Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 14 – Weezersongs

Howdy guys right here is the subsequent episode 

Recap: Rubel patches up with Adi. Jeevika and Virat bail out Viren from jail. Radhika is lacking from workplace which makes Arjun involved. Manvi is attacked 

Episode begins

The particular person shuts Manvi’s mouth and goals the knife at her neck. All of the sudden somebody kicks off the knife from his hand. Manvi who closed her eyes in fright opens it to see Virat holding the man and throwing him off the bottom

Virat: How dare you? 

He thrashes the man. On the similar time Jeevika walks in with the medicines. Seeing the happenings she is shocked 

Jeevika: Mannu

She runs to Manvi and hugs her. Virat picks the man by his collar

Virat: Did Karan ship you? Inform me…come on..Jeevika di..name the police..we are going to hand him over to the police

Jeevika calls the police whereas Virat ties the man to the window bars

Jeevika: What was he doing right here?

Manvi: He..he..aimed…his knife to kill me di…fortunately he got here and…thanks..

Virat: Arrey its my obligation..you saved my life that day..if not…(his cellphone rings)only a minute 

He grabs his cellphone and walks out. The scene freezes 

Vadhera home

Viren is in his room with a file when he comes throughout one thing which shocks him

Viren: How is that this doable? How can he do that?

He all of the sudden turns indignant and picks his cell and calls Rishabh

Rishabh : Sir…

Viren: Rishabh are you able to mail me the small print of the XXXX deal which is in your database for upgradation

Rishabh: Sure sir..Ailing do it in 10 minutes 

The decision disconnects. He drops the file and runs to dadaji’s room

Viren: Might I are available in Dadaji?

Dadaji: Sure certain

Viren runs inside. Seeing him Dadaji senses that one thing is improper

Dadaji: What occurred Viren?

Viren: Dadaji that Karan is behind every part 

Dadaji: We all know that already na

Viren: Nahi..not that…I used to be simply going by way of Gujral deal file for some reference …the deal which we thought that we misplaced attributable to Deewans..however

Dadaji: However what?

Viren: Now I discovered one thing from the file

He reveals the file and explains one thing 

Dadaji: So Karan did it..proper?

Viren: Haan..I’ve requested for XXXX deal file too. I feel will probably be comparable 

Dadaji: That deal spoiled your bua’s life beta

Viren: If it was him then…I ..

His cellphone rings and its Rishabh

Rishabh: Sir I’ve mailed it sir

Viren: Thanks Rishabh 

The decision ends. Viren opens the mail and finds the file. His face turns angrier as he goes by way of it.

Viren: I guessed it proper Dadaji. Its all due to him and his household 

Viren dials Virat 

Virat: Viren..

Viren: I want to satisfy you. The place are you Virat?

Virat: Within the hospital. I got here to see Manvi and…(he tells the happenings)

Viren: Has the police come?

Virat: Ready for them with that fool.

Viren: Good then. Name the police and inform them that he ran away. We’ve got work with him 

Virat: However..anyway you might be saying so it’ll have some that means. The place do I convey him?

Viren: The godown. Be cautious 

Saying this Viren disconnects the decision. Virat informs the police and walks in. He takes the man with him

Jeevika: Virat…

Virat: Viren requested to convey him to his custody and it’s one thing vital. Watch out di..

He walks out

Manvi: Viren is your boss proper?

Jeevika: Its an extended story Mannu. Now you eat your medicines 

Jeevika in thoughts: God please be with them. Why is my coronary heart fearing when Viren sir is concerned in one thing harmful..even within the police station seeing him in jail cell made my coronary heart ache..whats all this

The scene freezes on a confused Jeevika

The godown

Viren and Virat tie the man to a chair

Virat: Whats the plan Viren?

Viren: Virat have you learnt in regards to the XXXX deal?

