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My world is in your love Chapter-21

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After the notification within the cellphone, Vansh went to the backyard space. He noticed an individual sporting a black hoodie and a black masks.

Vansh: Sure, all the pieces goes in line with our plan. I’ve secretly married Riddhima and shattered her goals of going to London. Quickly, we’ll prepare with the subsequent plan.

Hoodie individual: Sure, I shall be ready till your subsequent command.

Vansh: I don’t need you to create any scene till I inform you the subsequent transfer. You may depart now.

Hoodie individual left the place. Vansh went to his classroom. Riddhima was ready for him. Vansh requested the explanation for coming to the classroom.

Riddhima: Vansh, why did you carry me in your arms, everybody was watching us. What’s going to there take into consideration us?

Vansh: Riddhima, you might be my spouse. As a husband, I’ve the best to carry you in my arms. VR doesn’t take into consideration others. At the moment after I lifted you, you had been on cloud 9. Inform me you loved the second, proper?

Riddhima thought, “I loved lots whenever you lifted me in entrance of everybody. However as a lady, how might I inform you Vansh?”

Riddhima (blushing and smiling): No, I didn’t get pleasure from it.

Vansh simply went into anger mode. Vansh pulled her arms and clenched her shoulders tightly.

Vansh: Okay fantastic. Hereafter, I cannot carry you in my arms. Then you can be glad, proper?

Riddhima: No, I cannot be glad. Vansh, are you a tubelight? You’re worst at understanding the sensation of ladies and worst at romance too.

Vansh: Sweetheart, VR is at all times one of the best in all the pieces.

Riddhima: Oh…let’s see vansh. Okay, bye VR. Good evening and candy goals.

Riddhima went to her room with a variety of smiles on her face. Vansh had a smile on his face when she left the place. Vansh thought, “This woman is making me mad. At any time when she comes and talks with me, I get misplaced by seeing her eyes. She is considerably completely different from Ahana and Ragini.”

Subsequent morning, Vansh got here to the residing space. Sia, Ishani and Dadi had been sitting on the couch. Vansh got here close to sia.

Sia: Vansh Bhai, Good morning…

Vansh: Good morning princess, I would like your assist.

Sia: Inform me, bhai. I’m at all times there that will help you.

Vansh: The right way to perceive a lady’s feeling?

Sia: Bhai, inform me, do you need to perceive Riddhima’s feeling?

Vansh: No… I need to learn about each lady’s feeling.

Sia: Bhai…It’s obscure ladies’s emotions due to temper swings. Women typically like sweets, typically icecreams.

Vansh: I can’t perceive clearly, Sia.

Sia: OK, I’ll clarify it to you clearly. Dadi, inform me your favourite actor in your teenage time and present time.

Dadi: I’m a giant fan of Rishi Kapoor. Presently, I like Akshay Kumar.

Sia: Vansh bhai, now you may perceive proper. In our childhood we love watching cartoons, once we are a youngster, we like to take heed to music. After crossing out teenage we love to look at motion pictures.

Vansh: Sure, I’ve a doubt. If a lady says no to a factor, then it’s ‘no’ proper.

Sia: Sure. However in some conditions, in line with our feeling, we are able to decide that ‘no’.

Vansh: Sia, however how?

Sia: If a lady says ‘no’ in an indignant tone, then it’s positively no. If a lady says ‘no’ in a cheerful tone, then it’s ‘sure’.

Vansh(murmured): Then Riddhima likes the best way I lifted her in my arms.

Sia: Bhai, what are you murmuring? Inform me whether or not or not your doubt is obvious.

Vansh: Sure, Sia. Thanks a lot.

Vansh left the place. Dadi was a little bit confused to see Vansh like this. As a result of Vansh is so impolite to everybody, however now he’s asking about ladies’s emotions. Dadi needed to know the explanation for sudden adjustments in Vansh. Dadi enquired Sia and Ishani.

Dadi: Sia, I might see extra distinction in Vansh. What’s the purpose for the change abruptly in him?

Sia: Dadi, it’s all due to Riddhima’s look within the VR mansion.

Ishani: I feel Vansh bhai likes Riddhima.

Dadi: How might you say it confidently?

Sia: I’ve 3 incidents. First, he overtly referred to as Riddhima his sweetheart earlier than everybody. Second, within the eating corridor Vansh bhai kissed riddhima’s cheek to cease her hicupps earlier than everybody. Third, yesterday, Vansh bhai lifted Riddhima in his arms earlier than everybody.

