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ho buddies!!..iam again with third episode ☺.hope you all prefer it..

After six months…

Niel grew to become inspector in Ahmedabad whereas dd too shifted as his constable and someday..

DD: Sir..for a way lengthy will you be single?

Niel: iam making an attempt to overlook Nayan however nonetheless my coronary heart is thrashing for her and I don’t know tips on how to cease myself.

DD: I’ve an concept..

Niel: don’t give me ineffective concept’s like everytime.

DD: no sir..this time I provides you with excellent concept. You marry somebody in order that you’ll overlook Nayantara when you married with another person.

Niel thinks…

Niel: however my coronary heart loves solely Nayantara..

DD: sir..if you wish to overlook Nayantara then that is the one marry your friend mitali as you possibly can marry peacefully and iam certain when you get’ll transfer on out of your previous.

Niel: however she is going to get cheated as I can’t love her like Nayantara.

DD: sir.. don’t you hear many tales who falls in love after marriage? Perhaps you too will fall in love with mitali after your marriage.

Niel thinks..

Niel: however..

DD: No buts sir..mitali is already in love with you so what’s wanted extra? I’m certain you’ll transfer on after getting married.

Niel smiles..

Niel: tremendous..I’ll marry her however can’t guarantee whether or not I can love her like how my coronary heart is thrashing for Nayantara.

DD: It’s okay sir..however iam certain you’ll transfer on from Nayantara and can begin loving mitali.

After some hours Niel went to his home and took out a hoop and his telephone and he checked out his photographs with Nayan and he regarded on the ring emotionally…

Niel in thoughts:this ring you left in my home Nayan..however nonetheless iam protecting and safeguarding it as it is extremely particular for me. You captured my coronary heart inside seconds  however you went distant the place I can’t develop into your’s. However your face remains to be there in my coronary heart..and iam making an attempt to erase it as a result of we’re not meant for one another and that’s why I took this choice of marrying somebody. Iam so sorry for it… please forgive me.

Niel kisses that ring..

Whereas DD shares the information with mitali who jumps in pleasure..

Mitali: wow DD..iam so blissful. That is the very best information in my life..I actually really feel like leaping into moon.

DD: see.. don’t overact. Then you’ll fall down from moon for those who soar on it.

Mitali: cease joking..iam actually excited.

DD: however there’s a small hurdle which it’s important to deal with.

Mitali: what’s it?

Niel: Niel will not be in love with you and he’s in love with somebody.

Mitali will get shocked..

Mitali: w..what? What are you telling DD? then why did Niel accepted to marry me?

DD: that’s previous matter..the lady whom he beloved have married somebody and so to maneuver on from his previous he have agreed to marry you.

Mitali: what? Did the lady cheat Niel?

DD:’s Niel who fall in love with that lady with out figuring out her reality.

then DD tells every little thing..

Mitali: oh my godd..poor Niel.

DD: now inform me..are you able to marry him? I hope you may make him yours making him overlook his previous after your marriage..

Mitali thinks..

Mitali: I’ll marry love for him will make him transfer on from his previous and iam certain he may even fall in love with me someday.

DD smiles..

After some days Niel and mitali’s engagement occurred whereas Niel simply faked his smile as nonetheless his coronary heart beats just for Nayantara…

Niel in thoughts: if Nayantara was on this place then I might been the happiest particular person ever.

Niel dreamt of getting engaged to Nayantara…

He smiled..

All of a sudden mitali jerks him which makes him come out of the dream and he turns into upset..

Mitali: the place are you misplaced? See..the photograph males’s are clicking photographs however you’re smiling seeing the wall..did you bought engaged with the wall?

Niel fakely smiles and..

Niel: nothing..

Mitali in thoughts: I do know’d have been fascinated with your previous. However don’t fear..I’ll erase your previous quickly with my love.

Niel and mitali took photographs they usually went..

few days handed..

