Will you still prefer me? Part 5 – Weezersongs

Vansh and Riddhima are proven feeling the breeze of their metropolis.

There have been two causes that they had been having their metropolis tour at the moment.

First was that it was their, marriage anniversary.


Certainly marriage.

After they reached town ,and had been youngsters. They haven’t any understanding about what marriage and relations are. No understanding that what it takes to make a wedding profitable, simply Riddhima had one factor in her thoughts that to stick with a boy she needs to be married to him. Nd that considered her and Vansh reluctance to disclaim her ,result in the truth that Riddhima introduced vermillion from close by temple,and requested Vansh to use it in her parting.and so he did together with his small arms.

Then he tied the holy thread in her neck and,they shared a cute smile.

It was their marriage.

Riddhima then ,didnt apply vermillion on Vansh’s saying that it could result in their id revelation as a result of society would undoubtedly enquire a few woman utilizing vermillion in that small age.

Though not figuring out the deep which means of that crimson vermillion,her coronary heart was nonetheless not accepting to not apply that,however seeing that Vansh sacrificed his hand for his or her properly being,she too simply agreed,on simply staying with holy thread in her neck.

It was good feeling for them at that small age that they’re married,however slowly as they grew up,they stopped speaking about their marriage.

They had been turning into mature, understanding that, it was not the which means of marriage that they understood . Time handed and that holy thread ,simply remained as an emblem of friendship and life time dedication to one another ,not marriage. They had been ,not husband spouse however ,buddies. Really their relation had no title,it was greater than friendship,a minimum of love however nonetheless they each,had allowed an open house for somebody,for a stranger.

Vansh:Riddhima come ,its getting late.

She received down and sat behind him. He once more began paddling.

Riddhima and Vansh reached the temple.

Priest now,was humble. He allowed orphans to affix night prayer with wealthy households. However at their time. The priest was not so,he not often allowed ,Riddhima and Vansh to affix the night prayer.And that’s why,they used to sit down close to the roots of previous banyan tree and benefit from the sundown and ringing bells of temple. They did so,even at the moment.

Though they might ,stand ,within the entrance row of prayer at the moment,however nonetheless the peace they received within the dusky sunshine ,it was simply nearly a special factor.

They sat,

Remembered that how ,

That they had stopped saying that they’re married. The factor which they used to proudly say to one another at younger age,that you’re my spouse,you’re my husband..these phrases had been,simply their childishness now. They used to only smile on this truth now.

They each remembered that it was ,their anniversary ,however didnt share.

Though they shared every little thing even now,however childhood,that has a special style,that section of life is a lot stuffed with freedom ,properly their relation was even at the moment the identical.They used to die on one another even then,they use to die on one another even now.

They had been caring for one another,even then,they do it even now.

They had been,staying in the identical room,sharing a deep bond of unconditional pure love ,of pure friendship even then,they do it even now.

Distinction is that, they used to assume that they’re married at the moment,at the moment they’re certain that sooner or later,they are going to get married to their respective companions.

Nonetheless,they had been life lengthy companions even then,they’re even now.

They’re nonetheless certain,that they are going to ,go to any extent ,to maintain up their bond,their relation alive !!

Riddhima turned in direction of Vansh,lifted his hand and touched it

to her cheeks. He was nonetheless staring  sundown.She smiled.

It was not that Vansh by no means broke down.

He too did.

When he was 15,he learn in newspaper,that enterprise storm,who was none apart from ,his dad ,and his spouse ,have died,in an accident,and all of the property,is now on their son,’ Ashish Raisinghania’ title.

The demise of his dad,broke him.

He knew that the situation during which he left dwelling, his dad was simply of his new spouse and son. For him,Vansh was not current. He even didnt love him when his mother was alive. Vansh even heard in his childhood that ,the rationale his mother died,was his dad having affair.

Nonetheless,even after so bitter relation together with his dad,he was damaged sufficient by the information,that led to him ,leaving his every day wage incomes jobs and research too.

It lasted for a month,

When he fully seperated himself from Riddhima ,even stopped speaking to her.

Nonetheless caring for him like a baby,

Bearing his fully totally different and harsh behaviour, she was additionally breaking down. Quickly he introduced,wine bottle too.

