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Sarla explains she is aware of she isn’t nicely however she is already having the medication which the physician will prescribe as she has been having so why ought to they go as he would prescribe the identical drugs so what’s the must waste cash, Shristhi exclaims that cash isn’t extra necessary then her so that they should go to the physician, Shristhi explains that when she is tensed she goes for purchasing so if Sarla doesnot need her to waste the cash then ought to come together with her to the hospital, Sarla agrees explaining it’s higher to go to the physician in any other case she would waste the cash, Shristhi mentions she would settle for and won’t inform Preeta, she even asks Janki to not say something to anybody. Janki asks them to go whereas she would put together the lunch.

Sherlin enters her room, she feels ache so instantly requires an appointment on the metropolis hospital so a check-up could be carried out.
Shristhi and Sarla attain the reception, she asks for the physician explaining they’ve an appointment for her mom, the receptionist asks the identify of her mom, Sarla instantly reveals her identify, they’re pointed in the direction of the reception and Sarla begins scolding her asking who does she assume they’re as nobody actually is aware of them, they aren’t a famous person so should reveal their identify as they’re the ethics, Shristhi says she isn’t that small, Sarla leans towards the pillar as she is feeling dizzy and is about to fall, Shristhi asks the nurse to deliver the wheelchair however Sarla refuses explaining she is going to really feel higher when Shristhi retains on speaking together with her, they transfer in the direction of the cabin.

Sherlin has her file within the and, she calls somebody, Prithvi is in his cabin when he will get a name somebody on whom he begins scolding saying they’re good for nothing as a result of the corporate is consistently struggling losses, Sherlin calls him however he ends it, she as soon as once more calls it however then he solutions it saying she should finish the decision if she has dialed it for time move, Sherlin mentions she wants him however he explains that solely his enterprise wants him, she nevertheless explains she isn’t feeling nicely, he asks if she is affected by ache, Sherlin asks him to fulfill her on the reception of the town hospital.

Shristhi and Sarla are with the physician who advises her to carry out some exams as quickly as doable, Preeta enters the room greeting the physician then asks the physician to hurry up the method, Sarla scolds her questioning why did she name Preeta, nevertheless Preeta says that she was proper to name her, the physician asks Preeta to go to the primary flooring.

Shristhi and Prithvi enter the hospital, Prithvi explains if she is feeling nicely they need to return and are available when she suffers from ache, Sherlin responds why does he wish to look ahead to her to have some kind of ache, she could have the check-up now as they’ve come, Sherlin exclaims she has an appointment, the nurse asks the identify of the affected person, she reveals since she is pregnant she could be the affected person, the nurse replies the conventional physician is off obligation to allow them to seek the advice of with the session physician who’s Roshni Desai, Prithvi is shocked, Sherlin remembers she was his ex however Prithvi tries to disagree saying that Roshni was not so intelligent so can’t be a health care provider, he feels she would have come youngsters however Sherlin questions how does he know all of this, he calms her however she leaves.

Shristhi is absolutely tensed questioning Preeta if she doesnot really feel they’re teasing her as she feels sorry to tease her, Preeta questions why Shristhi is pondering like this as they each are sisters so would care for his or her mom.
Sherlin is following Prithvi, she asks him to decelerate as she may get the ache if eh doesnot decelerate, Prithvi asks her to not fear as he would all the time be together with her.

Preeta is attempting to relax Shristhi, Prithvi and Sherlin are additionally waking however they aren’t in a position to cross the paths, Prithvi asks Sherlin to go inside whereas he would wait out as he has some name to attend however she is tensed nevertheless he assures her that he would all the time be there for her.

Sherlin enters the cabin, Roshni is glad to see her so asks her to sit down, Sherlin congratulates her on changing into the physician, Roshni even congratulates her on being pregnant saying that she is aware of who could be the daddy of kid, Sherlin is tensed when Roshni asks if Prithvi is honest together with her as she feels her life could be the way in which she desired, Sherlin explains it’s truly the way in which she deliberate, she says she would deliver her husband.

Shristhi sitting with Preeta explains that she feels ever since Preeta bought married she isn’t in a position to fulfill any of the accountability as a result of every time there’s a drawback, she all the time calls Preeta which isn’t proper, she isn’t in a position to remedy any of the issue, Preeta nevertheless asks her to not really feel dangerous she is just calling her sister.

Shristhi sees Prithvi strolling to the cabin, she explains it to Preeta so that they each stroll to seek out the reality,
Sherlin walks in with Prithvi who’s shocked to see Roshni, he greets her with a smile mentioning he didn’t assume she could be a health care provider and is glad, Sherlin begins getting jealous, she presents them a drink which Sherlin declines however Prithvi accepts the supply, Prithvi and Sherlin begin to quarrel when. Roshni takes her within the different room, Roshni through the check-up asks the place does she really feel the ache, she questions if there may be some rigidity between her and Prithvi, Sherlin in anger asks Prithvi to come back however he makes her understand that she must have an intensive check-up, Sherlin heads again inside, Roshni thanks Prithvi, Preeta and Shrishti each shut the door, Prithvi will get nervous pondering if somebody has come to examine on them.

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