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Kundali Bhagya thirtieth July 2021 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Sarla exclaims the room is as soiled, she asks Shristhi to be acutely aware as she is speaking of her, Sarla explains she has messed every little thing and even the garments are on the mattress the why does she have the wardrobe, Shristhi explains there’s a bride who’s sitting dressed up in Lonavala, even Rakhi stated they will go so ought to they go, Sarla refuses saying that it’s the marriage ceremony of Karan’s pal, Shristhi tries to purpose along with her however she says that they won’t go, and leaves ordering her to scrub the room earlier than she comes again, Shrishti wonders why does her mom by no means hearken to her.

Karan is admittedly impressed with the swimsuit, he provides a tip to the waiter who involves drop the luggage, they shut the door when Preeta tries to speak with him however there’s somebody on the door, he opens it to search out the daddy of Sonakshi, he point out that Preeta may need forgot her purse however she says that it doesnot belong to her, karan exclaims he’s an actual gentleman and got here to offer the purse by himself, he will get a name from the coach so leaves to attend it after giving Preeta the swimsuit which he wishes her to put on.
Sameer is strolling when he bumps into a woman, she apologizes however he additionally helps her, she is sorry when he says she will be able to name him as Sameer, he asks Aanaya concerning the instructions to the eating and leaves, Aanaya is taking a look at him, Sonakshi thinks she has fallen in love with him.

Preeta is within the room, Sonakshi coming from behind hugs her explaining she is glad Preeta got here, She presents a present mentioning she forgot to offer it yesterday, Preeta says that there isn’t a want however she ask Preeta to open it, Preeta is admittedly glad to see the Ganpati because the present mentioning it’s very nice, Sonakshi explains her elder sister actually used to imagine in him and because of this she thought it was one of the best present for her, Preeta asks why is she calling her as if she will not be right here, Sonakshi mentions that she is not along with her, Preeta hugs her, Karan comes asking what is going on, Sonakshi mentions it’s the love between two sisters, she asks why is Karan not dressed as a result of she may get the dimensions zero due to starvation, she says she is taking Preeta however karan mentions she would solely include him, Preeta is standing their tensed, he asks her to not have a look at her like this as he feels much more love, Sonakshi mentions she by no means thought he would get so romantic, Karan whereas strolling down exclaims he can not imagine she is getting married as she was a tom boy.

Karan and Preeta are standing collectively, Kritika asks Mahesh to say it to Karan so comes and takes him to her, Rakhi additionally helps Preeta to take a seat mentioning that it isn’t proper and he ought to haven’t left the hand of Preeta, Karan apologizes mentioning he wouldn’t depart her alone, Karina asks Shelrin to convey the meals for Preeta, she then asks Kritika to convey the meals as she is aware of the dish which Preeta likes, Kritika turns to go away, Mahesh advises her to not convey any spicy meals.

Sonakshi will get anxious asking if Preeta is unwell, they attempt to clarify there’s nothing of the kind, she nevertheless says that Rajat’s mom is a health care provider and she will be able to verify Preeta for any sickness, Preeta refuses however then all of them say that she is okay, Sonakshi is bound that she is likely to be unwell as a result of all of them are actually taking good care of her, Rakhi explains it’s as a result of Preeta is pregnant, Sonakshi will get actually excited wishing all of them for the excellent news, Dadi mentions they didn’t inform anybody as it would trigger any hurt to Preeta or the kid, Sonakshi assures she wouldn’t anybody, her father comes asking the waiters to serve the meals, Mahesh asks what concerning the household of Rajat, he replies that they’ll get late in arriving so they need to not wait and begin consuming.

Sarla in her home is writing the issues required to make the garments of recent born infants, Janki asks what’s she doing, she replies that she is writing them so she doesnot neglect something, explaining that her grandmother made the garments for her when she was born and her mom ready them on the time of the start of her kids so now she would put together them as Preeta is about to be a mom, she doesnot know methods to make them so goes to begin now and when they’re completed she’s going to place them within the Mandir, Janki questions if she believes within the previous saying, Sarla replies she doesnot however believes that there are particular issues which must be finished accordingly, Sarla replies she scolds them as a result of they make errors and so desires to right them however the brand new kids who’re coming can be her love but when they might trigger drawback, she would additionally scold her, Janki mentions then she would assist them, Janki mentions that when the kids are about to come back, there’s happiness nevertheless it appears she goes into her childhood Sarla mentions it will be actually good.

Your complete Luthra household is having dinner after they end, Sameer says that Rajat will not be current so has he left her, Karina asks Sameer to not tease her, Sonakshi mentions that she will be able to let him as a result of she would then criticism to Preeta who will educate him, all of them ask to take Preeta to return to her room, they’re standing when the employee introduces Rajat, all of them greet the household and Sonakshi’s father asks Mahesh and Rajat’s father to come back whereas they Sonakshi can speak with Karan.

Rajat explains that he’s the largest fan of karan and even requested Sonakshi to rearrange a gathering however she didn’t hear, she replies it was as a result of if she organized a gathering Karan would have gotten much more stardom, which she didn’t need, Sonakshi mentions she didn’t suppose Karan would be capable of get a spouse like Preeta as a result of she has made him right into a gentleman, Kritika asks if Preeta is alright mentioning she ought to go and relaxation in her room, all of them supply to accompany her however Preeta denies mentioning Karan must be with Rajat and Sonakshi.

Preeta is strolling when she sees a mom along with her little one, she taking the kid rejoices for a second earlier than speeding into her room crying, Preeta sitting there thinks she feels as if she is mendacity when everyone seems to be treating her like a princess and she or he is deceiving all of them, she can not inform them that she will not be pregnant and can’t be a mom.

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