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There’s plenty of commotion within the room, yelling will be heard from throughout the corridor indicating that there Is a heated argument taking place, nicely, not precisely an argument as a result of it sounds extra like a scolding as one voice is the loudest and most audible. The remainder of the workers are whispering to one another at their respective posts about what the screaming throughout the convention room is about.

Contained in the convention room a person is proven shouting angrily at one other a lot smaller older wanting man in a black go well with and tie, whereas one other man is attempting his finest to settle down and purpose together with his brother who’s screaming on the poor lad, the lads head is hung low like a scared baby as he listens to the scolding his boss is giving him.

On the large spherical convention room desk there are a pile of paperwork scattered throughout it and an empty brown envelope that seems to have been torn open. The screaming continues and the person who’s yelling is Abhi

Abhi : How will you inform me it was cancelled? What am I freaking paying you for huh!!!

The little man within the go well with tries to defend himself and speaks

Mr Saluja : I’m sorry Mr Mehra nevertheless it’s actually not my fault, the headline act cancelled final minute.

Abhi will get even angrier at this assertion and retorts

Abhi : What the hell do you imply Cancelled?

Mr Saluja : sure Mr Mehra, Canceled. The headline act and the artist who began this complete venture two years in the past all of a sudden canceled it on the final minute.

Abhi : what!? Why the hell did he cancel it after we did all of the preparations for the album right here huh? Why did he wait till we did all of the work and simply cancel on the final minute?

At this level purab additionally chimed in

Purab : sure Mr Saluja why did he wait this lengthy? What was his purpose?

Mr Saluja : I don’t know Mr Khanna, he merely stated he was not and refused to signal the contract.

Now at this level even purab was getting indignant and shouted

Purab : How conceited and impolite, who the hell is that this so referred to as headline act?

Abhi : sure, who the hell is that this man anyway?

Mr Saluja : he’s not simply one other headline act sir, he is without doubt one of the greatest rappers in Europe, A platinum licensed artist with a number of Grammys to his title, actually his final album was licensed Gold

Abhi was getting irritated listening to Mr Saluja reward the artist a lot and shouted

Abhi : I didn’t ask you for his blo*dy {qualifications}, I requested who the hell he’s!

Mr Saluja gulped in concern at Abhi’s wrath and responded

Mr Saluja : King Singh! he’s the celebrity rapper King Singh!

Abhi was shocked at this revelation, King Singh? The identical Rapper who had been his music rival for years? though he had by no means met him, he all the time gave the impression to be shedding to this man, he beat him in profitable the final Grammy awards and even beat his quantity One album ranking on the Billboard scorching hundred. That very same man had but once more overwhelmed him in one other space of his profession, Abhi was furious. He smashed his fist on the desk in anger and shouted

Abhi : Damnit! That bastard beat me once more! How the hell do I maintain shedding to a man I’ve by no means even met, he retains snatching issues from me

Purab tried to calm his brother and spoke

Purab : Relax bro, this man just isn’t all he’s made out to be, I’ve heard he has an enormous angle and could be very conceited, he’s nothing in comparison with you our beloved Rockstar

Mr Saluja additionally chimed in to attempt to soothe Abhi’s anger

Mr Saluja : sure Mr Mehra, Mr Khanna is completely proper, see if I’m being sincere, I believe the one purpose he cancelled this venture is as a result of he was afraid you’d outshine him…. no matter achievement he has pales compared to you and that angle if his would have certainly been his downfall

Mr Saluja went on praising Abhi and stroking his ego to be able to calm him down and it actually labored as a result of now abhi was fully Gloating in his self-righteous vanity. He spoke

Abhi : Sure, precisely, nobody is healthier than Abhi the Rockstar!

He stated with full angle

Abhi : Now watch what occurs, this time I would be the one to grab one thing from him.

He stated triumphantly and placed on his solar glasses then left the room with full angle and a cocky smirk on his face adopted by purab who apologized to Mr Saluja one final time for his brothers habits and left.

Mr Saluja : Oh god, see now what I’ve finished, I needed to stroke his ego to be able to calm him down this time however I don’t know what is going to occur subsequent time

He stated worriedly and continued

Mr Saluja : I pray these two by no means meet, in any other case this place won’t be sufficiently big for the each of them particularly when he comes know that King rejected the contract as a result of he didn’t wish to work with Abhi.

Mr Saluja Sighed and Organized the recordsdata on the desk and put them into his briefcase then left.

