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Tujhse Hai Raabta eighth July 2021 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Aau Sahib says that even when the information in regards to the jewelry stays in the home then how would they be capable to prepare the jewelry, Kalyani explains that she together with Anupriya would give their jewelry to Godavari in order that there isn’t a hindrance within the wedding ceremony, a lawyer comes asking about Kalyani, when she inquiries what’s the matter, he mentions he’s the lawyer of Jagdam Shanay and he died just a few days in the past, Kalyani mentions he doesnot know any individual by that identify, the lawyer replies he knew Kalyani rather well and has left property value seventy corers for her, all of them are shocked, Kaka asks if he’s joking however the lawyer insists that it’s the fact, Kaka after reviewing the papers explains it’s the fact and Jagdam Shanay has actually left all of it to her, Kalyani insists on refusing to take the cash however Malhar says they may settle for the desire, lawyer leaves saying he would put together the authorized paperwork.
Malhar mentions he feels that it’s the sport of the individual whose black cash he has confiscated, he could be behind the theft so that they get in a dire want of cash and he can ship the desire distracting them, Kaka asks Malhar if they’re transferring the cash immediately from the headquarters, the marriage ritual begins when Aau Sahib asks the place is Anupriya, Kalyani replies that she is bringing Godavari, the kids are excited after seeing them coming down from the steps, Godavari sits beside the groom, they begin performing the ritual, Aau Sahib asks Indu jee to begin the ritual however she requests Anupriya to have the honour of the beginning the primary Rasam, Anupriya taking the thali applies the haldi on Godavari’s face, Kalyani additionally comes to use when Indy jee asks her to use some extra because it ought to appear the Haldi of the groom.

Malhar opens the letter, it’s a photograph of Anupriya with Jagdam Shanay, there’s a letter on the again explaining it’s a photograph of Jagdam Shanay, he says he would discover out the reality about it, Kalyani questions what’s it within the envelope, he replies she stuffed a letter within the mall, Malhar walks out when he sees the photograph on the window so is shocked to see that it’s the identical photograph, he tries to suppose who could be the one to burn the photograph, he walks in to see kaka attempting to use medication on Anupriya’s wounds, Malhar thinks if it was Anupriya however what’s her reference to Jagdam Shanay, he nevertheless thinks it’s simply his suspicion.

Within the evening Kalyani asks Kaka why will not be sleeping, he replies how can he since Anupriya will not be in the home and has not even taken the cellular, Kalyani begins panicking and they’re about to go away and seek for her when Anupriya secretly enters, she is strolling however is shocked to see Kalyani and Kaka standing, he questions the place did she go so she replies she was not capable of sleep so went for a stroll, she assures nothing of the type would occur once more, he asks her to come back and sleep, Kalyani sensing one thing is improper questions if she is tensed, Kalyani enters the home, Malhar questions the place did she go within the evening, Kalyani replies that she went to get water however got here to know that Anupriya was not in the home as a result of she was tensed in regards to the wedding ceremony, Malhar takes out the photograph, Kalyani snatches it and asking what’s it says that it’s all false, Malhar tries to elucidate he additionally thought it however Kalyani doesnot take heed to him saying he mustn’t try to drag Aai into the matter, she sleeps after turning off the lights.

Aau Sahib asks Godavari to take the blessings of her mother and father, she exclaims they’ve tried their greatest to fulfil all of the wishes of Godavari, Kalyani comes with the costume for Godavari, Aau Sahib asks the place Malhar is.

Malhar is within the workplace wanting on the CCTV footage of the situation close to his home, he sees the ladies questioning close to his home so asks if there may be an different angle of the footage.

Aau Sahib how can Malhar go to his workplace when there’s a operate of their home and Indu jee would come shortly, Kalyani asks Aau Sahib to not be nervous as a result of every little thing would occur accordingly, Aau sahib additionally asks the place Anupriya is, Kalyani explains that she doesnot know as a result of Anupriya will not be in the home , she comes again with the items, there’s a courier who asks for Anupriya to signal them however she asks Kalyani to obtain it as an alternative.

Malhar is seeing the footage and sees that the ladies are giving the letter to somebody, he acknowledges that the hand belongs to Anupriya from the bangles.

Malhar reaches the home, Kalyani comes protecting his eyes, he explains he isn’t properly, he mentions he has to point out her one thing, Kalyani will get a name from somebody who explains that they’re glad she has accepted the desire of Jagdam Shanay, Kalyani exclaims she has not accepted any will, Kalyani ends the decision, Malhar asks if she has signed any papers, Kalyani after giving it a thought recollects she signed the papers of Anupriya, Malhar exhibits her the footage asking if she recollects whose hand is it, Kalyani nonetheless doesnot imagine Anupriya can do something of the type, Malhar vows to listen to her clarify, he knocks on her door however she will not be opening and even Kalyani warns him to not suppose her mom is usually a felony, he breaks open the door and is shocked to see that the wardrobe is empty.

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