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Episode  43 – Learn Right here

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Episode 44  :

Riddhima kills Vaaz ?

The episode begins

Scene – 1 .

Angre : Boss How will we get the proof to know whether or not riddhima was behind Ragini’s situation or not  ?

Vansh  : If shahnawaz males are saying True that Riddhima was behind ragini’s rape then..we may know extra about it at Shahnawaz’s location..

Angre  : What shall We do now  ?

Vansh  : I would like somebody’s assist .

Vansh calls somebody and says..

Vansh  : the placement of shahnawaz that we went that day..Get  the cctv recordings from there. These cctv cameras will include Riddhima’s cope with Shahnawaz  . It’s a must to acquire these evidences and provides it to me.

Reciever : Why you need to ship me..you could possibly ship Angre additionally ?

Vansh  : If i or Angre will go there..then Riddhima will come to learn about it.  Subsequently I would like your assist..to get the cctv recordings.

Reciever : Okay..i’ll do it .

Angre : Can we imagine on that lady..that she’s going to carry evidences for us .

Vansh  : In fact..she is not going to trick us this time.

Scene  – 2

Riddhima  : I’ve to kill this vaaz at any price..as a result of if 36 hours finish..then Vaaz will inform every thing to vansh..that i used to be behind ragini’s rape. I’ve to name vaaz first..

Vaaz : What occurred why did you known as me  ?

Riddhima  : That’s what I need to know..what’s this new drama vaaz . You needed cash..i gave you then why you need to inform every thing to vansh.

Vaaz : Vansh thinks you that you’re good individual..which you aren’t . So i need to inform the reality to Vansh.  And on this means Vansh will change into weak from his coronary heart.

Riddhima  : What would you like now ..i offers you.

Vaaz : I simply need revenge towards Vansh..

Riddhima  :  vaaz , i’ve to fulfill you now ..please come close to street 12 .

Vaaz : Okay..i’ll come .

Name ends.

Riddhima  :  I’ve to finish Vaaz’s chapter earlier than he’ll open my chapter infront of vansh..

Riddhima calls a contract sniper..

Riddhima  : It’s a must to kill somebody…i’m sending you the picture of it ..come at street 12 .

Riddhima sends vaaz telephone to that contract sniper

Riddhima goes from there to street 12 .

Scene  – 3

At kabir’s workplace…

Kabir : I acquired some location of that thief…That thief identify is Adrian . He’s a completely – developed felony..that might work for anybody whoever offers him cash …

His picture is :-

Anjali  : He seems to be good-looking than you.

Kabir  : Shut up..nobody is hotter than me …

Kabir kisses Anjali 💋

Track performs..

Tujhe dekho..din foremost sau marta wa..Yeh agar ishq hai toh hai beintehaan..tu agar mang le jaan de dun abhi tu agar bol de khudako fanah..aa tujhme khatam kar dun ye saasein meri iss ishq mein marjawan tu jo kahe wo kar jawan ho ooo

Kabir : I’ve discover out that he’s in a deal close to this location…i’ve to go and cease him..

Anjali  : I like you..take care….

Kabir goes…

Scene – 4

Riddhima reaches at street 12… There see searches for vaaz . She sees somebody in a black hooded material .

Riddhima  : Is that you just Vaaz ? Inform me.

No replies got here…

Riddhima indicators to that contract sniper to shoot at vaaz . That sniper factors 👉in direction of vaaz and shoots at Vaaz’s again . The bullet hits Vaaz’s again. Riddhima goes close to vaaz .

Riddhima  : Vaaz , you needed to inform every thing to vansh…so sorry..i can’t let this occur.  Subsequently,  i’ve to kill you .

Sniper comes in direction of Riddhima

Sniper  : Mam , your work has been accomplished..give the remainder of my cash 💰.

Riddhima  : You probably did an excellent job..take this cash

Riddhima offers the cash to that sniper and sniper went away .

Riddhima turns the face of vaaz . She will get shock seeing Vaaz’s face..It was the face of any nameless individual.

Riddhima  : How may this be potential..i assumed i killed vaaz ..however Vaaz outsmarted me and ship an harmless man in his getup. Oh no ! 😢I once more killed this harmless man.  Police mustn’t come to learn about it..

Riddhima will get a letter..that letter was written by vaaz…riddhima reads the letter..

“Riddhima,  I knew that you just needed to kill me due to this fact you known as me on this place.  However i’m sensible , i ship an harmless individual in my getup..in order that you’re going to get confused and kill that nameless individual…pondering that it was me.. Very dangerous riddhima..you killed an Harmless individual . You’ve 12 hours left ..” .

Riddhima  : Vaaz !! 😡😡😡. I’ve to dispose this physique at any price . Riddhima holds that physique and take it close to a 🌳and put it there …

Riddhima goes from there…

Scene  – 5

Riddhima reaches vr mansion..she was sweating 😓. Riddhima hears vansh speaking to somebody in telephone..

Vansh  : You bought these evidences..nice ..I’m sending Angre,  he’ll carry evidences about ” Shahnawaz for me ” ..

Individual  : Okay..i’ll give it to Angre…

Name ends..

Riddhima hears every thing..

Riddhima  ( in her thoughts) . Vansh was speaking to somebody..however who may or not it’s .. That voice appeared like a feminine voice.  Which lady vansh was speaking to.

Angre was coming..riddhima sees Angre and he or she goes from there..

Vansh  : She had acquired evidences about shahnawaz and riddhima deal…She’s going to give to us ..you go and get it .

Angre : Okay ,boss..however Riddhima may come to cease us..

Vansh  : I’ll lure her in her circle..

Angre goes from there…

Precap  : vansh “Sweetheart,  you had informed me to proof my love for you . Let’s have some romance now…” . Riddhima  ” Vansh,  i’m busy now “. Vansh closes the gates of vr mansion..vansh  ” You’ll be able to’t go wherever..Sweetheart  ” .

Episode ends.

So how did you want todays episode.  Vaaz fooled riddhima by sending an harmless man rather than him and riddhima killed that harmless individual..innocently 🤣🤣 .

1) Who’s the lady..who’s going to gather evidences for vansh..?

2) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

Bye,  Take care and thanks

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