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Aalekh presses the button inflicting the blast, the whole Dhiani household steps out from the hiding the place they see Aalekh screaming from ache due to the pole which falls on him, Neel seeing him says he advised him that god additionally performs justice, Aalekh asks him to take away the pole from his toes, the police arrive, Naveli mentions she referred to as him as they need to arrest the particular person, he’s chargeable for all the kidnappings and is even the one behind the bomb blast, the police arrest Aalekh together with everybody else, the van takes Aalekh away, Inspector questions how did all of it occur, Neel is explaining it when Dua comes working asking Neel t come together with her as Chahat is ready for him as a result of Sahil is lifeless, all of them get shocked when Godambari questions if Shlok has seen Sahil die, Neel reaches Chahat who exclaims if Sahil had some good deeds in his life, he would have gone to heaven.
Dua exclaims everybody loves Shlok and don’t take care of he, one of many goons stands, he involves Dua however Ghazala hits him, with a rod, she hugs Dua explaining there may be nothing to fret about as a result of she would all the time be together with her even when her mother and father don’t love her like Shlok, she takes her hand earlier than going to the place everybody else is standing.

The inspector questions what has occurred when Shlok exclaims he would even be killed however Chahat consoles him, she can be performing the formalities of the police, Ghazala asks Dua to see that her mom solely cares for Shlok, she would neglect her simply as she has forgotten Sahil, Dua hugs her tightly, Ghazala thinks she would have misplaced the battle bhut now Chahat will lose to her personal youngsters.

In the home Chahat is consoling Shlok saying there is no such thing as a want to fret as a result of now they’re secure of their home, she is with him when Naveli and Alka assist Vyas je, she brings the water so Chahat asks Vyas jee to water the plant of Tulsi, all of them maintain palms when Bopho and Naveli reward Chahat for saving the kids as she has even left Jackie Chan behind however Chahat is overwhelmed, Dua in anger rushes again to Ghazala, who asks if she witnessed that all of them are praising Chahat however ignoring her not considering she first saved her favourite son Shlok.

Chahat advises all of them take Vyas je inside, she calls Dua to come back inside however Dua refuses to even enable Chahat close to her saying she ought to return to Shlok, Chahat worrying questions what she is saying as she feels the identical for her and Shlok however Dua doesnot go close to her, as an alternative she hugs Neel requesting he warn Chahat to avoid her as a result of she doesnot love her anymore and solely take care of Shlok. Neel asks why she feels this fashion, he takes her inside to speak and resolve the scenario. Ghazala thinks the primary purpose has hit its mark.

Within the night time, Chahat standing on the terrace remembers how indignant Dua was and the way she mentioned that Chahat doesnot love her anymore however solely cares for Shlok, Neel comes out when Chahat asks if Dua stopped crying, he replies that she stopped crying with quite a lot of problem so would possibly even begin once more if she goes close to her, Chahat questions what occurred that made her really feel like this, Newel replies she has began considering that since Chahat saved Shlok first from the Paris wheel, she cares extra for him, Chahat hugs Neel explaining they each are her youngsters so how can after being a mom can she assume that Chahat would ever differentiate between them, the one motive she saved Shlok first was as a result of he was feeling scared from the peak which is why she determined to avoid wasting her figuring out that Dua is her robust daughter, she felt Dua wouldn’t get tensed, Chahat is fearful considering how would she have the ability to take away the misunderstands from Dua, Neel mentions she is the perfect mom there might be and the misunderstanding would finish ultimately, he would sleep together with her, they each hug one another.

Chahat just isn’t in a position to sleep within the night time questioning if Dua would have sleep, she decides to see it together with her personal eyes, she enters the room to see Dua sleeping with Neel, Chahat begins weeping skinny king she will be able to bear the anger of anybody however can’t bear it of her personal baby, she would die if she is indignant together with her.

Within the morning Neel is taking part in the sport with Shlok, Chahat prepares the burgers so Shlok questions why did she make them when she herself says it’s not proper, Chahat replies they will have the burgers on uncommon events, she just isn’t in a position to bear so decides to verify it however Neel stops saying if Dua looks like resting so she should let her sleep, Ghazala seeing the chance goes to the room the place she acts as if she is crying, Dua questions why is she crying, Ghazala explains it’s as a result of she would now be left alone as a result of her mother and father are pleased with Shlok whereas she remains to be sleeping, Dua and Ghazala go to the steps the place she is pissed off to see Chahat taking part in with Shlok, Ghazala even instigates her anger, Chahat is delighted to see her, Neel asks Dua to come back as her mom has ready the favorite dish, Dua in anger throws it away questioning why did she put together the breakfast when she doesnot love her, Chahat tries to clarify she actually loves her, Dua nonetheless asks Neel to warn Chahat to not discuss together with her, Ghazala instantly jumps asking if Dua would eat from her palms, Shlok remembering that she helped Aalekh begins crying, Chahat questions what has occurred, he reveals Ghazala is basically evil as she helped Aalekh, Chahat turns in anger in direction of Ghazala.

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