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Chahat and Neel are actually shut, Chahat warns that Godambari will come however he replies he isn’t scared, she says that youngsters will see them however he exclaims they’d be pleased to see their dad and mom collectively, she pushes him however he’s already sitting on the mattress, she will get annoyed saying she is going to take away the 2 marks which she has awarded him, he says he simply adopted her orders however she will get much more annoyed, she turns to go away when her dupatta will get caught, she turns in a romantic method pondering it might be Neel nonetheless to her amazement she turns to see it’s caught in a needle, she takes it out, Neel will get a name from somebody and says that he’s actually amazed of their quick service, they’ve discovered a match for Naveli, he calls them to his restaurant.

Naveli is attempting to name Bophandar, however he isn’t answering his name, she wonders what has occurred as a result of she thought he likes her nonetheless he isn’t even answering his name, she thinks that she was unsuitable to assume he likes her.

Dua walks down calling Shlok, she asks Alka the place he’s, Alka replies that he has gone for the Sanskar varth, Dua doesnot perceive so asks what’s it, Alka replies that identical to she is taught since at school, in Sanskar varth the Pandit’s are taught Mantar, she leaves so Dua thinks that why did she not go, she sees Chahat strolling so questions why did she not enable her to go to the Sanskar varth, Chahat thinks if she tells her that it is just for boys she would ask lots questions, Chahat replies she didn’t ship Dua as a result of she is ailing, Dua exclaims it’s a lie as a result of Chahat desired a boy and located Shlok, Grandmother is true to say that Chahat solely loves Shlok, she leaves crying when Chahat wonders what would she do about Ghazala, she calls Dua.

Ghazala is sitting when Aalekh comes, she asks him to have the sweets, he asks what’s the sweets for as if she has ready for his bail, she replies it’s as a result of Naveli has determined to divorce her, she says that it’s for Neel and Chahat have determined to get her married, Aalekh says it can not occur as he would now make a plan whereas being within the jail that may spoil the lifetime of Naveli.
Dua is sitting in her room, Chahat brings dinner for her asking that she have the dinner however Dua insists that she wouldn’t have the dinner as a result of Chahat just isn’t her mom as she solely cares for Shlok, Chahat tries to cause saying that it isn’t the case, Dua leaves saying she would have the donner from Alka maa, Chahat hears the water shifting down so going within the rest room sees that the water pipe has burst and heat water is popping out of the pipe, she thinks if the room fills with the water then it might trigger one other bronchial asthma assault for Dua, she calls Godambari and the household however when she asks Godambari to shut the pipe she leaves with out serving to her, Dua comes into the lavatory asking what’s she doing, Chahat sends her away asking why ought to she inform when she doesnot even contemplate her because the mom, Dua leaves to sleep, Chahat thinks what may she inform her figuring out she wouldn’t consider her.
Neel after a while is trying to find Chahat, he thinks she could be within the youngsters’s room, he after strolling in sees Dua sleeping whereas the meals is on her mattress, he’s about to go away when he hears the water so walks within the rest room, he’s shocked to see Chahat standing holding the water pipe, he questions what’s she doing, she asks him to shut the valve, Neel rushes again to the room, he covers her in a towel then is about to position her onto the mattress, she indicators him to take her to their room.

Neel whereas wiping her hair questions what was she doing within the rest room, she replies if the room was stuffed with the water it might have precipitated one other Bronchial asthma assault, he exclaims she was doing this for Dua even when she thinks Chahat doesnot love her anymore, Neel vows to inform Dua what her mom is ready to do for her, Chahat stops saying she doesnot need Dua to hate them each and this methods she is not less than near Neel, he’s nonetheless not prepared to simply accept the hatred of Dua, Chahat tries to make him notice she would have additionally felt offended if in her childhood her mom saved her brother earlier than her, she is a baby and would at some point perceive how a lot she loves her, Chahat sneezes on the face of Neel, she apologizes to him.

Neel replies she is definitely Mom Teresa, he stands to wipe off her hairs so she doesnot get chilly, Chahat feels nervous when he removes the dupatta, she stops him saying she would handle, however he exclaims she would really feel chilly, Chahat insists saying he should sleep with Dua since Shlok can also be away.

Neel turning questions what he ought to do if he misses her in the course of the evening, she mentions he ought to shut his eyes and begin mediating, she sends him away earlier than taking the medicines to use on the injuries.

Within the morning Chahat has ready an inventory of duties which Neel has to carry out, she thinks now he also needs to assume what it feels to be a mom, she walks within the room and is shocked to see Dua is shivering from chilly whereas Neel has all the vase, she after overlaying Dua turns however she hears Dua calling within the sleep asking her mom to save lots of her with Shlok from the Paris wheel as she can also be scared, she begins crying so mendacity beside Neel she consoles Dua who as soon as once more falls again to sleep, Nele waking up is admittedly excited pondering Chahat doesnot say it overtly however actually loves him, he’s about to kiss her when Chahat wakes up, she will get again asking what was he attempting to do, he says he was about to provide the reply, she exclaims it was the unsuitable reply then leaves handing him the record of duties which he has to carry out for Dua, Neel questions what would her mom do, she says that she could be on the remaining.
Neel is within the kitchen, he asks Chahat if she wouldn’t put together the breakfast for Dua, Chahat replies it isn’t potential as Dua acknowledges her cooking so he must make the breakfast, Dua asks Chahat to comb her hair from the again, Chahat questions if she stated one thing to her as she doesnot contemplate her to be her mom, Dua questions how can or not it’s since she is the one who all the time combs her hair, Chahat warns her to not confer with her as mom since she is Dr Chahat, Dua will get offended along with her mom.

Precap: Households have gathered for Naveli’s new Rishta, the household says it’s going to assist each the kids transfer forward of their lives. Aalekh enters which shocks everybody, He says they’re performing like they noticed a ghost; he got here after so many days received’t they welcome him.

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