In the meantime in a park someplace in Delhi

It was an attractive scenic space, the solar was shining, the birds the place chirping and the colorful flowers that embellished the park coupled with the lucious inexperienced timber actually tied the scene collectively. On the playground there have been little youngsters swinging from the swing units, Enjoying on the slides and seesaws, working after one another taking part in tag and lots of different youngsters video games. in the meantime on the edges of the park going through the playground was the adults space that had a gazebo and a few wood benches the place a number of the mother and father sat and watched their youngsters play, on one of many benches sat Disha who watched her little sunny mess around together with his mates whereas she spoke on the telephone. she appeared fairly joyful and excited as she talked to the individual on the opposite finish of the road.

Disha’s telephone name

Disha : that’s like my sister na, I’ve been saying this all alongside

The individual on the opposite finish was pragya who was standing in her room by the window looking into town beneath whereas leaning towards window body speaking to Disha with a smile on her face.

Pragya : I do know, I do know, you had been completely proper

Disha : in fact I used to be, I do know my Jiju na. So inform me, did you guys…you recognize?

Disha requested in a teasing tone making pragya blush somewhat

Pragya : You shut up, how will you ask your large sister such issues?

Disha giggled at Pragya’s response and thought to tease her much more

Disha : I knew it, (whispers) so inform me, how was it?

pragya’s face turned crimson and he or she hid her face in her palm remembering the romantic getaway she had with king and their passionate first kiss, she mentally splaped herself on realizing that disha’s teasing was working and shortly cleared her throat and responded.

Pragya : get your head out of the gutter nasty, nothing you’re considering occurred. we solely kissed that’s all

on listening to pragya’s assertion disha squealed like a teenage woman who simply heard the most recent gossip, she was extra excited by this information than pragya was which actually shocked pragya who proceeded to ask.

Pragya : what the hell was that? you virtually shattered my eardrum dummy

Disha : sorry, i’m simply so joyful di

pragya was barely confused at disha’s response.

Pragya : why are you so enthusiastic about this?

disha’s cheerful demeanor turned somewhat somber when she heard pragya say this and sighed leaning again on the bench and responded in a extra severe tone.

Disha : Di, I do know you all the time stated you had been wonderful however i knew you weren’t. all of us knew that you just had been solely hiding your ache from us.

she turned teary eyed however continued to talk

Disha : truthfully, we had been all very apprehensive that you’d by no means transfer on, that you’d by no means understand what was proper in entrance of you since you had been to busy dwelling in your previous.

now even pragya was teary eyed and tried to talk

Pragya : disha..

however disha reduce her off

Disha : no di, let me get this off my chest

pragya saved quiet and listened

Disha : we had been apprehensive that you’d unknowingly let that abhi break your probability of discovering love once more, we thought you may by no means see jiju’s love for you which of them he saved hidden as a result of he was afraid you’d reject him and go away from him

pragya was shook, so everybody knew king beloved her besides her? significantly? how on earth may she have been so oblivious to such an vital factor?

Pragya : I’m sorry Disha, I didn’t understand how many individuals I used to be hurting because of my ignorance

Disha : Don’t apologize di, we understood that it might take time. Anyhow it’s all good now, I’m so joyful you’ve lastly determined to maneuver on

Pragya : me too, I can’t imagine I used to be so blind

Disha : sure even along with your glasses you couldn’t see tsk

Pragya frowned at this and retorted

Pragya : and what’s that speculated to imply?

Disha laughed at her annoyance

Disha : isn’t it apparent?

Pragya : shut up, and I put on contacts now so ha!

And so the 2 sisters continued their banter speaking about many issues and laughing, their dialog went on for nearly an hour after which they ended the decision.

Pragya was nonetheless standing by the window fascinated by her dialog with Disha when king got here and again hugged her resting his chin on her shoulder together with his arms encircled round her waist. She smiled and put her arms over his and spoke

Pragya : Somebody’s feeling romantic huh

King groaned in settlement and kissed her cheek

King : let’s exit, on a date, we will go to your favourite restaurant

Pragya : I’d like to child however I can’t exit tonight coz I’ve a obtained a number of work to deal with tomorrow as I will likely be visiting the academy as nicely.

King groaned in annoyance and whined to pragya like a toddler begging her to rethink

King : However I wanna spend time with you, pleaasseee

He continued to whine

Pragya : I do know child, I’m sorry. Okay how do I make it as much as you?

