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Suvarna:- Surekha, don’t take resolution with out understanding the reality.

Surekha:- are, I’m saying reality, Karthik and Anchal was hugging.

Suvarna:- so what? They’re associates and could also be that’s the reason.

Dadi:- let it’s, anyhow, I’m going to speak to Singhanias.

Suvarna thinks:- Karthik might be indignant, if he know this. I do know his coronary heart. Now additionally, he loves Naira and might’t recover from her.

Karishma:- naman, did you name Mishti?

Naman:- no, will name now.

Karishma:- okay.

Naithik:- don’t name now.

Naman:- why?

Naksh:- we must always give her a shock. The place is her flat?

Naman:- it’s close to.

Naithik:- then we’ll go and shock her.

Karishma:- okay.

All of them smiles.

Karthik and Anchal was purchasing.

Anchal:- are you aware what Mishti likes most?

Karthik:- haan. Really she don’t likes costly presents, she likes easy issues given with love.

Anchal:- you understand her properly?

Kartik:- sure. She is my gff.

Anchal smiles.

Rishabh was in the identical store. Karthik sees him and will get shocked.

Karthik:- Rishabh..

Rishabh additionally will get shocked seeing him. He was additionally tensed as a result of he was touring with Mishti and naira, as they needed a drive and kuhu, Kunal and Abir advised them to come back later.

Rishabh:- hello….. Karthik.

Karthik:- so, you understand my identify. I assumed that, like your spouse, you additionally forgets me.

Rishabh:- I don’t overlook individuals.

Karthik:- good. The place is she? With you or she cheated you additionally?

Rishabh:- thoughts your phrases. You don’t know something about her.

Karthik:- sure, I don’t know something. That’s the reason I obtained cheated on her faux love.

Rishabh:- I don’t wish to argue with you.

Karthik:- mujhe bhi.

Anchal:- Karthik, cease it.

Rishabh goes from there. Anchal follows him, and sees Mishti inside his automobile.

Anchal:- what’s Mishti doing with Rishabh. One thing is there. I’ve to search out it.

Kunal was cleansing the celebration place, when kuhu comes there. She was very nervous. Abir assures her from a distance.

Kunaal:- kuhu, what occurred?

Kuhu:- I wish to discuss to you.

Kunal:- inform me.

Kuhu:- essential.

Kunal:- what occurred? Are you going to straighten your hairs?

Kuhu:- no.

Kunal:- then?

Kuhu:- I really like you.

Kunal will get shocked and on the identical time glad. As a result of he loves her from the day one, however can’t inform it to her. So, was arguing with kuhu for getting her consideration.

Kuhu:- I do know, it is going to be a shock for you. However I can’t cover it anymore. Mey coronary heart will burst. Additionally, Iam not equal to you. However I really like you. And I can’t management it. Sorry. (She turns to go, however Kunal holds her arms. Kuhu will get shocked.)

Kunal:- why did you say this late. Iam ready for this for 3 years. What did you assume, I can’t know you. Every part about you, I prefer it. For me, you might be equal to me and I really like you a lot. (They hugs. Two was eager for this. Abir sees them and will get glad.)

Subsequent day Mishti, Abir and Naira have been teasing Kunal and kuhu. Bell rings.

Mishti:- I’ll open.

Mishti goes to open the door and will get shocked seeing her household.

Mishti:- Papa, Mamma……(she hugs them. Although, she didn’t goes to them in these years, she missed them very badly. Naman and Karishma additionally misses her.)

Naman:- why didn’t you come again? Faculties recover from, isn’t it?

Mishti:- haan. Sorry.

Mishti then sees everybody. She sees Karthik and hugs him.

Mishti:- bff. How are you?

Karthik:- effective, my gff.

Mishti:- I missed you a large number.

Karthik:- I additionally.

She then hugs naksh and Kirti. She hugs Anchal.

Anchal:- how are you?

Mishti:- effective.

Anchal:- Mishti, are you not inviting us inside?

Mishti:- oh no. I overlook it. Come. One min.

Karthik:- what occurred?

Mishti:- I’ll name kuhu and are available now. Wait. (She do not forget that, naira was there. She goes to them and tells them all the pieces. Everybody will get shocked. They are saying naira to cover within the rest room and goes out.)

Mishti:- Papa, that is kuhu, Kunal and Abir. My associates. They greets them.

Karthik: solely associates? (Winks Mishti).

Mishti:- bff, Abir and I are associates, however kuhu and Kunal will marry anytime.

Kuhu and kunal will get shocked.

Kuhu pinches and Mishti:- when did we are saying that, we’ll marry anytime.

Mishti:- you don’t stated it, however for a happiness, I stated it.

All of them laughs.

Karishma:- by the best way, Mishti, why don’t you come to us?

Mishti will get nervous:- woh….kuhu might be alone. That’s the reason. And lots of issues occurred there. I don’t wish to get into that.

