Final Day In Lyrics:-

Oh, man,
Everyone been like goin’ loopy with this auto-tune and shit
I don’t want no tunes for the auto
All I’m missin’ is you

I accomplished made it out that fireplace prefer it’s magic
For those who ain’t with me, I don’t wanna see you cheerful
I’m simply tryna spend my Easter in Miami
My child advised me keep out the way in which and persist with rappin’, yeah
Now why you bought the cash for if you happen to gon’ waste it?
Lil’ Kodak, ain’t you bored with livin’ loopy? Boy, you well-known now
I’m simply tryna spend my Easter in Miami
And I would like it on my first day trip, bitch, that’s my final day in

I’m in all sort of shit, I’m chillin’ on the Days Inn
I’ve been prospering, prayin’ I don’t get prosecuted
I can’t consider that you would be able to actually depart me lonely
You don’t even name to see if a nigga hungry (yeah)
I accomplished stood up in that water with all sort of divers
I accomplished made it out that fireplace, like a firefighter

I’m in Cleveland quarantining with a baddie
Ducked off, we ain’t poppin’ out till they discover a vaccine, yeah
I advised my lawyer, “Boy, I really like you want a daddy”
And I’ma catch a cost earlier than I allow them to reap the benefits of me
I accomplished got here dwelling a lot, I already know they bored with me

Ran up out of jail, I ain’t say bye to no person
I would like sushi then some coochie, no extra lunch trays, yeah
Needed to cease showin’ all people the place my momma keep, yeah
Trump simply freed me, however my favourite president is on the cash

All that hate and prejudice has turn out to be evident to me
Tryna stop takin’ journeys with the Carbon
However I do know you niggas received’t miss the possibility if you happen to may hurt me, yeah
This my first day trip, bitch, I need a head therapeutic massage
Ain’t no rumor, I preserve shooters in my entourage (mm)

Received the white bitch talkin’ like a nigga hoe
I be runnin’ with the Z’s, like I’m Piccolo (mm)
Spend my Christmas in Miami, yeah, Caresha Brownlee
They ain’t even wait ’til you went to jail, they left you within the nation

I been savin’ up the cash on my Sundays
Know you solely want so that you can see me sufferin’
No matter I spend on you is lower than what you makin’ me
Who spent the largest bag on you? Woman, don’t play with me
‘Trigger I don’t need to have to point out you that I really like you, child
For those who ever cheat on me, guess what I’m gon’ do, child?
I don’t know, I believe it’s over for this rap sport shit
This my first day trip the joint, in order that my final day in

Yeah so, I used to be on the horn with my momma
, that’s my Z queen
And she or he like, “Son, you bought a good looking voice”
I used to be blowing to her, sayin’ this to her and shit
Say this my final day in, know what I’m sayin’?
Yo ta tiye m tou, tonè kraze m pap pran prizon
Yeah so, creatin’ a wholesome and a contented way of life
I’m so happy with myself and the way far I’ve come
At all times saved it actual even when nobody’s wanting…

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