It was Niel and mitali’s marriage..Niel was preparing in his go well with whereas DD comes..

DD: sir.. come lets go to mandap. As a result of it’s time up..

Niel: wait I’ll come.

Neil will get prepared and goes together with DD in direction of mandap in a automobile..


Nayan is seen enjoying with toys in a home whereas her sister Soumya and soumya’s husband harman involves her..

Soumya: hey..Nayan beta..come lets have breakfast.

Nayan will get indignant..

Nayan: aren’t giving me goodies and at any time when I ask’re fooling me so I gained’t eat the lunch until you purchase and provides me goodies.

Soumya: however for those who eat goodies extra then it’s dangerous on your well being and that’s why your di is limiting.

Nayan will get indignant..

Nayan: all the youngsters are consuming goodies however you’re solely not permitting now I’ll go and purchase myself. Don’t torture me once more by repeating the identical dialogue..

Nayan begins working outdoors the home whereas Soumya and harman  will get nervous they usually run behind her..

Soumya shouts: Nayan beta..please cease there. I’ll purchase and offer you please don’t run.

However Nayan doesn’t hear and she or he begins working on the center of the street whereas Soumya and harman will get shocked seeing it..

Soumya: harmanji..Nayan is working on center of the street..we must always carry her again earlier than automobiles comes.

Harman: okay..I’ll go and convey however you don’t come as it’s harmful on strolling in center of the street.

Soumya nods her head whereas harman goes in direction of nayan who’s strolling on the center of the street however out of the blue harman stops and will get shocked seeing extra automobiles coming and blocking his approach..

Whereas Niel and DD too passes that approach and out of the blue the automobile will get break down which shocks Niel and DD..

DD: ohh shit..this automobile doesn’t have sense in any respect.

Niel makes a face..

Niel: wow..I heared first time that even automobile have sense such as you.

DD: sir..I simply instructed out of irritation.okay..i’ll test the automobile and are available.

Niel: okay.

DD goes and checks the automobile and will get shocked..

He involves Niel and..

DD: sir..automobile is we will’t go on this automobile..

Niel will get shocked..

Niel: now..what we are going to do?

DD: sir..we will cease this automobile right here and we are going to go in cab.

Niel: okay..

Niel will get down the automobile and each DD and Niel waits for a cab whereas nayan stills runs on the center of the street..

Soumya shouts: harmanji…please save nayan.see how a lot automobiles are coming..

Harman: Soumya..there are an excessive amount of of automobiles coming..I ought to go fastidiously.

Soumya begins crying..

Soumya cryingly: harmanji..although she is 21 years however she has now develop into 5 years previous little she is not going to watch out like us, so do one thing harmanji..if something occurs to her then I’ll kill myself.

Harman will get tensed..

Harman: Soumya.. don’t fear. Nothing will occur to our Nayan. I’ll fastidiously carry her however please don’t break down.

All of a sudden harman and Soumya will get shocked seeing a truck approaching in direction of Nayantara..

Soumya shouts: Nayantara..

Niel hears soumya’s scream and will get shocked..

Niel in thoughts: what did I hear? Did I actually hear Nayantara?

All of a sudden niel’s eyes falls on Nayantara and will get emotional..

Niel in thoughts: it true that iam seeing her?

He will get emotional however sees truck coming nearer to her and will get shocked..

Niel in thoughts: what the hell? I ought to save her in some way..

Whereas nayan sees truck coming in direction of her and she or he will get scared and begins crying…

Nayan cries: di..di..please save me. Haru jeeju..please save me.

All of a sudden Niel pulls her in direction of him and the truck crosses by thus saving Nayantara. Nayan hugs Niel out of concern and cries…

Nayan cries: di..did I obtained saved?

Niel feels emotional and holds her face..

Niel: Nayan..

Niel will get blissful seeing her face however his happiness is brief lived..

Nayantara: did you save me boy?

Niel will get shocked..

Niel: sure..

