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Recap – Virat imagines Sayi.

Chapter 19

After 2 months.

Sayi : I’m going to school…

She was about to step out when Dida stopped her.

Dida : Cease. Why are you in a rush?

Sayi : I’m late for faculty Dida.

Dida : Why do you get up late then?

Sayi : Arey, who wakes up late?

Dida : When do you get up?

Sayi : 4:30AM

Dida : Why so early? You research within the morning additionally?

Sayi : No dida, very uncommon I research within the morning. I ensure that I full my a part of obligation in the home!

Dida was shocked.

Dida : Did somebody ask you to do?

Sayi : No dida, after I first got here into Chavan Niwas. Kaku and others needed me to do my a part of work after which go to school. At first, I was very late. However then slowly slowly I awakened early and began ending all my work after which I went to school.

Dida felt actually dangerous listening to her say all this.

Dida : My bachcha suffered alot in that home.

Sayi smiled.

Sayi : Aayi was at all times there. She was the one reduction I had.

Dida nods. Sayi appears on the occasions and screams.

Sayi : I’m late didaaa ….

Dida instantly maintain her and asks her.

Dida : Did you might have your breakfast?

Sayi : No, I’ll have it in Canteen.

Dida : Why not right here?

Sayi : I don’t have an excellent urge for food.

Dida : What occurred?

Sayi : Arey, nothing to fret. It’s simply that, right this moment is my outcome day. So I’m little tensed.

Dida : Oh okay. In any case, because you aren’t properly don’t go alone. Aarav will drop you.

Sayi : Not wanted Dida, pleaseee. I’m already very late.

Dida : Aarav….Come down instantly.

Aarav comes down having an apple.

Aarav : What’s it that my lady’s want?

Sayi : Dida needs you, not me.

Saying that, Sayi was about to depart.

Dida : Aarav, cease her.

Aarav with out pondering something, hugged her.

All of them had been shocked.

Dida : Aarav…

Sayi : What are you doing?

Aarav : Dida requested me to cease you.

Dida : Is that this the way you cease somebody?

Aarav : I used to be about to carry her leg. Good that I simply hugged you!

Aarav leaves her.

Dida : Acha pay attention Aarav, drop Sayi to school and be there right this moment.

Aarav : As you say highness.

Sayi : No want. That’s actually not wanted.

Aarav : Aren’t you late? Come come, let’s go.

Sayi nods and leaves.

Dida : Seems to be like one thing is gonna occur on this home.

Aarav and Sayi didn’t speake something within the automobile. Aarav was the one who broke the silence.

Aarav – Sayi, simply since you advised me all the pieces, I’m asking you.

Sayi : Go on..

Aarav : How did you handle to stay there for therefore lengthy?

Sayi : 6 months and 22 days.

Aarav : You miss them?

Sayi : Solely Aayi.

Aarav : Virat?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : You want Virat?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : You’re keen on Virat ?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : Then, what’s your relationship with him?

Sayi : I’m solely a accountability for him.

Aarav : And also you?

Sayi : He was about to be my household. After which issues tousled.

Aarav : You need to discuss to him?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : You need to meet him?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : You haven’t any expectations from him?

Sayi : No. I’ve no proper to anticipate something from him.

Aarav : Is it as a result of he requested you to not anticipate something from him as a husband?

Sayi : Sure.

Aarav : Don’t you assume, he has already modified?

Sayi doesn’t reply. She appears out of the window.

Aarav : Sayi, I requested you one thing.

Sayi : It’s been 2 months, and neither I obtained a name nor a message from him.

Aarav : Haven’t you tried calling him?

Sayi : No.

Aarav (shaking his head) : I’ll go loopy for certain.

Sayi : Cease the automobile.

Aarav : Why?

Sayi : Arey cease na.

Aarav stops and appears at her.

Sayi : Do you see the earlier constructing, that constructing is my school. And I’m late. Bye.

With out ready for Aarav’s repose, she instantly left.

Sayi stands infront of the door of her class panting..

Somebody watches her from a room.

Pulkit : Sayi, why are you late?

Sayi : Lengthy story.

Pulkit – In any case, did you examine your outcome?

Sayi : Nope. I’m hesitant.

Pulkit – Include me, we’ll see it collectively.

Sayi : Na baba na. Please don’t do

Pulkit : You gained’t be having this hour. Sakshi ma’am is on go away. No bahana concerning class now. Include me.

Sayi left with him.

Pulkit : Are available.

Sayi is available in and feels unusual.

Sayi : Jiju, was somebody right here?

Pulkit : Sure, why?

Sayi : Very acquainted odor.

Pulkit : Scent?

Sayi : I really feel like Virat sir was right here.

Pulkit : Virat?

Sayi nods.

Pulkit : Why will he be right here?

Sayi finds it proper and sits subsequent to Pulkit to see her outcomes.

She prays to God, and kinds her particulars.

Her eyes go large. Pulkit look shocked.

Sayi : Pulkit Jiju, did I simply cross in all the themes with the best rank?

Pulkit : Sure Sayi, I can’t consider this.

Pulkit indicators and the entire room turns into darkish and goes away.

Sayi : Pulkit Jiju, I’m bit terrified of darkish, please maintain my hand.

She holds his hand and felt the heat.

……. : Sayi, I’m very completely happy to see your outcomes.

Sayi : Thanks Virat sir. I actually needed you to be my aspect.

Sayi appears like one thing was mistaken and turned head, she noticed Virat. She turns into gloomy.

Sayi : Virat sir, Virat sir, Virat sir… In all places you’re there…You even got here and stood subsequent to me like Jiju.

Virat : Sayi, I’m actually in entrance you!

Sayi (begins sobbing) : That’s what you at all times inform in my dream, however you by no means come. Due to you I’m not capable of sleep at evening.

Virat : I’m sorry Sayi, however I actually didn’t need issues to occur like this!

Sayi appears on.

Virat – Sayi, I’m supplying you with my phrase, you’ll be in my life at any price. Do not forget that!

The lights are on and Virat wasn’t there.

Sayi’s tears was flowing constantly.

Sayi : Virat sir..Virat sir…The place are you? I actually can’t stay with out you!!

Pulkit got here and made Sayi calm.

Sayi : Jiju, I actually can’t stay with out him. I actually can’t. I assume I have to go meet him.

Pulkit : What are you saying?

Sayi : I don’t know after I began loving him Jiju. I actually love him now.

Virat hid behind the toilet door and smiled.

Virat – I’ll make you mine.


Precap –

Sayi : I’m pakka telling you I noticed him.

Aarav : Very certain?

Sayi : Very certain!

Aarav : You’re keen on him?

Sayi : No.

Aarav : Then how did you meet him?

Sayi : Arey, I’m telling you na, I noticed him within the workplace, I talked to him.

Aarav : I don’t consider you

Sayi : I by no means lie Aarav!

Aarav : Then inform me that you just love.

Sayi : I like you yaaaar.

Aarav smiles.

Aarav : I like you too.

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