Insight into one’s heart (ArDeep and DevAkshi FS) – Shot 3 (PART A) – Weezersongs

Creator’s word: Since this shot is lengthy, I’ve divided it into two components. Hope you take pleasure in each the components. I’ll launch the second half very quickly.

3A: Dev in a dilemma

Subsequent day Afternoon

Deep’s automotive approached in direction of the home and stopped. From the automotive, Hansa and Deep get down. With the assistance of the white cane, Aarohi additionally get out of the automotive. Hansa take a look at the home.

Hansa – “Your home could be very lovely, Deep. You’re sustaining it so properly.”

Aarohi – “Deep, I may sense that you simply are likely to develop quite a lot of natural crops and crotons in your home. I may scent the perfume.”

Deep smiles, “Aarohi, your senses are wonderful. Why can’t you turn into a detective?”

Aarohi – “I’m attempting it, Deep. I’ve solved three homicide circumstances in a Quiz competitors. Would you like any notes?”

Deep – “No, madam. Come inside.”

The three entered the home with their baggage.

Deep – “Aarohi, So you should get used to this home additionally. And Dadi, I’ve some extra Dadis as neighbors and I’ve advised about you. They might go for a stroll on a regular basis night and do some workouts. You can too accompany them and they’re so pleasant.”

Aarohi – “Deep is true. From right now, you should take your medicines and do workouts. No if’s and however’s.”

Hansa smiled and nodded positively.

Deep – “Let me convey tea for us. Wait!”

Aarohi – “Vicky, please don’t add sugar in Dadi’s tea. In all lately, she has been fooling me by including sugar in her tea.”

Hansa – “Sshhh!”

Aarohi- “Hoyee! Are you threatening me?”

Hansa – “This woman!”

Deep laughs and made tea as per their style and served them.

A Few hours handed, 

Deep took Aarohi to his room.

Deep – “It’s the place we’re going to sleep within the evening.”

Aarohi – “It means?”

Deep – “Two individuals can sleep on this mattress. Dadi and you need to use this mattress at evening. Whereas I’ve one other one mattress which I added adjoining to essential mattress.”

Aarohi- “I’m extraordinarily grateful to you Deep. Thanks a lot for pondering so much about us. Folks suppose we’re burdened for them, however you may have an enormous coronary heart.”

Deep – “Aarohi, you saved me from an accident and took the impact on you. I’m probably the most grateful to you and your grandmother for elevating a tremendous woman such as you.”

Aarohi smiles, “Don’t fear Deep. I’ll positively pay the correct quantity quickly.”

Deep – “Aarohi…”

Aarohi – “No, Deep. Don’t say no want. I couldn’t have peace in my thoughts if I didn’t pay the gratitude. I couldn’t sleep correctly if I didn’t do this. However, what can I do?”

Deep – “Okay, as you want. You probably did quite a lot of part-time jobs, proper. You may proceed it. Then, you might be additionally becoming a member of the faculty.”

Riddhima - "Are you out of mind, Vikram? How is it possible? I used to sell ice-creams, but I don't know where is my Cream bell cart after my accident

Aarohi – “Are you out of thoughts, Deep? How is it potential? I used to promote ice-creams, however I don’t know the place is my Cream bell cart after my accident. Aside from that, I used to write down tales in varied magazines, however at this level, I may additionally not write. And Faculty? (laughs)”

Deep – “Why not, Aarohi? Your Cream Bell Cart is in Police Station, which they took on the time of the accident. We will get it simply. I can accompany you at evening. About tales, you may ship it on on-line… I imply by laptop keyboard. Even in the event you converse, phrases are typed within the show. It’s all about mindset and confidence. If you’re advantageous with it, all the things is feasible.”

Aarohi didn’t converse something.

Deep – “About Faculty, I’ll drop you at your class and may choose up at night. You’ve got quite a lot of associates who helped you in robust instances and also you too made. Gained’t they allow you to now?”

Aarohi – “They might.”

Deep – “Then, what? Life just isn’t all the time unfair, Aarohi. There are good issues which we typically fail to acknowledge… Like you may have a tremendous Dadi, you may have excellent associates in your faculty circle… You’re all the time pleasant along with your professors… There are quite a lot of candy individuals in life.”

Aarohi maintain Deep’s arms and says, “And also you forgot to incorporate another individual. You.”

Deep – “Yeah.”

Deep smiled fortunately when she talked about his title. He deliberately skips his title and checks whether or not Aarohi react concerning him. He questioned himself why is he behaving like a baby. He questioned whether it is simply an infatuation or love…

Aarohi – “Okay, Deep. I  am going to school and even do write tales.  I might additionally avoid wasting cash and in addition pay you. However there isn’t a use now being an ice-cream vendor. Nobody would purchase ice-creams at this level.”

Deep – “Aarohi, there’s a situation from my aspect. Just for home hire, you opted to pay cash. The cash should be lower than Rs. 500/-, okay?”

