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SONG – Mine by Taylor Swift.

TRIGGER WARNING – Mentions of Self-harm

BACKDROP – Complete AU.

I left my hometown in Mumbai to go to varsity to review Journalism, literature and artistic writing- I wished to be a author… as majestic as Stephen King and as amorous as Nicholas Sparks… I used to be sitting in a tiny cafe close to my faculty. It positive miniscule in comparison with some round, nevertheless it had this consolation inscribed into it. It had this homey… loving really feel. There was just one waiter working on the time- his hair appeared so bronze and delightful within the daylight; he had this heat, inviting smile- a smile I knew I might lose myself in. I forgot concerning the story I used to be at present working on- and simply stared at this marvellous particular person in entrance of me.

“Hey” he smiled. “What can I get for you as we speak?” I felt my coronary heart racing as I gave him a small, sheepish look.

“Um- I-ah” I used to be stuttering like an entire idiot. Embarrassment washed over me as I bit my lip, attempting to cease myself from my dangerous behavior. “Ju-…” I trailed off with a small snicker. “A vanilla espresso, please” He wrote it down on his notepad, a small smile by no means leaving him.

“Would you want the rest, Riddhima?” I gave him a confused look, my eyebrows knitting collectively.

“How are you aware my identify?”

“I’m Vansh Rai Singhania, keep in mind? We used to make sand castles after we have been youngsters. I by no means forgot your face- and your dad by no means stopped exhibiting me and pa images of you; and we go to the identical faculty” when he mentioned that my eyes have been vast, my smile turning right into a beaming smile.

“Oh my god, Vansh, after all I keep in mind you” I bought up out of my seat and hugged him- he had modified a lot. His boy-like body changed into an immaculate godlike man. He had these outlined muscle tissues that bulged nicely- they weren’t too massive, however they have been most positively noticeable.

When his arms wrapped round me- is it cliché to say I felt a connection… or a spark that triggered my beating coronary heart to thump profusely in my chest. It felt protected… it felt like home- and I instantly wished to remain there ceaselessly.

After I moved again from his embrace I appeared into his eyes- correctly. That heat I noticed was fake- he was hiding a lot from the world- from me and I wished to know precisely who Vansh Rai Singhania was. I wished to know him from the insides of his coronary heart to the outside.

You have been in faculty working half time ready tables

Left a small city, by no means appeared again

I used to be a flight threat with a worry of falling

Questioning why we hassle with love if it by no means lasts.

As quickly as Vansh completed his shift on the diner, we talked. He advised me every little thing. About his life, about his dad and his sisters and even the passing of his mom; you might see it in his eyes, an virtually empty look that I immensely wished to make higher.

“So, what’re you finding out?” He requested politely, taking a sip of his espresso and throwing a beaming smile my means.

“Journalism, Inventive Writing and Lit… I believe I wish to be a author… or perhaps an English trainer.” I gave a distant smile, simply excited about it.

“What about you?” I requested, curiosity lurking in my smile.

“I’m finding out to be a physician”

I say “Are you able to consider it?

As we’re mendacity on the sofa?”

The second I can see it.

Sure, sure, I can see it now.

“Are you able to consider it?” I smiled, my head sitting on his lap as I went via images of us that our dads took after we have been solely kids. “Look how tiny we have been!” I felt his fingers gliding via my hair, and I appeared into his eyes.

It had been 5 months since he and I talked collectively within the diner, and we haven’t even spent 1 day aside. He even held me in his arms after I was crying- he didn’t say something, he simply rubbed my again and let me speak in my very own time; Ragini Mehra had advised me that my work, the items I labored so exhausting on writing was “Full, plain, boring shit.”. I by no means actually wrote after that- I couldn’t discover it in my coronary heart to take action… regardless of how a lot Vansh would attempt to persuade me.

As I reached my arm as much as stretch, I heard Vansh gasp- it travelled on- it cascaded all through the room and lingered… as a result of I knew precisely what he had seen. I put my arm down out of the blue, getting up off of his lap- able to stroll out the door. He grabbed my hand earlier than I might even attain it, squeezing it sort of exhausting.