Mishti:- by the best way, why don’t you inform me that you’re right here?

Karishma:- did you’re taking our name?

Mishti:- sorry.

They talks lots and goes. Naira was seeing Karthik, by hiding. After a very long time, she felt her breath comes. Naira involves Mishti, Mishti consoles her.

Mishti:- don’t fear dii.

Anchal:- why are you doing this?

All of them will get shocked seeing anchal there.

Naira:- Anchal…. (Anchal comes and hugs Naira).

Anchal:- please come again. I do know, you might be proper, and justify your self. Inform them . Atleast inform Karthik, why are you doing this all? Please.

Naira:- no Anchal. You go. Please.

Naira cries and goes. Anchal additionally goes from there.

Kuhu:- Mishti, dii……

Mishti:- nothing will occur. I’ll discuss to her. We are going to go to purchasing at present. Her temper will change.

Anchal comes house. Karthik notices her upset. However didn’t ask her. Singhanias and goenkas have been discussing one thing. They see Karthik and Anchal coming.

Surekha:- Aanchal beta, come right here.

Karthik:- what is occurring right here.

Manish:- we’re discussing about Anchal’s marriage.

Anchal and Karthik will get shocked. As a result of Karthik is aware of that anchal loves kabir and nobody apart from him is aware of about it.

Anchal:- with whom?

Surekha:- with our Karthik.

Karthik:- what? Are you all gone mad?

Manish:- Karthik, don’t shout.

Karthik:- Iam not shouting. And how are you going to consider me and Anchal. We’re associates, I think about her as my sister and she or he considers me as her brother. Then how can we. Additionally, did I inform you all to discover a lady for me? No. I gained’t marry anybody in my life. It’s over for me.

Naksh:- Karthik, until how lengthy will you reside alone?

Karthik:- I don’t know. And Anchal, inform them all the pieces.

Naithik:- what she has to say.

Anchal:- Karthik, no.

Karthik:- sure. Look, she loves an individual, Kabir. He’s additionally a health care provider. Good man. I had talked with him by cellphone. For those who can, get them each marry. Don’t make any resolution of my life.

All of them will get shocked.

Suvarna:- I had already advised that, he gained’t agree.

Dadi:- you might be right. Let’s wait.

Naksh, Kirti and Anchal involves Karthik.

Naksh:- Karthik, sorry.

Karthik:- why? You didn’t do something.

Naksh:- I didn’t learn about Anchal. That’s the reason.

Karthik:- it’s okay.

Anchal:- so can we go for purchasing?

Karthik:- now?

Kirti:- sure bhai. Please. Don’t deny.

Karthik:- okay. Prepare.

Anchal and Kirti:- completed.

Naira, Mishti and kuhu are on the identical mall as Karthik. Rishabh can be with them.

Naira:- Mishti, I don’t wish to come.

Rishabh:- haan, Mishti. She is lazy.

Naira:- Rishabh…

Mishti:- okay. So naira and Rishabh, you each go. We now have to purchase some books.

Naira:- okay.

Naira and Rishabh goes and buys icecream. Naira slips, so Rishabh holds her. Karthik and naksh sees them in that state.

Naksh:- naira…

Naira was shocked to see naksh. She was about to hug them however stops herself.

Naksh:- you…..what have been you doing right here?

Naira:- bhai…

Naksh:- don’t name me. You’re the worst sister anybody have. I hate you. Have a look at this man, he had misplaced all the pieces. What you need to say about him?

Naira cries.

Karthik:- don’t cry.

Mishti was deciding on books, when she see anchal.

Anchal:- Mishti, you right here.

Mishti:- haan, for purchasing. Alone?

Anchal:- no Karthik and naksh is there.

Mishti:- what?

Anchal:- kya hua.

Mishti:- naira can be right here. That too with Rishabh.

Anchal:- what?

Mishti:- come… They runs from there adopted by Kirti and kuhu.

Kartik:- don’t cry. Your tears are additionally faux, such as you. I used to be unsuitable. I believe, you liked me for actual, however you might be cheater. You damaged my coronary heart, you make me alone, you killed me. I fought for you with everybody. However I used to be unsuitable. I had tried to search out you. However I shouldn’t. You’re the greatest mistake of my life. I hate you. Hate you…

Naira was shocked listening to this. Out of the blue she faints. Karthik and naksh will get shocked. Mishti comes there.

Mishti:- diii. Get up. What occurred to her?

Kartik:- she is performing.

Mishti:- no Karthik. She is having most cancers, that’s the reason did all this drama, so that you just all can stay fortunately.

All will get shocked listening to that. Display freezes on Karthik’s stunning face.

Precap:- Karthik learns all the pieces. Abir fights with Karthik. Naira’s situation worsens. Mishbir share a second. Meenakshi comes to debate kunal’s relation with kuhu. Goenkas will get shocked to see Meenakshi. Meenakshi:- for kuku’s marriage…..

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