Aarohi – “No Deep. These days, who give worth to Rs. 500?”

Deep – “I’m giving worth for arduous work. Whether or not the word has worth or not is individuals’s perspective. However 500 Rupees received’t come from a tree and folks do an quantity of arduous work to realize that additionally, Aarohi. I agreed to your situation and also you additionally ought to.”

Aarohi – “Okay. I agree.”

Aarohi will get emotional and cries. Deep feels dangerous seeing her cry.

Deep – “Aarohi, please don’t cry.”

Riddhima - "What if I don't

Aarohi – “What if I don’t.”

Deep – “The ground turns into moist attributable to your tears and we might slip on the tiles.”

She makes indignant pouts. Deep wipes her tears along with his arms.

Deep – “Good woman.”

Deep laughs and pulled her cheeks. Aarohi tries to withstand. Deep laughs.

Aarohi thinks – “I’m falling in love with him… God! His appeal is irresistible! ”

Deep – “Come on, I’ll take you to a particular place.”

Saying this, Deep takes Aarohi to a different room. It appears darkish. Deep switched on the lights.

Deep – Tadaa…You’re right here…”

There is a bookshelf in a modern layout and style with a good amount of books

There’s a bookshelf in a contemporary structure and elegance with quantity of books. There are two croton crops standing like a soldier on each side of the bookshelf. Three Guitars and a Violin are hanged on the wall. There’s a desk with a diary and a pen. Beneath that, there’s a dustbin full of papers. On the aspect of wall, few particular person images of him are hanged. The images reveals that he’s self-conscious. There are two chairs and a small couch to sit down. Within the center, there’s a mic stand with headset, Bluetooth and audio system. On a nook, there may be {an electrical} piano.

Deep – “Might you guess this place?”

Aarohi – “It is perhaps your private room. Because you’re a singer, you may work on that right here. Perhaps you may have musical devices too.”

Deep – “Good! Guess few devices right here.”

Aarohi – “I do know only a few devices’ title. Perhaps a Guitar, Violin, Flute or perhaps a piano.”

Deep – “Your guess is true. Did you need me to sing any track?”

Aarohi – “Why not? Are you able to please play piano?”

Deep – “In fact. Do recommend the track…. Wait, let me make you sit.”

Deep made Aarohi sit on the couch and Aarohi took the electrical piano and sat on a chair.

Aarohi – “Your want, Deep.”

Deep smiles. Deep performs piano for the track Dil Ibadaat from the film Tum Mile.

Aarohi acquired mesmerized by the best way he performed the piano and listened to it silently. She strikes her head momentarily, having fun with his music.

Deep will get misplaced in her magnificence when she strikes her head like a child doll… The best way her free hair strikes to her face after which moved from there attracts him in direction of her…. He’s taking a look at her gestures, until the top of the music. He wished it may have continued for lengthy. No matter Deep feels for Aarohi is one thing greater than friendship…

 Whatever Vikram feels for Riddhima is something more than friendship

Then Deep sings the track in his voice. Aarohi immediately fell in love along with his voice.

Aarohi – “I’ve heard your voice in Radios and all the things appears wonderful there. However in actuality, it’s extra wonderful, Deep. You’ve got a tremendous voice and the songs are touching the guts immediately.”

Deep – “Thanks for the praise, Aaru…”

Aarohi – “Aaru…”

Deep – “Yeah, Aaru. Aarohi’s quick kind Aaru..”

Aarohi thinks, “The best way he referred to as me Aaru… This man is driving me loopy and completely satisfied. Aaru Aaru Aaru… (She remembers a number of instances how he referred to as her and smiles with a blush.)

Deep – “Are you right here?”

Aarohi – “Yeah, Deep. By the best way, you’re actually a tremendous singer. However, why can’t you strive for giant tasks?”

Deep – “Yeah, Aarohi. I’ve acquired a undertaking now i.e. a music video. Well-liked actors are dedicated to it. I’m engaged on the lyrics and singing. It might launch on YouTube quickly. If that goes properly, I’ll obtain my dream singing in films or sequence.”

Aarohi – “All the very best, Deep. I’ll pray from the underside of my coronary heart that you simply obtain milestone within the movie trade and many individuals fangirl or fanboy over you.”

Deep smiled.


Aarohi begins going to the faculty with the assistance of Deep and her associates helped her on the faculty. Deep has modified his evening shift job to day shift one to be able to take care of Aarohi at nights. Deep and Aarohi’s friendship grew deeper. Aarohi sells her Cream-Bell cart and gained some cash. Aarohi continues writing for magazines. Aarohi finds herself extra attracted in direction of Deep and the case is kind of related with Deep’s.


15 days handed,

A lazy Sunday morning for others… However not for Devrath Raheja… He’s current in his classroom. He has been going via sure recordsdata to organize the upcoming case he’s going to deal with on Tuesday. Behind his desk, there’s a timetable chart caught over the wall. Sid’s focus is on the case recordsdata till the decision interrupts him.