Ishani: Are you aware that Vansh bhai was ready for Riddhima to have dinner collectively? They fortunately had their dinner collectively. I used to be secretly watching it. It was good to see Vansh bhai like that.

Dadi: What? It’s all true. Then Lastly, Vansh’s life is crammed with happiness due to Riddhima. I need to discuss with Vansh and Riddhima.

Ishani: Dadi, what are you going to speak with them?

Dadi: About Vansh’s marriage to Riddhima. Undoubtedly, Riddhima would be the greatest match for the daughter-in-law of Raisinghania’s.

For the previous two days, Dadi, Vansh, Aryan and Rohan had been busy within the assembly in Bangalore. Ragini once more entered the VR mansion to execute the plan of Mohith Sharma. Ragini thought, “Riddhima, I’m going to throw you out of the VR mansion. This time Vansh won’t be there to avoid wasting you.”

Ragini invited Karthik and Ahana for dinner within the VR mansion. Chanchal joined fingers with Ragini to throw Riddhima out of the VR mansion. Chanchal made a drama that her necklace was stolen. Everybody was shocked. Karthik was getting coaching as a civil service officer. So Karthik began to get the small print of the necklace.

Chanchal: I don’t know who stole my necklace, it’s a platinum necklace value 1.5 crore rupees. It’s a present from my husband.

Karthik: Do you’ve a photograph of that necklace?

Chanchal: Sure.

Chanchal began to indicate the picture in her cellphone. Chanchal began to have her crocodile tears. Chanchal checked out Ragini.

Ragini: Aunty, don’t get nervous. We are going to discover the perpetrator. Somebody will need to have stolen it. Karthik, please discover it quickly.

Sia: Ragini, what do you consider your self? It’s the VR mansion who has the braveness to steal the necklace.

Karthik: First, let’s seek for the necklace. I don’t need anybody to maneuver. I’ll search and discover the perpetrator.

Karthik looked for the chanchal’s necklace lastly it was discovered on Riddhima’s purse in her room. Sia made a cellphone name to Angre.

Ragini: Sure, lastly the necklace and the perpetrator are recognized. Riddhima is the perpetrator. Karthik name the police.

Sia: Don’t you already know no police are allowed within the VR mansion. Let’s wait till Vansh Bhai comes.

Karthik: First, let’s ask her why did Riddhima disguise the necklace?

Riddhima: Excuse me, Mr. Karthik. I haven’t stolen the necklace.

Chanchal: Riddhima, you’re a gold digger. First, you needed to have a relationship with Kabir so you possibly can steal the property of Kabir. When Kabir broke up with you, you began to have a watch on Vansh. Vansh began to assist you. Quickly you’ll acquire the belief of everybody within the household. In order that whenever you steal the necklace, nobody shall be questioning you. However I’ll ask why you probably did this to me.

Riddhima: Chanchal aunty, I can’t clarify your silly query. I didn’t steal the necklace.

Ragini: Riddhima, on this VR mansion everybody has their very own id. See, I’m part of Sharma’s household, Kabir is part of Raisinghania’s household, Ahana is part of Malhotra’s household. You’re simply an orphan. You’re an unfortunate woman, so solely your mother and father left you within the orphanage. Are you aware the standing of everybody standing right here? How might we steal the necklace? Then it’s positively you. Now we have proof too. The necklace was taken out of your room and out of your bag.

Riddhima was stumbled. Tears began to roll from her eyes. She is just not an orphan. She additionally has a household. However how might she inform everybody? She couldn’t bear the phrase Ragini telling her she was an unfortunate woman.

Karthik: Riddhima, why did you steal the necklace? If you happen to want some cash, you possibly can have requested me, proper? I trusted you, Riddhima. You broke my belief.

Riddhima: Do everybody imagine that I used to be the one who stole the necklace?

Ahana got here close to and wiped her tears. Ahana had a bizarre feeling when Riddhima began to cry. Although she had met 5 days earlier than, she had combined emotion. Ahana’s eyes had been additionally crammed with tears. Ahana doesn’t know the reality that Riddhima was her cousin.

Ahana: Riddhima, please cease crying. Now, you might be slowly recovering from the accident. Chanchal aunty received her necklace. That’s it. Please everybody cease blaming Riddhima.

Kabir: Ahana, will you cease supporting Riddhima? Riddhima, I had enormous respect for you. However you’ve damaged it.

Riddhima: Will you all cease your false accusing of me? I’m telling you that I didn’t steal the necklace. Please imagine me.

