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Episode  39– Click on right here

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Episode 40  :

Riddhima and Ragini’s connection

The episode begins

Scene – 1 .

Ragini : Thanks Vansh and Riddhima,  for saving me.

Vansh  : It’s my accountability to avoid wasting you…however i need you to inform me 1) Why did you backstabed me and a couple of) What’s the thriller of that night time ?

Ragini  : I’ll let you know..afterwards.  i promise.

Vansh  : Cone with us to vr mansion.

Riddhima  : Why do you wish to take her to mansion…e-book a resort for her .

Vansh  : I’ll…however for now she’s going to stick with us..at VR MANSION. She wants assist.

Riddhima nods her head in settlement  . Angre places each shahnawaz and ragini’s goons inside jails of vr mansion.

Angre : You all will probably be right here..contained in the jail of vr mansion.

Vansh and riddhima goes to vr mansion with ragini.

Scene  – 2

Everybody enters vr mansion  .

Dadi : The place have been you each since so many days .

Vansh  : I’ve to do one thing essential work

Riddhima  : And i’ve to do essential work of serving my husband 🤣🤣🤣 .

Vansh  : I’ve to fulfill you all with somebody..whom you understand is aware of already .

Chanchal : Who’s it ? ( excitedly )

Vansh  : Welcome Ragini Vansh raisinghania  .

Ishani  : Bhai , why did you known as this ragini right here ? Did you forgot how she cheated you ?

Vansh  : I do know every little thing…vansh raisinghania by no means forgots his foes nor let his enemies neglect him .

Anupriya  : So what was the for bringing her right here .

Vansh  : Shahnawaz males have been following her and so they raped her…and he or she wants assist each emotionally and bodily.  So i introduced her right here .

Ishani : Solely rape ? I wished that shahnawaz to kill this  ragini ?

Anupriya  : I do know she is our enemy..however we shouldn’t say such issues to somebody.

Dadi : Shahnawaz? Was he once more after ragini ?

Vansh  : Sure dadi..he was after ragini however on the finish ..i killed him and introduced our rifles and gold bricks again.

Dadi : How did shahnawaz get these issues..inform me Ragini.

Ragini  : I’ll inform about it afterwards.

Ragini went from there..

Ishani  : Bhai..you probably did this error…i’ll kill her and in few days..you’re going to get her useless physique .

Ishani goes from there and everybody additionally goes.

Scene  – 2

Vansh and Angre goes to their workplace.

Angre : Did you noticed…each member within the household have been in opposition to your choice.

Vansh  : I do know . However i wish to know why did Ragini backstabed me ? And what occurred that night time  ? Due to this fact i introduced her residence .

Angre : Boss , how will riddhima really feel ? Whenever you introduced Ragini right here  ?

Vansh  : I do know it will likely be troublesome for her . However she is powerful and comprehensible woman …she will certainly perceive  .

Angre :Boss,  do you suppose..Ragini will inform something  ?

Vansh  : I don’t know …however let’s strive .

Angre : We have now killed shahnawaz…But when Akeel will come to find out about it ?

Vansh  : Akeel will not be a lot hazard for me .

Scene  -3

Ragini involves riddhima’s room.

Ragini  : I’ve come to apologise you for killing noor

Riddhima  : If vansh have forgiven you..then it doesn’t imply that i’ll forgive you . As a result of you’re a killer . A nasty omen..who even cheated his first husband.

Ragini : How do you know  about that ? I advised you…i didn’t cheated Ronit . And furthermore…don’t attempt to suppose your self pure…since you are nonetheless riddhima who as soon as was chargeable for massacre by  killing 1000s of harmless individuals in your imply happiness at Roma’s ring ceremony.

Riddhima : Cease this don’t remind my previous . Furthermore how you understand about this incident ?

Ragini  : I’ve to left Ronit due to shahnawaz…I’ve to kill him..as a result of…he acquired to know my previous . I acquired to find out about your previous..when i went to the darkish world.

Riddhima  : It means you lied vansh there infront of everybody. And I come to find out about your previous in Ajay’s database..when i used to be trying to find you..throughout noor’s assassin.

Ragini  : It was a half lie . Ronit in some way come to know my previous …that  i used to be a assassin due to this fact I’ve to kill him. However i didn’t killed his household.  Ronit’s household , my household have been killed by Shahnawaz solely .Due to this fact when you didn’t observed then whereas i used to be capturing shahnawaz…i advised that he killed my household,  my groom’s household however i didn’t talked about of Ronit there  ( episode 39 , scene 4 )


It was a  marriage ceremony night time . Two {couples} have been having fun with moonlight …

Ronit : I wish to know …will you’re keen on me  ?

