Sizzling Wind Blows Lyrics:-

Women and gents
We simply landed in Geneva
Yeah, that’s in Switzerland
We on a yacht
A younger woman simply fed me French vanilla ice cream
All of us received our toes out, too
Name me if you get misplaced

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama]
I’ma journey the globe, you retain the block sizzling
Driver, open the door for me, my hand damage
Finders, we playin’ hide-and-seek with the passports
The place the fuck we at? Oh, the pilot gotta remind us, yeah
The baggage is pilin’, I would like a close-to-us
So many smelly sit in my pockets, appear like a folding chair
The Cartier so mild on my physique thought I floated right here
We boated right here, it’s Tunechi and Tyler however name me Baudelaire, yeah
Out in Switzerland, journey with my bitch, yeah, we kissin’, dawg
I like when she let me rub her like Michelin
100 grand to sleep on a chook, the wings are whistlin’ like—
Man, they ain’t listenin’
Cross the road like immigrants and profit from it
Carry on stuntin’ on these niggas, make ’em sick to they abdomen, man
Y’all don’t perceive, fish so contemporary that you might style the sand
Yeah, we gettin’ misplaced however we all know who we am
By the, by the, by the some-some-somethin’
Deal with that final half such as you niggas ain’t sayin’ nothin’

Yeah, haha
You see these excursions proper right here?
Simply too lavish to publish on the ‘Gram

Excuse me, pardon me, the wind, it blow so onerous to me
Like mom nature arguing about some child father beef and
I’m caught in the course of the sandwich like slaughter meat
Bought my center fingers to the cameras that’s recording me
From y’all to me, brrt, cease callin’ me until you’re ordering
I’m on the seashore, I received my ft out, and I keep on my ft
The nook beat, I’m on a deep route, simply throw the ball to me
Thought all this lean could have me senile, I suppose they see now
Let’s contact down, catch a beat-down like I catch touchdowns
I fuck ’spherical and sluggish the beat down and take the drums out
The velocity of my plum so nice, I’ma eat my very own move
And I’m in want of a flaw, might eat me a rapper, I would as effectively eat me a ho
I’m sizzling as hell when the climate is freezin’ the chilly, because the satan and demon and ghost
I’ma get even and even, get even some extra, it’s too late to even get low, baow
Wolf Gang, Wolf Gang, that’s what I would like you to know, Mula, Weezy the goat
The wind beneath my wings, Desert Eagle beneath my coat
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Mula

You see
We simply over right here admirin’ the view of the mountains from the lake
After all
Y’all realize it’s Wolf Haley, man, cease fuckin’ taking part in…

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