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Bani:- so, you didn’t neglect me?

Veer:- how can I neglect you. It was the error of an immature boy, nevertheless it prices you extra. Sorry.

Bani:- no want for sorry. After I see you right here, considered a little bit drama. That’s the reason. However it impacts you, isn’t it?

Veer:- for what I did to you, that is solely small.

Vani appears at one another..

Flashback exhibits..

Bani is seen strolling by way of the highway. She was a conventional lady, have lengthy hairs. Everybody considers her as a behenji. She was a joke to each boys, even veer.

Daksh:- dekho veer, there our behenji is coming. (Laughs and claps palms together with his buddies.)

Monil:- veer, we are going to do a prank on her.

Veer:- no yaar, she is going to cry. Mayuri informed me she may be very delicate.

Daksh:- however her angle is….

Monil:- Haan yaar, don’t even have a look at us. Please ,veer please make her cry.

Veer:- hey, I gained’t make her cry. In any case we are going to rag her. Come.

They blocks bani’s manner. She appears at them angrily.

Daksh:- Daksh, devi is killing us together with her eyes. (Laughs).

Bani:- please transfer. I’ve to go to class.

Veer:- we even have class. Then too, we come to satisfy you. Really, we wish to make friendship with you. Will you enable us.

Bani:- I don’t make friendship with avenue guys.

Veer:- means.

Bani:- means, for me you three are like streat guys, who stalks ladies and disturbs them. Don’t you’ve got mom and sister.

Veer:- hey, don’t change the subject. Who’re you to ask me this?

Bani:- who’re you to ask me?

Veer:- you don’t know me.

Bani:- haan, I do know. A spoilt brat. Don’t your father educate you manners.

Veer turns into indignant:- who’re you to inform about my father.

Bani:- when you disturb me like this, I’ll say like this.

She goes from there. Veer was about to go behind her, however Daksh and monil stops him.

Veer:- bani Sharma, you probably did fallacious to get my father into this. I’ll present you, who is that this veer Singhania.

Veer smirks.

Subsequent day, it was a special occasion, as their chairman was coming there for the primary time. The coordinator of this system was bani, principal had warned her, he needed no downside. The chairman comes and inaugurates the ceremony. Everybody congratulates bani for her organisation. Veer, Daksh and monil additionally congrats her and smirks. Subsequent it was the time to gentle the lamp, veer indicators Daksh. Chairman lights lamp, growth…….firepowder will get burned and chairman will get blackened and will get some accidents. He was very indignant and scolds principal, who in flip scolds bani infront of all the scholars of the School.

Principal:- Ms bani Sharma, I had trusted you. However you ….

Bani:- sir, I don’t something sir. It’s not my mistake.

Principal:- then who did it? Your ghost? I had already informed you to test the whole lot. However you fails in it.

Bani(cries):- sorry sir.

Principal:- by saying sorry, will the whole lot turn out to be regular?

Bani sobs. Mayuri helps her.

Principal:- that is the final warning for you, bani. And I need a proof letter, tomorrow itself. You’ve gotten shamed this school. Disgrace on you.

Bani (sobs):- I didn’t do something, sir.

Everybody pity on her. Bani was going to the home, when veer and his gang involves her.

Veer:- kya hua….cry child…. (Laughs).

Bani appears at him.

Bani:- did you do that?

Veer:- haan. (Smirks) you had performed fallacious by angering me. And I don’t like anybody complaining about my dad’s upbringing. As a result of I had seen him, caring for me, with no mom. And haan, we had been simply speaking to you that day, however you began arguing. And that is the punishment. Not solely this….

He goes and take and scissors. Bani cries.. Daksh and monil laughs. Veer cuts bani’s hair. She cries loads.

Veer:- the whole lot is now okay. And, don’t come on my manner, now onwards. Samjhi, behenji?

They goes from there leaving bani sobbing. Subsequent day, when he comes to school, he discover mayuri scolding Daksh and monil.

Veer:- Mayuri, why are you scolding them?

Mayuri:- then, due to you all, bani had gone.

Veer:- what?

Mayuri:- bani leaves this school.

Veer will get shocked.

Flashback ends. Bani and veer had been strolling by way of their campus.

Veer:- sorry.

Bani:- once more. It’s okay.

Veer:- I didn’t know that you simply get so unhappy that you simply go away the faculty.