Virat: I heard that it destroyed your bua’s life and my bua was blamed for it

Viren: Haan however Avantika aunty just isn’t at fault. It was Karan’s dad

Virat: What? So he was brewing our enemity

Viren: Precisely..now he has despatched somebody to kill Manvi..and tried to place me in jail

Virat: And convey again our enmity

Viren holds the man by his collar

Viren: Karan solely despatched you na

The man is silent. Viren takes a gun and locations on his brow 

Viren: When you dont inform the reality Ailing kill you straight away

The man: Sir..sir..Ailing inform the reality…Karan sir solely despatched me

Virat: Nice Viren we are going to hand him over to the police and get Karan arrested

Viren: We’ve got different work with him Virat..

Virat: What work?

Viren: We’re going to confuse Karan and make him lose

Virat: I don’t get you Viren

Viren: Its the plan you stated that day

Virat: Whats that?

Viren: You’ll know quickly…hey you do what I say..then you’ll get cash and also you wont be going to jail too for attempting to kill Manvi

The man nods and the scene freezes 

Arjun’s home

He parks his bike and enters the home. Switching the fan on he slumps on the sofa. His seek for Radhika had been futile

Arjun in thoughts: Her native handle is locked..her cell is switched off..how will I discover her? How will save her from a wedding she dislikes? Radhika…if I get one clue..only one clue Ailing prevent at any value..the place are you Radhika?

Simply then his cellphone beeps with a notification. He opens to discover a mail with SOS written in it. 

The mail is from an workplace id…with “🌊 🪐👰🏻‍♀️” and topic is SOS.

Arjun: Official mail like this? Oh budhu Arjun..possibly Radhika’s mails and messages are being watched so she logged into official mail and despatched you this. However whats this? What does this imply?

He thinks onerous and eventually bangs the desk 

Arjun: Waves inform the place..it’s…her native place in Gujarat a coastal place…marriage ceremony on Thursday is what different two emojis say..thanks yaar Radhika Ailing prevent at anycost. 

Arjun messages Neha and Rishabh about him leaving. He packs his luggage and leaves from there. The scene freezes 

Subsequent day School

Adi and Rubel are sitting on a bench underneath the tree

Adi: Completely happy that you’re with me after so lengthy. 

Rubel: It was my fault..Im..

Adi: No sorry please yaar

Rubel: Okay tremendous…woh dekh who’s coming 

Adi turns to see Pankhuri strolling to them

Adi: Hey Pankhuri..come come

However to his shock she just isn’t as comfortable as different instances

Adi: What occurred? Why are you uninteresting?

Pankhuri: Adi ..woh…

She takes a letter and provides it to Adi. He opens it and is shocked 

Adi: Who is that this brat? How dare he?

Rubel: What occurred Adi? Give it to me..

Adi tears it and throws it away earlier than Rubel might get it

Rubel: Arrey Pankhuri atleast you inform me..what made him this irritated?

Pankhuri: That Shivam from closing 12 months gave me a love letter

Rubel: Bas itna sa matter

Adi: What are you saying? 

Rubel : Adi..stunning ladies are inclined to get them. Pankhuri you might be stunning be comfortable. When you like him say sure if not say no..chill dude. Talking of this the place is my laila?

Pankhuri: I noticed her at  the park close by 

Rubel: Ailing see her and are available..and Adi chill man

Rubel runs to the park. Adi continues to be irritated however he doesn’t perceive why he was so possessive on Pankhuri and why somebody giving her love letter irritated him?

With that confusion he walks away to the category which makes Pankhuri unhappy. 

Pankhuri in thoughts: What occurred to Adi? He tore the letter and now he’s ignoring me? This letter spoiled my day

In the meantime Rubel reaches the park. He sees Payal close to the lake misplaced in her world

Rubel walks to her and shakes her

Rubel: Madam..do you’ve any thought of going to class?

Payal: Not in temper Rubel

Rubel: Why?

Payal: My temper is spoilt since lengthy

Rubel: Since when?

Payal: Since freshers..since I noticed you

Rubel is stunned 

Rubel: Payal…what are you saying?

Payal: Ladies love the man whom they like operating behind them and Im no completely different however I cant maintain my emotions anymore..I LOVE YOU RUBEL

Rubel lifts her in his arms and swirls within the air in happiness. Latika watches this. The episode freezes


  1. Housebreaking on the Vadhera workplace
  2. Adi’s feelings disturb him
  3. Arjun is attacked
  4. Manvi is shocked 

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