Corso Lyrics:-

You see
On this right here stage tonight is one thing legendary
He goes by the title of The Creator
However you, you name him Tyler Baudelaire

I be talkin’ that contemporary, shit, I don’t want gum
Cookie crumbs within the rolls, by no means no weed crumbs
He ain’t discuss to his bitch in three days
It ain’t gotta be this manner, I’m down for the threesome
I would purchase a ship
Relies upon if Capri acquired area, don’t really want one
I may go within the wintertime, child, I bleed some
Discover one other nigga like me ’trigger I ain’t seen one
Pull up in that, uh, whatchamacallit?
Performed a pair demos at Madison Sq. Backyard
And inform them motherfuckers at Sony I’m not callin’
I’m plottin’ on a billi’, chilly in my backyard, yuh

I admit it
We simply been playin’ with you niggas, man
T, I feel you should load that second clip

We hop on, French Waltz, uh
She say she just like the Royce and I’m like “Which one?”
I acquired two, hun, look
Catch me in my other-other-other-other crib, that’s my AKA
Hurricane-proof all of the views, shit like “A Bay Bay”
In fact, he had ascot, passport acquired tattoos
Slim nigga, huge dick, with a fuckin’ hole tooth
The best way you been
They name me Mr. At all times On Some Shit You By no means Seen
In that mansion, livin’ single, bitch, I’m Maxine
“Niggas of your normal shouldn’t discuss”
Give a fuck about you ideas, name me if you happen to get misplaced, bitch

Okay, now you perceive what we got here right here to do, proper?
Oh yeah, me, I’m going by the title of DJ Drama
And on my aspect, that’s Tyler Baudelaire
AKA Bunnyhop
AKA The Creator
Name me if you happen to get misplaced, suckers
We didn’t come to play wit’ you niggas

Look, tried to take anyone bitch ’trigger I’m a foul particular person
I don’t remorse shit as a result of that **** price it
Ultimately, she picked him, I hope once they fuckin’
She nonetheless thinkin’ of me ’trigger I’m that excellent
I’ma get that deep textual content when this verse floor
Higher ship it to my ego ’trigger that shit hurtin’
Hope y’all shit workin’, I’m a psycho, ha
Don’t give a fuck, you left my coronary heart twerkin’
Movin’, losin’, grip on my doings
Eyes is cryin’ on the jet, cruisin’
‘Bout to spend hundreds of thousands simply to fill voids up
Drama, I want you, are you able to flip the noise up?
Are you able to flip the noise up? Are you able to flip the noise up?
Flip the fuckin’ noise up, ah, nigga, my coronary heart damaged
Keep in mind I used to be wealthy so I purchased me some new feelings
And a brand new boat ’trigger I relatively cry within the ocean
It’s T, child, uh

Hahahaha, I attempted to inform y’all
I don’t even like utilizing the phrase ‘bitch’
It simply sounded cool…

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