Nayantara will get Completely satisfied and shouts..

Nayan: yayyy..I obtained saved. You’re superb boy.

Niel will get shocked and will get confused too..

Niel in thoughts: Nayan ought to have been indignant on me for breaking her promise that day however why is behaving bizarre..why she is behaving like a baby?..

Nayan smiles at Niel and..

Nayan:’re hero. I actually appreciated your heroic act..I noticed such as you in solely cartoons however you actually rocked..can we develop into buddies?

Nayan forwards her palms which shocks Niel extra..

Niel in thoughts: what is occurring right here? Although I did such huge betrayal by breaking the promise ..she is simply asking for friendship with none anger? And why is she appearing like a baby?..

All of a sudden Soumya and harman comes there they usually get blissful seeing Nayantara protected they usually hug her tightly they usually cry..

Soumya cries: Nayantara..I used to be actually scared. Why did you run on the street beta?.

Nayan will get indignant..

Nayan: since you dint give me goodies. And now iam indignant with haru uncle too as he at all times tells that he’s hero however right now this boy (pointing in direction of Niel) solely grew to become hero.

Niel will get shocked seeing this case..
whereas Soumya and harman seems to be at Niel and will get shocked.

Soumya in thoughts: he’s the one who broke nayantara’s promise..I’ll speak to him now.

Soumya: harmanji..take Nayantara together with you and I’ll speak with this man and are available.

Nayantara: di..I need him to be my good friend as a result of I’ve no buddies. Please make him my good friend..

Soumya: Nayan hear..

Nayan will get indignant..

Nayantara: for those who don’t make him my good friend then I gained’t include you to accommodate.

Soumya:’re at all times adamant. Excuse me Niel..please settle for her friendship orelse she is going to develop into extra adamant.

Niel will get shocked of how Soumya is aware of him..

Niel in thoughts: how do she know me?however anyhow I ought to settle for it..

Niel shakes palms with Nayantara and smiles fakely as he’s confused of why Nayantara is behaving like a baby.

Nayantara fortunately: please come to my home..

Niel: I’ll come on another day.

Nayantara turns into adamant..

Nayantara: no..for those who don’t include me then I’ll include please come. I’ll present you my toys after which we are going to play collectively.

Soumya turns into upset..

Soumya in thoughts: Nayan’s adamancy has crossed limits. She is making obtain of no matter she thinks however tips on how to make her obey elders?..

Soumya: Niel..please come to our home for a while and as soon as she performs with you then you definately go dwelling as a result of she is so adamant.

Niel: okay..I’ll come.

Nayantara will get blissful and jumps in pleasure..

Nayantara: yayyyy!!!..iam so blissful that my good friend is coming.

Seeing this Niel will get nervous..

Niel in thoughts: the place is Ranveer? And who’re these individuals with Nayan? And why is Nayantara behaving like this…shall I ask this to those individuals?

Soumya caresses Nayan’s face and..

Soumya: go along with your haru uncle okay? I’ll carry your good friend with me..

Nayan smiles..

Nayan: okay..however don’t cheat me this time.

Soumya: certain..I gained’t cheat you..promise.

Nayan smiles whereas Soumya winks at harman to take Nayan and harman does the identical…and Soumya involves Niel and..

Soumya: you’re Niel proper?

Niel nods his head..

Niel: however how are you aware me?

Soumya stares Niel angrily..

Soumya: I do know you as a result of you’re the one who destroyed nayantara’s life.

Niel will get shocked listening to this..

Niel stumbles: w..what are you telling?

Soumya bursts into crying..

Soumya: Nayantara is mentally unstable..she ..she grew to become a 5 12 months previous child as a result of injury in mind. You probably have fulfilled her promise that day then this wouldn’t have occurred.

Niel will get shocked and will get shattered listening to this..


PRECAP:  FB of previous is proven. Niel and nayan’s stunning friendship.. Soumya to kill Parmeet?

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