And their tom and jerry recreation continued.Vansh,who had been a silent spectator until now,took out his telephone to report their combat.However whereas he was recording,he spoke,

Vansh: Riddhima,at the moment you each deliberate to eat dosa,proper?

Riddhima(who was having fun with their combat): Yess….however what occurred? Why did you ask this out of nowhere?

Vansh: As a result of,I simply obtained a message that the dosa stall is closing….simply previous few orders are left.If you wish to eat it,hurry up then.

Riddhima: What!!

Riddhima shortly went to Sufia and spoke,

Riddhima: Sufu,come quick.We have to attain meals court docket asap.

Sufia: Rukk yaar Riddhu…pehle mein iss Angre ko ek acha sa sabak sikha dun.

Riddhima: Sufia…Angre can wait…however first we have to go to meals court docket as quickly as potential.The dosa stall goes to shut quickly….we have to attain there asap.

Sufia: What!!…then why the hell are you losing time…run!!

Riddhima checked out Sufia in disbelief.

Riddhima: Sufia,it’s you whose losing time right here…jaldi chal ab.

Sufia(panting): Angre,I’ll educate you a lesson afterwords.Proper now,my dosa wants me….(to Riddhima) Bhaag Riddhu…bhaag…kahin humaara dosa khatam naa ho jaaye!!

Riddhima and Sufia ran in direction of the meals court docket.Angre got here close to Vansh and spoke,

Angre: Bach gya yaar!!….Thank god ki you obtained that message at proper time….nhi toh you’d have been crying over my lifeless physique now.

Vansh: Haan haan theek hai..Let’s go now and e-book a desk for us.I’m positive that they toh will straight go to the dosa stall.(chuckled)

Angre: Let’s go.


Within the meals court docket.

Vansh and Angre had already booked a desk.They have been chit-chatting once they noticed the ladies coming again.

They got here close to the desk and after conserving the meals on the desk,they themselves settled down on the chiars.

Wanting on the meals,the boys spoke,

Vansh: Riddhima,is that this meals for us?

Riddhima: Any doubt??…After all it’s for each of you..

Angre: Nevertheless it’s simply easy rice and curry….haven’t we determined that we’ll be having dosas at the moment?

Sufia: Sure,we did determine this….however after that silly prank of yours,we determined to offer you some type of punishment.

Vansh(to himself): Ohh….so lastly I’m caught.

Angre: Which prank are you speaking about?

Riddhima: Keep in mind once you and Sufu have been preventing,he advised us that dosa stall was gonna get closed…

Angre(interrupting); Yeah,I bear in mind.

Riddhima(offended): Yeah….he lied at the moment….and due to him,we needed to run and we even made idiot of ourselves on the counter.

Sufia: Aur nhi toh kya….bichaari Riddhima toh itni tez bhaagi ki Usain Bolt ko bhi agle din isse coaching leni padti.

Angre checked out Vansh,who gave him I-didn’t-do-anything waali look.

Angre: Vansh,why did you try this?…you realize naa that these two are massive foodies..So by no means mess up with them with regards to meals.

Earlier than Vansh may converse,Sufia spoke,

Sufia: Riddhu….Angre ki plate facet karde…he’ll not get something to eat for lunch at the moment.

Angre: However why?

Sufia: Since you messed with two massive foodies.

Angre: However who will eat it?…Hear,it can get wasted.So let me eat it.

Riddhima: Angre,tum iski rigidity mtt lo…There are two massive foodies right here.They’ll eat your curry rice.(winks)

Angre(rebellious): However the whole lot was completed by him,then why are you dragging me in all this?

Sufia: Since you are his finest buddy.So simple as that.

And Riddhima and Sufia began having their lunch.

Angre(whispered to Vansh): Vansh har baar teri galti ki wajah se mein phas jaata hun.

Vansh(whispered to Angre): Angre,that is tit for tat.

Angre: However what did I do?

Vansh(whispered to Angre): Keep in mind,I advised you that don’t guess with them..par tunne meri nhi suni.

Angre: Vansh yaar…at the moment I didn’t count on that I’ll lose that guess.

Vansh: Par tere chakkar mein toh phas gya naa.

Angre: Yaar I don’t even wish to recall that second.


Whereas they have been watching soccer match,Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Angre,I feel that Atletico Madrid will win the match…the workforce is de facto sturdy.

Riddhima: However Vansh,even barca is a robust workforce and they’re enjoying fairly effectively.

Sufia: Sure,she is true…Barcelona might also win.