To which,Riddhima resisted,broke that bottle,slapped him,and when he noticed ,the thread in her neck. He remembered all his guarantees ,commitments and as soon as once more,grew to become the previous Vansh.

it was not the one time once they received seperated ,yet another time,when Vansh was 18 and Riddhima 16,
they received intimate one night time.
That was,a life altering night time for them.,
for subsequent two weeks they stayed as stranger for one another,all their reminiscences ,guarantees ,of togetherness ,had been fading.
Riddhima,was in guilt that how that simply she gave upon him ,how he allowed him to...and Vansh ,he was in guilt,that how he might ,allowhimself for such a factor,how he modified ,their pure relationship,how he gave the innocence of their relationship this type.
He ,used to remain out of the house for entire day,solely returning at late night time and sleeping on terrace,they did not discuss even as soon as in these two weeks.
However they,had been dying to speak from inside,ofcourse that will occur,at the moment you're in ,excessive love of an individual ,caring about his each breath,it can't occur that all of a sudden you'll withdraw your self a lot away from that individual.
So occurred with them,
one night time it was raining arduous,Vansh ,stood ,for entire night time in rain,not sleeping for a second,Riddhima had no thought about it,subsequent day ,she received up,until then he had left,however she received to know from nighbour that how a lot it raineed final night time.
She realised,that ,she can't lose him.
The very subsequent night time,when he returned,he was about to make use of key to open the gate,he discovered Riddhima opened the gate,they noticed in one another's eyes,after a fortnight.
Befor he might say something,she hugged him tight.and cried quite a bit,she might really feel,his tears too,falling on her shoulders.
He fell on his knees,continously demanded apology,
Riddhima: (holding his hand...) Please Vansh,you did not pressure me,it was,certainly me who ...stepped first.
Vansh: However I ,,,I ought to have managed myself,how am i able to ,kill the innocence of our relationship.
Riddhima: It  was ....it was the error of each of us,not simply you.
Riddhima: Can we get again ,to the identical ,pure and harmless,infantile relationship,of friendship that we had?
Vansh hugged her tight.
And o they did,however that incident modified a factor,they by no means,shared mattress from then.
Out of flashbacks,again to actuality ,Vansh is taking ,Riddhima ,again dwelling.She bent her knees,and rested on his again,
Vansh: Riddhima...you'll fall.
Riddhima: Had you allowed me to fall until now,that I'll fall at the moment.
He smiled.
And so ,returning fromm the yellow lights of avenue lights,crimson gentle of railway station clock,her eyes had been getting moist ,with every place.
Really,she was ,going ,out of town,for the primary time in her life,to fullfill her desires.
She was,going to the,dream metropolis,"Mumbai",to be ,an actress.
As they reached dwelling,
went contained in the room,after having meals ,
she noticed her room,so deeply,figuring out that she goes ,to only fullfill her dream and shall be again at this place,however her coronary heart was wrenching.She then noticed the rope,she tied to roof,when she was small,used to hold holding it,in order that ,her hieght could enhance,however Vansh all the time,received her down,telling her to not stran her arms.
She jumped and hanged holding that rope,,,
Vansh held her legs,she rested her arms on his shoulders leaving rope,he swirled her,each laughed.
Riddhima: Acha...get me down now,...
Vansh: Nope
Riddhima: Vansh get me down please...
Vansh: You'll depart metomorrow.
Riddhima received emotional,,,holding his face from one hand,,,
Riddhima: Vansh you..
Vansh: Why cannot I'm going with you.
Riddhima: Get me down first.Your hand will ache.
Vansh sat on chair and made her sit in his lap,she tried to rise up however he held her type her waist,she checked out him,he had tears in his eyes.
Riddhima: Vansh you recognize properly,I ...simply can't take you.I wish to stand on y ft.I wish to fullfill my desires ,on my gained.
Vansh: Can't I be with you simply
Riddhima denied,
Riddhima: As a result of then,I'll simply,finish upon you,taking your assist,which I do not need.I wish to obtain this dream ,by myself.And even you had gone for enterprise excursions many occasions,why these feelings this time
Vansh styed quiet.
hen  her thread in her neck,he once more received emotional.
Vansh: Will you neglect me?
She grew to become quiet.
His grip on her waist loosenedShe stood up.They shared an eyelock,with teary eyes.
She then received again in hello lap...this time with legs folded....hugged himtight.
Riddhima: I've instructed you na..you're my soul.Belief me...I'm simply taking physique...soul is right here,,,with you.
He hugged her again.
Then she received up,,,moved to organize their beds,
Riddhima: In case you are like this now,then what is going to occur when I'll get married.
Vansh: Will you not keep right here?
Riddhima:(smiling): I'll...even when your spouse is not going to enable me to.
Vansh: You recognize properly,I'll by no means marry a woman,who is not going to settle for my soul.
They each smiled,went to sleep,however each had aching coronary heart,she received up,and threw pillow in direction of him,
then they performed pillow struggle,,,,Riddhima collided with wall,and her elbow received damage a bit,to which vansh grew to become so critical,sitting on his knees,he was continously massgaing her elbow.She smiled.
Pondering that,
"I do know world is not going to perceive this relation,however belief me,I'll,by no means enable anybody to enter our lives,who is not going to perceive this relationThis will,all the time keep alive."

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