Ragini : Sure , i’ll love you  . Why ? 

Ronit : You thought that i’ll by no means come to know ..about you . You’re a assassin . 

Ragini  : Who advised you this …and if you understand about it..then why did you get able to marry me ?.

Ronit  : i believe you continue to didn’t perceive…i’m Ronit…a CBI Agent and that i turned able to marry in order that i may uncover your fact .

Ragini  : You probably did a mistake. My previous ought to by no means come out .

Ronit exhibits a cctv video wherein Ragini was killing a person. 

Ragini  : Please attempt to perceive…

Ronit tries to go from there . However ragini stabs Ronit in his again. Ronit fell down on his knees and breathed his final.  Ragini places Ronit’s useless physique in her home and noticed Shahnawaz’s males coming there . Ragini washed her arms . And began working in her bridal apparel in direction of her home…



Riddhima  : You killed Ronit..and put his blame on Shahnawaz’s head to get Vansh’s sympathy.

Ragini  : I’ve to try this . Ronit was a CBI Agent and earlier than he come to know that i used to be a assassin i needed to kill him.

Riddhima  : However why did you select the street of crime  ?

Ragini  : I used to be in Psychological rigidity…to earn cash for my household.  I can’t considered another different.  I utilized for a lot of jobs …however everybody rejected.  Then i considered stealing . I made a decision to steal some cash from a home….i went inside the home. …i took the cash . I considered that after stealing the cash..i’ll silently go ..however a person noticed me stealing.

Riddhima  : And after that man noticed you stealing…you bought scared and killed that man , isn’t  ? And on this means your homicide case was recorded within the street facet cctv cameras and Ronit get to know.

Ragini : sure , i don’t wished to kill that man…however i needed to..as a result of he noticed me stealing…and to avoid wasting myself i’ve to kill him 😥😢😥😥😥😥 . I really feel guilt for this  until now.  However i’ve to steal for my household.  And sure , that complete incident was recorded within the cctv cameras close by and therefore ronit got here to find out about it…and deliberate faux marriage drama.

Riddhima  : I may perceive…it’s troublesome whenever you can not do something for your loved ones.  However you had probability to be in good path ? However i didn’t have another possibility.

Ragini  : Why did you killed so many individuals..throughout Roma’s ring ceremony  .?

Riddhima  : After my childhood acquired destroyed as a result of a bomb blast.  I used to be taken to a orphanage…however in actuality that orphanage was a murderer faculty . And i used to be tasked to kill them . And i used to be mind washed due to this fact i killed Roma and the complete individuals who have been there within the social gathering . I didn’t have any private enemity with roma…i don’t even know Roma…i used to be assigned the duty to kill Roma..due to this fact i killed them  .

Ragini  : However after i killed Ronit …i used to be entangled in darkish world.  I wished to cover this incident..due to this fact i took assist from darkish world after which i come to find out about you , vansh and so many underworld peoples ..then i come to know that you just killed so many individuals . Due to this fact i acquired shocked after seeing you that day ( episode 9 , scene 2)

Riddhima  : And that i come to find out about you killing Ronit…in Ajay’s database.  Ajay is my good friend and the particular person with whose assist i come out of darkish world.

Ragini  : You have been fortunate.  However i wish to neglect every little thing..due to this fact I wished to go away this metropolis.

Riddhima  : Why did you backstabed vansh  ?

Ragini didn’t mentioned something and went away.

Riddhima  : Ragini remains to be hiding one thing in her coronary heart . I’ve to seek out out..How did she cheated vansh  ?

Precap  : Ragini will get ache in her abdomen…she vomits. Everybody will get shocked.  Vansh  ” name the physician ” . Dr says ” Ragini is ………” 

Episode ends.

So how did you want todays episode.  On this episode I Have advised that why Ragini acquired shocked by seeing Riddhima in episode 9 , scene 2.  And the way did Riddhima knew Ragini.  So Ragini killed Ronit and ronit was a CBI Agent….wasn’t this shocking.  Riddhima was a murderer and killed so many individuals..though she was mind washed.  And on this episode we come to know why Ragini was working throughout her marriage ceremony day..as a result of she killed Ronit . And Riddhima killing so many individuals was the key which Ragini was going to inform vansh in episode 37 , scene  2  throughout their camp.  I hope this are cleared.

1) What’s the thriller of ragini dishonest vansh…that she fears of telling  ?

2) And the way did she cheated vansh  ?

3) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

4) And the way did you just like the connection of shahnawaz as prince Akeel’s assistant


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