Bani:- from faculty onwards, everybody had appreciated me for the whole lot. I all the time win in all applications, lecturers, nobody had ever scolded me for my carelessness. And I used to be a little bit conceited.

Veer:- not little…..

Bani:- veer…. In any case, when principal sir scold me, couldn’t bear it. Then you definitely minimize my hair. The whole lot makes me a lot depressed that I name my dad and goes there, subsequent morning itself.

Veer:- sorry once more.

Bani:- oho…now no sorry. Mates. (Veer smiles and shake palms together with her.) I had come for my cousin’s wedding ceremony, and right here I don’t know anybody. So it’s a must to assist me, okay?

Veer:- sure mam. (They smiles).

Subsequent day, Bani and Meera had been buying. They sees veer.

Bani:- veer.

Veer:- hello… You two right here? That is…

Bani:- Meera…

Veer:- oho….you had been the one….

Meera:- sorry.

Veer:- it’s okay. Why right here?

Bani:- for buying. It’s her wedding ceremony, so a little bit buying.

Veer:- by the way in which, my father ask me to convey his regards.

Bani:- I’ll come there.

Veer:- okay. Now go together with the buying. I’ll catch you later.

Veer involves abhi with Bani and Meera.

Veer:- papa, establish who is that this?

Abhi:- your ishani, Bani. Hello…dears…

Bani and Meera:- hello uncle.

Veer:- come, I’ll make tea.

Bani:- no. No, it’s okay.

Disha:- I’ll make, you sit.

Abhi:- so inform me. Really I used to be very keen to satisfy you, the one who could make my son run.

Bani:- sorry uncle. For a little bit factor, I had disturbed you. Iam extraordinarily sorry.

Veer:- it’s okay. He wants it.

Disha comes and provides tea to Bani and Meera.

Bani:- I had really got here to ask you all.

Abhi:- for what?

Bani:- subsequent week is meera’s wedding ceremony.

Abhi:- congrats beta.

Meera:- thanks. You all ought to come.

Abhi:- will certainly come.

Bani:- so Iam going. We’ve to ask many individuals, so a little bit bc. Will come later.

Abhi:- okay. Ought to come for lunch subsequent time.

Bani:- Haan.

Veer:- I’ll drop you.

Bani:- okay. (They goes from there. Abhi appears at them.)

On the way in which

Bani:- veer, why didn’t your father marry once more?

Veer:- everybody informed him, however for him one other ladies can’t take care of me correctly. So he simply….

Bani:- he loves you numerous.

Veer:- I do know. It’s my luck to get him as my father. I really like him greater than something.

Bani smiles.

Veer, his household and Vikram involves the marriage. Bani sees them.

Bani:- veer, uncle….come……

Veer sees Bani and will get mesmerized seeing her magnificence. Disha pinches him and teases him.

Veer:- hii..Bani.

Bani:- uncle is trying good-looking.

Abhi:- thanks expensive.

Bani:- come…will present you everybody. Meera.. the place is trainer?

Meera:- she was there.

Bani:- okay. Uncle, you go. I’ll come now.

Abhi:- okay.

Abhi enters the corridor and stroll in direction of the nook. Pragya was coming reverse to him. She stumbles, abhi saves her and have a look at her face and will get shocked.

Abhi:- Pragya…. (Pragya additionally will get shocked).

Pragya:- abhi….

Pragya eyes turn out to be teary. She goes from there. Disha involves him.

Disha:- Bhai, what occurred?

Abhi:- Haan…. Pragya…

Disha:- kya…

Abhi:- Woh…my Pragya.

Disha:- Bhai…are you drunk? Why are you telling these issues? Come…come Bhai…

Pragya goes to her room.

Pragya:- (to her) that was Abhi…..abhi… is that this potential…I can’t let my previous take my current…why did he come right here?

Bani involves her. She sees Pragya crying.

Bani:- trainer, what occurred? Why are you crying?

Pragya:- Woh….after this marriage Meera will go, and additionally, you will go to America. So I shall be alone.

Bani:- oho… I can’t go away you at any manner. Okay. Now don’t cry.

Pragya:- Haan.

Bani:- come, I’ll present you veer and his relations. His dad is so cool.

Pragya:- Haan.

Bani takes Pragya to abhi and others.

Bani:- uncle, that is my trainer, and trainer that is veer’s dad.

Abhi and Pragya appears at one another. Disha and Purab will get shocked seeing Pragya and appears at one another.