Angre: However Sufu,Riddhu…the gamers of AM are our buddies.They’re nationwide stage gamers.However barcelona gamers are all new-comers,with solely few skilled gamers.

Sufia: I don’t find out about that,however the best way they’ve performed until now,they’ve full probabilities of profitable.

Their argument continued for some extra time.Lastly they determined to have a guess over it.

Angre: So let’s guess over it.If AM would win,then Riddhima and Sufia…you’ll should sponsor our journey to Lonavala,that we now have been planning since lengthy…..Agree?

Sufia: Wait…you might be planning to go on a tour…and also you didn’t even trouble telling us…huhh.

Vansh: Arey bhabhi..we deliberate the journey simply few days again.

Riddhima: Vansh…does that imply…that each one 4 of us would go on a visit collectively?…so thrilling!!!

Angre: Umm..Riddhu..the journey is for me and Vansh.

Sufia(feeling dejected): What!!!…you each are planning to go with out us…how imply!

Vansh: Bhabhi,we now have been planning to go on a visit since our faculty days.

Angre: Precisely!!…however now you two don’t attempt to divert the subject.

Sufia: You realize what..for those who’d have made a plan of taking each of us with you…then we might have sponsored your journey..however now…no…by no means.

Riddhima whispered one thing in Sufia’s ear.Listening to to what Riddhima stated,Sufia giggled.After this Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: We’re able to sponsor your journey…however..

Sufia: However for those who unfastened this guess,then you definitely’ll be doing the duty given by us.

Angre: Okay.

Vansh: Angre…don’t be so silly….these two ladies are actually very intelligent and simply have a look at the smirks on their faces….so suppose as soon as once more.

Sufia: Ohh,are you each afraid??

Angre: it so!!…then we’re prepared.

Vansh: Angre…suppose as soon as once more.

Angre: Nhi Vansh…ab baat humaari izzat ki hai…we’ll not step again.

Riddhima: Okay then!!…so are you able to pay attention our facet of situation?

Angre: Sure!

Riddhima: So for those who each misplaced this guess,then Vansh you’ll sponsor mine and Jay’s Lonavala journey.

Sufia: And Angre,you’ll sponsor mine and Veeru’s North India journey.

VaNgre(in unison): However who’re these Jay and Veeru?

Riddhima: Jay is my buddy.umm…you possibly can say that he’s my finest buddy.I all the time wished to go on a visit with him….and now that I get a chance to go,so why not seize this chance!!

Sufia: Precisely.

Angre: However Sufia,who is that this Veeru?

Sufia: He’s my buddy.And actually good and shut good buddy of mine.

Angre(pissed): However I’ve by no means heard of him.

Sufia: As a result of I by no means advised you about him.

Vansh: And Riddhima,what about that Jay.Even you by no means advised me about him?

Riddhima: He’s my bestie yaar.And so far as telling you is anxious,kabhi mauka hello nhi mila tumhe bataane kaa….And  additionally I didn’t really feel any want of telling you about him.

Vansh: However even we’re your finest buddies.You may plan the journey with us as effectively.

Sufia: However even you each deliberate to go with out us.

Angre: Ohh…so badla liya jaa rha hai.

Sufia: Koi shakk??(any doubt??)

Riddhima: Yaar depart all this…simply inform me are you each prepared for this guess?

Vansh: Angre,see I advised you that these two will certainly give you one thing like this….(to Riddhima and Sufia)And each of are you going to even evaluate the 2 circumstances…it’s an entire stupidity.

Sufia(cooly): Riddhima…somebody appears to have gotten scared.

Angre: Sufficient Vansh…now it’s the matter of our self respect…so ladies…we settle for it.

Riddhima checked out Vansh,who appeared tired of all this.Seeing him not converse something,Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: So completed…let’s see who wins.

Angre: yess!!


Angre(whispered to Vansh): However yaar ab bss yeh pta lagaana hai ye Jay aur Veeru hai kon.

Vansh: Bilkul….and don’t fear.I do know what precisely I’ve to do now.

Angre: So are you prepared for our mission ‘MISSION JAY VEERU’?

Vansh: Sure.


Toh kya humaare VaNgre Jay aur Veeru ke baare mein pta lgaa paayenge…kya woh Riddhima aur Sufia ko unke saath journey par jaane se rok paayenge…inn saare sawaalo ke jawaab aapko milenge ‘MADE FOR EACH OTHER’ ke upcoming episodes mein….so Keep Tuned.

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