King smirked as a result of a devious little concept popped up in his head. He swiftly turned pragya to face him and pinned her towards the wall fully taking pragya abruptly as he did it so quick that she didn’t have time to react. He leaned in near her , the information of their noses had been touching and their lips practically assembly, pragya bit her lips to attempt to suppress the burning want inside, she thought to herself “no, come on pragya get a grip, how does this man drive me to suppose such nasty issues together with his mere presence” at this level their respiration slowed into single rhythm, their hearts had been racing fully excessive on ecstasy, the hole between their lips closed ever so slowly as they felt one another’s heated breath that simply stoked the flames inside them. They had been moments away from kissing and pragya thought to herself ” I can’t maintain again anymore, tonight..” however they had been each damaged out if their second when Kiara got here bursting by their door shouting

Kiara : Dadddyyyyy, mooommmyyyyyy!!!

Kingya instantly separated and straightened on listening to their daughter and stood 3 ft aside, they had been fully embarazzed and hoped to God that Kiara didn’t see them in that place.

Little Kiara who was so consumed together with her speaking as quickly as she walked in didn’t even discover what was taking place earlier than. She saved on whining about her little baby issues whereas king and pragya simply Sighed in aid that she didn’t stroll in on them

In the meantime in Tarun’s Bed room

Tarun was frantically packing his garments right into a small suitcase, he was nervous as hell and saved forgetting what to pack, so he saved going backwards and forwards to his large wardrobe fully undecided on what finest to pack for the special day. Whereas poor Tarun was drowning in panic, Jojo was sitting on his mattress, legs crossed munching on an enormous bag of gummy bears reluctantly instructing him on what to pack. Tarun grabbed an outfit from his wardrobe and tried to pack within the suitcase when Jojo shouted

JoJo : No!

This totally startled Tarun and irked him, he glared at her and aggressively signed her to whisper

Tarun : Shhhhhh, ah, what’s unsuitable with you? You wish to get us caught?

Jojo smiled sheepishly and and scratched her head on realizing what she had finished

Jojo : (whispering) sorry, my unhealthy, I forgot

Tarun facepalmed and sighed defeated and puzzled how on earth he obtained himself into this mess with this clown

JoJo : (Nonetheless whispering) it’s ugly, put it again

She obtained up and went in direction of his wardrobe and began choosing out outfits for him.

Jojo : Pragya di will get you trendy garments, I don’t perceive why you costume such as you don’t personal a mirror. Why don’t you put on these garments?

Tarun rolled his eyes and continued packing what Jojo was handing him


King and pragya had been sitting on the mattress chatting when all of a sudden one thing got here to Pragya’s thoughts and he or she shouted

Pragya : Tarun!

King was puzzled by her sudden out burst and requested her

King : What about him? Wait, come to think about it, we haven’t actually seen a lot of him since we obtained again from Mauritius

Pragya : Precisely, that’s what all of a sudden rang in my thoughts. He’s truly been performing bizarre currently

King : sure you’re proper, I’ve been that means to ask him about that.

Pragya : nicely he’s in his room proper now so let’s go and discover out what’s happening with him

King agrees with Pragya they usually each head to Tarun’s room to speak to him, on the best way within the hallway they run into Dholi who was additionally going to Tarun’s room with a tray of meals in her palms

Dholi : Pragya beta, King Beta, are you additionally going to Tarun’s room?

Kingya nod I acceptance

Dholi : I’m truly apprehensive about him, he has not been consuming a lot currently

Kingya are shocked at this revelation as a result of Tarun is a large foodie, if he’s not even consuming then there actually is one thing unsuitable someplace. So the trio head to Tarun’s room decided to search out out what’s going on with their Taru.


Jojo and Tarun are nonetheless bickering about what to pack and Tarun’s vogue sense, they trip of their foolish little battle that they don’t even hear the approaching footsteps of Kingya and Dholi. Lastly Tarun has had sufficient of Jojo’s antics and shouts

Tarun : Sufficient! I’ll simply put on no matter!

However Jojo additionally shouted again

Jojo : like hell you’ll! That is your wedding ceremony Tarun! You possibly can’t simply put on something! I received’t allow you to!

At this assertion they each hear a tray fall to the bottom and switch to see king, pragya and Dholi Standing on the door with mouths agape at what they simply heard, they shout in unison

Kingya/Dholi : WEDDING!???????

Jojo and Tarun stand frozen with shock and the display freezes of their faces and the trio who’re shocked to the core.















That’s all of us✨


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