Parallel Scene

Atharva and Vividha are doing Yoga on the terrace. Vividha is observing him. Atharva sees her and feels proud and he flexes his muscle tissues that are seen via his half-sleeve vest. Vividha sighs.

Atharva – “What occurred child! Did your husband look hotter right now?”

Vividha punches his arms, “Duffer! Do you what right now is?”

Atharva -“Sunday!”

Vividha – “Mongoose! Even my cell phone remembers what right now is! Our wedding ceremony anniversary. I’ve been bearing all of your atrocities for 12 months.”

Atharva – “Ohho! Rattling it! Sorry Vivi!”

Vividha – “Allow us to have a good time it. Name our associates.”

Atharva – “The primary one who signed our registration marriage is Dev. So first name is for him.”

Raghu rings Dev and he attend the decision.


Dev –  “Atharva, how are you doing?”

Atharva – “All the pieces goes properly, Dev. By the best way, do you may have any plans for the night?”

Dev appears at his timetable chart.

Atharva – “You’re simply unattainable. Even if in case you have something, cancel all the things and are available to my home by 8 PM. We’re having an evening keep social gathering.”

Dev questioned how Atharva discovered that he’s taking a look at his chart. Making an attempt to handle the state of affairs, “Why? What’s the matter?”

Atharva – “What? Our anniversary, buddy. Forgot it?”

Dev – “Rattling! Yeah… Sorry buddy… I imply Congrats Buddy.”

Atharva – “Haaa… Thanks buddy.”

Whereas Vividha is observing Atharva. Atharva provides cellphone to Vividha.

Vividha – “Hiya!”

Dev – “Hey Vivi! Comfortable Marriage ceremony Anniversary.”

Vividha – “It’s my destiny to remind this man about our anniversary (Atharva pouts). However you signed the register, buddy. And also you forgot it.”

Dev – Vivi, Not like that. I bear in mind the month however it’s simply I forgot the date. By the best way, how are you?”

Vividha – “I’m excellent. I’ll give the cellphone to him.”

Saying this, she provides the cellphone to Atharva and goes down.

Athrava – “You’re coming, proper?”

Dev – “Yeah. Who’re all coming?”

Atharva thinks, “Our associates gang is simply coming… Your bro Deep, Sonakshi, you, Tanya and that’s it.”

Dev – Okay, buddy. Allow us to meet at 8PM.”

Dev cuts the decision.

His Monologue: Even Tanya is coming to the social gathering… She was so unhappy once I rejected the proposal one and half years in the past. Will she speak to me or I may capable of speak to her identical to earlier than proposal interval?  Why is that this awkward state of affairs? Shall I keep away from the assembly, however how may I persuade Vividha and Atharva? 

Flashback – 1.5 years in the past

Dev – “No… No, Tanya. I can’t give it some thought. Love just isn’t in my books.”

Dev replied this after Tanya’s merely candy love proposal with rose.

Tanya – “However, you may give it some thought, couldn’t you?”

Dev – “Not like that, Tanya. I’m a confused man. I didn’t have the mentality to present house to another person in my life. I nonetheless haven’t acquired it. You don’t know that Tanya. These items received’t swimsuit me…. Additionally I’m 26… I must show one thing in my life… I must develop my profession. Solely then, I may take into consideration different issues like love and dedication. Above all that, I can’t see you want that.”

Tanya bows her head down and will get unhappy.

Dev – “We’re good… I received’t say, Mates… However now we have an amazing vibe. I don’t need to name it as love.”

Tanya – “So, what’s your determination?”

Dev – “We might be like how we are actually.”

Tanya – “You’re proper, Dev.”

Tanya smiled in ache whereas Dev smiled in aid as she didn’t create any dramas.

Flashback ends.

Dev has been rethinking concerning the scenes for a lot of instances.

He feels that he made a mistake by rejecting a tremendous woman like Tanya. Nonetheless, he’s not certain whether or not he loves Tanya or not.


Evening 7 PM,

Dev began to prepare for the social gathering. He did his self-styling and is about to return out. His cellphone beeps and sees Atharva’s title flashing on the display.

Dev – “Hey Aharva!”

Atharva – “There’s a downside now…”

Dev – “What occurred?”

Atharva asks nervously, “Are you able to choose Tanya in your manner?”

Dev is shocked, “What are you saying, Atharva? You understand..”

Atharva – “Sorry, Dev… I do know that. She was supposed to return along with her buddy. However there’s a change within the plan final minute. Vivi requested you to choose her up with out realizing your story. I don’t know the best way to reveal it to her. There isn’t a manner, Dev.”

Dev – “Atharva…”

Atharva – “Please Dev… I just be sure you received’t meet one another at social gathering. Please buddy….”

After Atharva’s fixed pleading, Dev agreed to choose her up. Dev will get nervous on assembly her after a protracted time frame.

To be continued…

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