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Tujhse Hai Raabta seventh July 2021 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Kalyani asks Malhar jee why is he asking her to not hurry, Malhar mentions they should be cautious as a result of hurrying would solely break issues, Aau sahib mentions that they need to wait as a result of Indu jee obtained scared after seeing the police, Godavari additionally says that they haven’t answered her calls, Kalyani exclaims all of them Aai was framed, Godambari asks Kalyani to simply wait till she is married.
Within the morning Kalyani is with Aai who asks her to not fear as Malhar would maintain the whole lot, Kalyani assures she is aware of that Malhar can maintain the whole lot however she can not wait until now, Kalyani assures her to not fearful, she asks Pawar kaka if they’ve acknowledged the physique, he replies the ladies was a fish vendor, Kalyani wonders how did she get a lot cash, Kalyani takes the file, Aai asks her to not intervene, she after checking the file asks Pawar Kaka to see the quantity on the fish basket, she thinks it might be the variety of her basket however then mentions there is just one single market the place they promote such massive variety of fish.

Within the morning Malhar will get fearful when he isn’t capable of finding Kalyani, she doesnot even reply his calls however then picks the video name, he asks the place is she sis eh replies that she is buying available in the market, Malhar asks her to talk the reality as a result of he is aware of she doesnot store within the morning, Kalyani disguises herself as a fish vendor, she after choosing the fish basket enters the market, the place one of many different ladies vendor locations a machete on her ask questioning who’s she as a result of she has by no means seen her available in the market, Malhar additionally comes as a drunk man asking the place is his spouse, he lies on the wood ranch, Kalyani calling him the drunk asks the place was she as a result of he was fearful, all of them begin appearing the place Kalyani additionally says she would return to her mom’s personal home, Kalyani sees the ladies inserting the cash so asks Malhar to see it, he purposefully stumbles on the basket revealing the cash.

Malhar questions the place did the cash come from, one of many ladies asks him to take his spouse and go away because it doesnot concern him, Malhar takes her hand when one of many employee their warns him to go away her hand, Malhar takes out his gun threatening he wouldn’t go away till they inform him from the place did the cash come from, they refuse to disclose the knowledge, Malhar begins beating them in order that they lastly reveal they smuggle the cash from the ships and are literally the transporters, he orders they be arrested earlier than leaving with out even listening to what Kalyani has to say.

Aao Sahib is attempting to name Kalyani however she is just not answering, she asks the kid to not play with the bangles as they’re of Shugun, she is requested the place are the ladies of their home as a result of they’ve to begin the ritual, Aao Sahib replies she is consistently attempting to name Kalyani, who enters the home with Anu Priya, each the youngsters are excited to see her so rush to greet her, they ask if she was launched by the police, the company get fearful when Kalyani asks them to go and play exterior as it’s the perform of the elders.

Kalyani asks Anu Priya to return and begin the perform, Aao Sahib says that Anu Priya should clean up however Kalyani insists that she first take part within the perform, Kalyani picks the thali however Indu jee says that she won’t let a ladies who was in jail take part in any of the perform, Kalyani stops saying then now she should not additionally take part as a result of as per her phrases, there are additionally some instances filed in opposition to her, Indu jee clarifies all of them had been false instances, Kalyani reveals similar to that the Anu Priya was additionally wrongly accused, and that’s the reason she obtained the bail, Anupriya asks Indu jee to not suppose incorrect of any ladies as they don’t seem to be all the time incorrect, if the ladies wouldn’t stand collectively how would they be capable of struggle with the merciless society which is hell bend on making the ladies pay for every crime, she turns to go away when Indu jee apologizes for her mistake asking that Anupriya would begin the ritual.

Within the night time after the ritual ends, Aao Sahib asks Godavari to practices it as this isn’t technique to Akhara, Godavari replies she is just not in a position to carry out it, Kalyani tries to ask Malhar however he doesnot come, Aao Sahib then asks Anu Priya to make Godambari perceive, she recites it, everybody praises her however Godamabri continues to be actually confused, all of them cheer her so Aao Sahib additionally ask Kalyani to recite the Akhara, Malhar says she will be able to do something as a result of she doesnot want his permission, he leaves when Kalyani says that he doesnot want the cash and bungalow however simply his relation, he leaves, she follows him into the room however he doesnot eve hearken to something, she apologizes saying that she is aware of she shouldn’t have taken such a step, Malhar explains he’s fearful as he can not enable her to take such a giant step every time, Anupriya sees them from the nook of the room, Malhar asks Kalyani to fret for the member of the household, he explains he is aware of the best way and it’s in the event that they put together to convey a younger brother for his or her son, Kalyani asks him to not pressurize her, she is getting actually uncomfortable.

Within the morning Aau Sahib screams calling everybody downstairs, all of them ask what has occurred, she asks them to see that the jewelry for Godavari has been stolen, Malhar worries how can it occur, they search the home to seek out if any of the doorways or home windows have been damaged however they’re all intact, Aau Sahib is actually fearful when Malhar suggests to file a grievance as they might then be capable of begin the investigation, Aau Sahib stops him explaining that if the phrase will get out that there was a theft for the jewelry it might be a matter of disgrace for them, Kalyani suggests they might be capable of recuperate the jewelry if the grievance is filed. Malhar nevertheless insists on submitting the grievance as he’s himself a police officer, all of them guarantee her that nobody would discover out, Aau Sahib is fearful how they might be capable of make the jewelry in such a brief time frame, Kalyani together with everybody else will get fearful fascinated with what they are going to do.

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