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Jaya and Pallavi consuming, each drunk, Jaya says if Kirti does unsuitable to you, you come to me I offers you greatest concept, Pallavi says its not Kirti its Sunny, Jaya says he’s full showcase boy and Kirti mad lady and this Sunny doesn’t love her, he loves Raghav’s sister, and if Kirti desires to do it let her fall and be taught, Pallavi says very right, Pallavi’s favorite track performs, Jaya says let me share a secret, Raghav’s Appa stated I seem like Madhuri Dixit from facet, Pallavi says very fairly true, Jaya begins crying and says I miss him so much, Pallavi says Amma I’m right here don’t cry lets dance, each begin dancing.

Sunny says to Kirti that Pallavi retains blaming me now she thinks I added one thing in it, I simply added wine, and he or she retains troubling me, such a multitude, and I don’t care about her, however simply fear that Amma and Raghav don’t go in opposition to us, it received’t damage me however you.

Amruta makes pakora for Milind, Milind asks the place is chatni, Sharda brings chatni and says I noticed her make pakoda so I made chatni, Milind says thanks for understanding me, you stood by me, our household is shuttered, Sharda says not our relationships Milind, Amruta says permit me in your crew, Sharda says preserve making pakoda and you may be in oyr crew. Milind says when will Vijay dada perceive Pallavi’s significance.

Raghav will get dwelling drunk and sees complete home shattered and rushes to test Amma and Pallavi, and hears music in Amma’s room and sees Jaya standing in window and dancing drunk, Raghav says Amma you might be drunk, Amma says even you might be drunk I can scent it, Raghav says okay now go relaxation, Raghav rests her on mattress.
Raghav begins in search of Pallavi, Naidu footwear Raghav Pallavi sitting in window upstairs, Raghav says did this two did this mess, Naidu says sure. Raghav says Pallavi please come down, Pallavi says no, Raghav says Pallavi there are lizards, Pallavi says okay I’m coming, catch me and jumps on Raghav.

Raghav picks her up, Pallavi says you might be so good, I’m impressed you might be candy Rao now, Raghav says let’s go to our room and discuss, Raghav picks Pallavi and takes her to room, Raghav places Pallavi on mattress.

Sunny says don’t discuss to Pallavi, Kirti says I hate it, Raghav and Pallavi preserve involving in our selections, its my life, Sunny says why didn’t you discuss when our engagement obtained postponed, Kirti says not anymore and leaves.
Sunny says now Kirti will do the whole lot.

Pallavi falls asleep holding Raghav’s hand, Raghav appears to be like at her and thinks of 1st Dec, Raghav keep in mind Pallavi’s promise that she is all the time with him, Raghav says Pallavi we first met on 18th February however related lengthy again, I suppose I’m right here to simply bother you, how ought to I discuss to you, while you have been leaving for Kolhapur I stated I offers you the whole lot I snatched from you however I didnt know the worth of precise factor I took away from you, I dont know what and the right way to say, Pallavi you promised me you’ll by no means depart me and be with me so please attempt perceive me and don’t depart me I would like yly Pallavi, Raghav falls asleep beside her and the whole lot he stated will get recorded in her cellphone by mistake.

Pallavi and Jaya subsequent morning in hangover, each say we don’t keep in mind what occurred after we danced, Raghav walks to them says I do know, Amma you have been dancing in entrance of window and Pallavi you have been sitting in air flow window, Pallavi asks how did I get down, Raghav says you jumped on me, and whoes concept was it, Each level at eachother after which Jaya tells the reality why they began consuming and each apologise, Raghav says why sorry, subsequent time I’ll make peg for you, and now have nimbu pani.
Raghav sees bond between Amma and Pallavi and thinks I hope the bond isn’t spoiled after the reality.

Pre cap: Pallavi tickles Raghav and falls over him.
Pallavi finds recording and says Raghav how might you do that to me Raghav.

Replace Credit score to: Tanaya

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