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I dedicate this story to fsahlah who desires me to jot down a narrative on Manit Tejasswi.



A center aged man was strolling on the street.

He was specializing in his procuring luggage,so he didn’t see the car coming from behind.

Immediately a younger man pulled him to a aspect.The center aged man observed the car going away.

The center aged man:Thanks very a lot.

The younger man was shocked to see his face:Ritesh Sir!

Ritesh was additionally shocked:Rishab!

Rishab:You continue to keep in mind me?

Ritesh:How can I overlook my most brightest scholar?

Rishab smiled.

Rishab took the luggage from him:I’ll carry them.

Ritesh:No want.

Rishab:Sir..you might be so uninterested in carrying them that you’re not even in a position to see the automobiles in your manner.So I’ll carry them.

Ritesh:So what’s happening in your life now?

Rishab:Truly I obtained a job right here.So I’m right here.I used to be staying in a rented home.However they’ve requested me to vacate because the 11 months contract is over.So I’m looking for a brand new home to remain on hire.

Ritesh:When I’m right here why do you have to seek for a brand new home?You keep in my home.

Rishab was shocked.

Rishab:However Sir…how can I?Will your loved ones members be pleased with it?

Ritesh:My spouse and daughter are very supportive.They received’t say no.

Rishab smiled:Thanks Sir.

Ritesh:What’s the want of claiming thanks for this?
He smiled.


The subsequent day….

Ritesh got here dwelling with Rishab.Ritesh’s spouse Anushree got here.
Ritesh:Anu..I instructed you about my scholar Rishab who will keep right here.That is Rishab.

Anushree smiled.

Ritesh:That is my spouse Anushree.

Rishab:Hello aunty.

Rishab touched her toes.

Anushree smiled holding her palm on his head:God bless you beta.
Take into account this as your own home.
Rishab smiled:Thanks very a lot.

  A wonderful woman got here downstairs.

Rishab was mesmerized by her magnificence.

Ritesh:Swastika beta..that is papa’s scholar Rishab who will stick with us.

Swastika smiled at Rishab.

Rishab smiled at her.

Ritesh:Rishab..that is my solely daughter Swastika.

Rishab smiled.


Swastika folded her palms.

Seeing that Rishab stated:Namaste!

She smiled.




Swastika was skipping on the bottom.After skipping she went  to the eating room and drank some water.She tried to tie her hair.Then she realized that her earring is lacking from the left ear.

Rishab got here close to her with a earring:Is that this your earring?I obtained it from the bottom.

She smiled with a nod.

He gave her the earring.Whereas taking the earring from him her finger touched his.He blushed.

Swastika checked out him blush with out understanding something.

After a couple of days….

Swastika’s kitten Ruby ran out.Swastika ran after the kitten.A automobile got here that manner.
Swastika nearly cried being terrified of the kitten getting hit by the automobile.However abruptly Rishab got here and took Ruby and ran in direction of her.
Rishab:Take your Ruby.She is okay.
Swastika took Ruby from Rishab and checked out him with gratitude.
Rishab:Ruby is secure.Then why there are tears in your eyes?
She was silent.
He wiped her tears together with his fingers.She was misplaced in him.Coming again to senses she began pampering Ruby.

Rishab was admiring her cuteness.

Rishab walked away smiling.Swastika raised her eye brows and checked out him go together with a smile.



Ritesh,Anushree,Rishab and Swastika went to a mall.
Swastika was trying on the clothes.She was confused which one to choose up.
Rishab who was watching it went close to her and stated:This pink one will look the most effective on you.
Swastika smiled and gave it for packing.Rishab and Swastika smiled at one another.
Rishab’s colleague Rakesh and Anuj got here there.They had been shocked to see Rishab and went close to them.
“Hello Rishab”.
Rishab:Hello guys.
Anuj:Is that this your fiancee Rishab?
Rishab and Swastika blushed.

Slowly the smile pale away from her face.Ritesh -Anushree who heard it from the nook checked out one another painfully.



After a couple of days Rishab’s mom Rakhi additionally joined him of their home.
Rakhi:Rishab,you stated they’ve a beautiful daughter.The place is she?
Rishab blushed:Maa,she has gone to her relative’s home.Within the night there may be Swastika’s birthday celebration.You may see her that point.
Rakhi:I can’t wait to see the woman who captured my son’s coronary heart.
Rishab was shy:Maa…
He turned again not going through her resulting from shyness.
Rakhi:I do know that you just love her.That’s why on the cellphone you might be at all times speaking about her.
He  blushed.

Within the night….

Swastika got here sporting the pink Indian apparel which Rishab selected for her.

Rishab was shocked to see her in that gown.
Rakhi went close to her:I’m Rishab’s mom.Like Rishab stated you might be beautiful.
Swastika touched her toes fortunately.
Rakhi went to speak to Ritesh and Anushree.
Rishab went close to Swastika.
Rishab:You seem like a Princess now.

She blushed.

He was not ale to take his eyes off her.
Swastika reduce the cake and fed Ritesh and Anushree.
Rakhi to Ritesh-Anushree:I simply got here right here in the present day.So I do know that it’s too early to speak about this.However I can’t wait anymore pretty much as good issues shouldn’t be delayed.My son Rishab loves Swastika.

Ritesh,Anushree and Swastika had been shocked.
Rakhi:Are you able to hand over Swastika for my Rishab?Will you please get her married to my Rishab?
Ritesh-Anushree had been very joyful.
Ritesh:To get a pleasant boy like Rishab for Swastika is a blessing.We’re very joyful.
Rishab and Rakhi smiled.
Ritesh-Anushree checked out Swastika.
Ritesh:Swastika…are you effective with marrying Rishab?
Rishab checked out her eagerly.
Swastika was simply blushing.
Rakhi:My son Rishab is my birthday reward for you.
Swastika ran away blushing.
All of them smiled.
Anushree:Swastika is joyful to marry Rishab.She is shy.

Rakhi:Sure..I understood that.
Rishab was very joyful.



Swastika was standing within the backyard.Rishab went close to her.
She was shy.
Rishab:I by no means opened my coronary heart earlier than you as I used to be nervous whether or not you’ll reject me.However now I wish to inform you that I really like you numerous.
Swastika blushed.
Rishab:Swastika,do you’re keen on me?
Swastika nodded blushing.
Rishab smiled:I understood your emotions for me.However please say it Swastika.I’m longing to listen to it out of your mouth.
Swastika’s face grew to become boring.She checked out him painfully.

Rishab:Say Swastika….I’ve not heard your candy voice until now.I’m longing to listen to it.Discuss one thing if you’re shy to say overtly that you just love me.
She ran inside crying.Rishab was surprised.
He turned again.
He noticed Ritesh and Anushree in tears.
Rishab:Sir,why did Swastika cry?I can’t perceive something.I simply requested her to say if she loves me.However with out saying something she ran away crying.
Anushree wept:Our daughter Swastika can not converse.That’s why she grew to become upset if you requested her to speak.

Rishab was shocked.

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