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Shlok exclaims Ghazala shouldn’t be a very good individual, she helped Aalekh in taking the youngsters, Ghazala nevertheless pleads her innocence saying she didn’t assist anybody and was additionally unconscious so Ghazala even swears on Dua, Chahat warns her to not swear on her daughter, Neel going to Ghazala says he needs to overlook what has occurred yesterday, she should not attempt to do something of the kind, Chahat nevertheless says they need to not present any type of sympathy to Ghazala, she throws her out of the home warning that she should not come close to the home ever once more, Dua questions what’s the purpose as Ghazala is very nice however Chahat asks her to not intervene within the matter of the elders, all of them return inside.

Dua involves Ghazala questioning what’s the purpose due to which she can’t dwell with them, Ghazala replies it’s as a result of she cared for her, she should not fear as now she will be able to have the cell and name her anytime she needs, Dua exclaims Chahat is absolutely unhealthy, Ghazala thinks that Dua would now ensure that the household doesnot dwell collectively, she would then be capable of get your entire property of Dr Baig.

Chahat asks Shlok to not fear as Ghazala doesnot dwell with them anymore, Dua comes questioning why did Chahat throw Ghazala out of the home, Chahat tries to elucidate Ghazala is a liar however Dua shouldn’t be satisfied asking if she is aware of that there was an individual who tried to kill her however she was saved by Ghazala whom Chahat threw out of the home, Chahat replies she was a nasty individual however Dua says that Chahat is the actual unhealthy one that solely loves Shlok which is why she saved him first, Dua exclaims she would by no means discuss along with her ever once more earlier than working to her room, Chahat is left there shocked.

Neel is making an attempt his finest to console Dua who exclaims that she feels Chahat doesnot love her anymore however cares just for Shlok, Neel replies she should not assume so improper of her mom as a result of it’s not doable which is why moms have been granted the place as a god, she nevertheless questions why did Chahat first save Shlok, Neel replies he is aware of she is offended and it’s justified however he feels her anger would finish, he begins tickling her, she is laughing so he asks her to organize a portrait which has your entire household, he walks out of the door when Chahat hugs him and is crying, Neel questions why is she crying as each his spouse and daughter are crying, he asks her to not be fearful as the whole lot can be fantastic in a day or two, they hear Godambari shouting so marvel what has occurred.
Godambari questions how dare Naveli assume she would get divorce, Chahat explains she introduced the divorce papers, Godambari questions why is she interfering of their issues.

Chahat explains it’s as a result of Aalekh is a felony and so they all have seen how he used to deal with her so she is aware of even Naveli doesnot need to dwell with him, she taking the paper asks Naveli to signal them however Godambari snatches it explaining they belong to the household of a Pandit due to which she can’t file for divorce as a result of as soon as a lady is married she solely leaves the home after demise, of their faith there isn’t a idea of marrying three or 4 occasions, Godambari mentions she feels unhealthy that her daughter has to dwell with such a heinous individual however she ought to take a look at her, she is even carrying the Mangal Sutur of her father when he doesnot even come to ask for her well being, Chahat asks if she desires her daughter to dwell in remorse as a result of she continues to be younger so would be capable of dwell a brand new life, Neel additionally agrees with Chahat advising Naveli ton not let the Sindoor be the chains on her toes as she ought to signal the divorce papers, Godamabri nevertheless refuses so warns that if she indicators then would see the demise of her mom.

Dua is drawing when Shlok involves her asking if the boy within the drawing is him, she refuses saying that the brother within the drawing is robust and never a coward like him, he asks if he will get robust would she draw him so he goes into the Mandir, Vyas je begins coming down, he by chance causes the colour to spill on her drawing she begins yelling at Vyas je asking if he additionally desires to isolate her in the home however he’s not in a position to clarify himself, Chahat comes scolding Dua asking why is she misbehaving with Vyas je, Dua responds that he ruined her drawing, Chahat will get actually offended saying that Dua is misbehaving, she is pressured to slap him, Chahat asks why is she speaking like this as a result of she was by no means like this, Dua additionally explains that she had by no means earlier than slapped her, Chahat tries to apologize however Dua doesnot need to pay attention, she pushes Chahat away, Shlok comes questioning why is she misbehaving as it’s not proper, Dua says he can be with Chahat as he needs to be near her, Chahat questions why does Dua assume like this, she loves them each however Dua says she is a nasty girls, Chahat warns if she continues misbehaving then can be ship to the hostel, Dua agrees to go as she has already ship Ghazala away so would then dwell with Shlok, Neel additionally rushes after Dua who is absolutely pissed off, Chahat begins weeping.

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