Some reminiscences arrive earlier than abhi and Pragya the place their valuable moments, dance are proven.

Allah waariyan…

Bani makes abhi and Pragya shake palms.

Meera:- Bani, Pragya aunty come….

Bani:- Haan.

She takes her from there. Abhi was continually taking a look at her.

Disha:- Bhai….. management…she was your previous.

Abhi:- Haan.

Veer:- your Pragya trainer is so candy.

Bani:- I do know.

Veer:- why didn’t she get married?

Bani:- chup. Don’t ask her this? Will kill you.

Veer:- why?

Bani:- that I don’t know. Some previous and all. She didn’t inform me. If anybody ask her about her marriage, she turns into indignant and goes to the room and appears at some footage. I attempted to get the images, however trainer didn’t enable.

Veer:- thief.

Bani:- oh whats up! Iam not an thief.

Veer:- actually, then why did you attempt to take her private issues? My papa additionally has some non-public issues, which he didn’t enable others to see or take. It’s their area.

Bani:- I do know Mr Papa lover.

Veer smiles.

Veer:- after this marriage, what’s your plan?

Bani:- not mounted, but.

Veer:- then no marriage?

Bani:- didn’t get a boy, who would match me.

Veer:- if Iam good for you.

Bani:- veer….

Veer:- joking…

They each shares an eyelock.

Meera’s wedding ceremony will get accomplished. All through the wedding abhi was taking a look at Pragya. Pragya avoids eyecontact with abhi. After marriage, they goes to their home.

On reaching the house, abhi goes to his room and closes the door.

Veer:- what occurred to papa? I had seen within the wedding ceremony additionally, he was so disturbed. What occurred?

Purab:- nothing. He’s simply drained.

Veer:- sachh.

Disha:- Haan. Now yo go and get recent. I’ll get meals.

Veer:- okay aunty. (He goes).

Disha:- Purab, Iam involved about Bhai. Do you bear in mind what occurred final time because of Pragya.

Purab:- Haan.

Disha:- I don’t wish to get him into that situation once more.

Purab:- you might be proper.

Abhi in his room, opens a bag, it wall filled with letters, images, books. There was a photograph of abhi and Pragya. Abhi sleeps with placing the picture on his coronary heart.

Subsequent day, veer, Purab and Disha involves drawing room listening to some noice. All of them will get shocked seeing abhi. He has dyed his moustache and had worn veer’s shirt. He was listening to to previous love songs..

Abhi:- tum go Aaye……

Veer:- Papa.

Abhi will get shocked.

Veer:- Papa, are you okay? What occurred to you? This moustache, previous love songs, and my t shirt. Have you ever gone mad? Disha aunty…ask Papa.

Disha and purab had been laughing.

Disha:- bhai….are you okay?

Abhi:- haan. Iam match and high-quality.

Disha:- veer, you go. I’ll deal with him.

Veer:- okay.

Disha:- bhai…veer is grown up. He can perceive the whole lot, so please management this. In any other case I’ve to inform him the whole lot.

Abhi:- okay. I can’t do that once more.

Subsequent day, abhi goes to Pragya’s school once more. However to his luck, she was absent that day. He will get into the faculty gangs they usually makes enjoyable of him. Bani sees this, as she had got here to present Pragya’s go away letter.

Veer:- Papa, why did you go to school, immediately?

Abhi:- woh…..

Veer:- why are you behaving like this nowadays. This isn’t good.

Subsequent day, abhi calls at Pragya’s home, however bani takes it, so abhi cuts the decision. Veer notices all this. He checks his cellphone and understands that, abhi referred to as to bani’s home.

Bani:- why is Papa behaving like this?

Veer:- I don’t know.

Bani:- however why did he calls me.

Veer:- no concept.

Bani:- are…who was within the school, my trainer, who was in my home, Pragya trainer.

Veer:- means, Papa likes Pragya aunty.

Bani:- that I don’t know.

Veer:- concept.

Bani:- what?

Veer:- one can inform us the whole lot.

Bani:- who..

Veer and bani involves Disha.

Disha:- hello Bani…

Veer:- aunty, who’s Pragya?

Disha will get shocked.

Disha:- who?

Veer:- aunty, don’t lie.. inform us.

Disha:- however.

Veer:- I all the time take into account my Papa as my good friend, so please inform me about him.

Disha:- abhi and Pragya had been…………

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