Chanchal: Riddhima, cease your drama and simply get out of the VR mansion. If not, I’ll kick you out of the VR mansion.

Ragini: Don’t fear, Chanchal aunt, I’ll do this be just right for you.

Ragini gave a slap to Riddhima. Ragini held Riddhima’s neck from again tightly and pushed her in direction of the doorway. Riddhima was about to fall on the bottom. Riddhima shortly closed her eyes. Quickly, Riddhima realized that an individual was holding her waist and one other individual was holding her hand. In order that she couldn’t fall.

Riddhima opened her eyes. It was Vansh who was holding her waist in his proper fingers, and Rohan was holding Riddhima’s hand. Riddhima shortly got here again to her regular place. Riddhima needed to hug Vansh and cry lots in his arms, however Riddhima couldn’t do it earlier than everybody. Riddhima went and stood close to Vansh. Ragini’s smile was slowly disappearing by seeing Vansh. Vansh’s eyes had been turning into crimson colours by seeing Riddhima’s tear.

Riddhima’s thoughts was crammed with so many questions. Riddhima thought, “Will Vansh suppose that I used to be the one who stole the necklace? Will Vansh hate me? What’s going to I do now? Will Vansh imagine me?”

Vansh: What’s going on in my mansion?

Riddhima(trembling): VR, …

Ragini: Vansh, Riddhima had stolen Chanchal aunty’s necklace. She doesn’t deserve to remain within the VR mansion.

Chanchal(pretend tears): Riddhima is the perpetrator.

Vansh’s face was turning into anger. His eyes had been turning crimson. Riddhima understood that Vansh would positively punish her. Riddhima’s greatest concern was whether or not her husband would misunderstand her character. The identical incident had occurred earlier than in her life. (chapter-17)

Vansh: Okay, every other need to accuse riddhima?

Kabir: Vansh, Riddhima has finished flawed. She is just not value staying in a VR mansion. She used your belief.

Karthik: Sure, Vansh. Kabir is appropriate. Chanchal aunty’s necklace was discovered from Riddhima’s purse in her room.

Vansh checked out Sia, Ahana and Ishani.

Vansh: Do you ladies have any phrases to accuse Riddhima?

Three ladies tried to guard Riddhima from Vansh’s anger. However Vansh was not able to take heed to their clarification.

Vansh: Okay, Angre, did you get any data?

Angre: Sure, boss.

He slowly got here close to him and whispered in his ears. This time, Vansh was moving into extra vexation after listening to the perpetrator identify.

Vansh interlocked his fingers with Riddhima’s finger and checked out her face.

Vansh: Okay, I’ve discovered the perpetrator. Everyone seems to be having your cellphone with you, proper. The culprits will get a cellphone name from Angre and Rohan.

Quickly, two telephones had been ringing. It was Ragini’s cellphone and the VR mansion servant’s cellphone.

Vansh: I’ve hacked and finished name tapping in everybody’s cellphone within the VR mansion. It was you, ragini, who gave cash to the servant and requested the servant to put the necklace in Riddhima’s bag. Angre, fireplace that servant from the job.

Karthik and Kabir felt embarrassed due to their misunderstanding of Riddhima’s character.

Chanchal: Vansh, Sure, I used to be the one who informed Ragini to do that. I don’t like her, and I needed Riddhima to go away from the VR mansion. Don’t punish Ragini.

Ragini: I don’t like her Vansh. So I believed Riddhima to throw her away out of your life. This Riddhima doesn’t know her id.

Vansh: Oh… Ragini, don’t query Riddhima’s id. First, you don’t know your id. Simply spending and residing in your father’s cash. Riddhima is just not such as you, she is standing on her personal leg.

Ragini: Based on me, id is a very powerful factor. Everybody has a surname. I’m Ragini Sharma, she is Ahana Malhotra, he’s Kabir Raisinghania. Riddhima is only a woman who doesn’t know her start.

Riddhima’s eyes had been crammed with tears. Riddhima couldn’t stand in that place, she lowered her neck. She was about to fall. However, Vansh held her waist for assist and gave a aspect hug.

Vansh: Don’t you dare, Ragini. Riddhima is a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, and an occasion supervisor. These are all sufficient to show her id. If you happen to positively need to know Riddhima’s surname. Then everybody take heed to me, this cute and harmless woman’s full identify is Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. We’re married. She is my spouse. Sure, Riddhima has stolen one thing on this VR mansion. It’s my coronary heart.

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