“Riddhima, present me your arm” I shook my head, refusing to look into his eyes.

“Riddhima, present me it!” He yanked my arm to him and I couldn’t assist however stare ashamed as I rolled down my lengthy sleeve shirt; tears have been starting to nicely up in my eyes, able to flood on out like a rivulet in spring. He stared at, and stared- and stared some extra earlier than he lastly spoke.

“W- wh.. Why would you do that to your self, Riddhima?” After I didn’t reply he squeezed me, yelling out “Reply me Riddhima! Why would you do that to your self?” I winced on the slight ache of the maintain he had on my wrist.

And that was it… I cried. The tears fell and I allowed them to. I used to be sick of preserving all of my feelings inside me, inside a metallic vault that wouldn’t open. However now, in any case this hitting, and kicking

and destruction the vault fell open like Pandora’s Field.

“Oh Riddhima, don’t cry… Child, please don’t cry…” He picked me up simply in his muscular arms and carried me into his bed room, rigorously putting me in the midst of his mattress. He had left me there for a second, solely to come back again with a primary support equipment to are likely to my largely contemporary wounds.

“I’m sorry Vansh” I mentioned, grabbing his rapid consideration. In 5 months I had fallen hopelessly in love with him- in simply 5 months my coronary heart was in his fingers to maintain. He managed to steal my coronary heart along with his silly jokes, his breathtaking smile and his clumsy mouth that would get him into hassle. And now… I didn’t one likelihood with him. He was going to go away me in a heartbeat- and the worst half is… I wouldn’t have been in a position to blame him.

“Riddhima… look.” He appeared out the window for a moment- wanting on the solar drifting behind a hill within the distance. “I actually care about you. Okay? And to see you doing this to your self is destroying me a lot proper now.”

“Why do you care about me?” I requested, sitting up. “Why? I’m damaged, I’m-”

“You’re a lovely however damaged mess that simply must know that anyone is and at all times shall be right here for her.” His hand drifted to my cheek, wiping the tears away. “Now shh” he hushed, cleansing the wound after which bandaging them. He appeared on the injury I had created. 3 years of injury, scars upon scars, all lining up in a ladder of scars from my wrist to my internal elbow. “Don’t ever do it once more”

Do you keep in mind we have been sitting there by the water,

you place your arm round me for the primary time,

you made a insurgent out of careless man’s cautious daughter,

you’re the smartest thing that’s ever been mine.

We have been sitting by the water, wanting on the sundown, it was awfully chilly. I shivered- and he seen. He put his arm round me for the very first time.

Flash ahead and we’re taking over the world collectively,

and there’s a draw of my issues at your home,

you be taught my secret’s and you determine why I’m guarded…

You say we’ll by no means make my mother or father’s errors.

Nearly 2 months later and he requested me the query I assumed he’d by no means actually ask. “Will you be my girlfriend”… In fact I mentioned yes- after which flash ahead… We have been taking over the world collectively.

I used to be sitting in Vansh’s bed room doing one thing I swore I’d by no means do once more; writing. I don’t know why, however I had this urge to simply write and free the issues that have been swimming in my veins like tiny Koi fish.

About half-hour into my writing Vansh got here into the room, carrying a plate with massive quantities of eggs, hen nuggets, cheese and hash browns- I had no thought till he introduced me out of my trance. (AN – I do know I’m weight-reduction plan… however can somebody please ship these dishes to me… *pet eyes*)

“Riddhima!” He mentioned loudly, shaking my shoulder- I jumped. “Sorry for scaring you, child, I couldn’t get your consideration. I made your favorite”

“Mmm. Thanks” I bought up, and he sat down, spreading his legs for me to affix him, I leaned up, urgent my lips to his. “It smells nice child”.

“Are you writing once more?” He beamed, his nostril nuzzling my neck.

“Do you suppose I ought to cease?” I bit my lip, not wanting to listen to the answer- perhaps Ragini was proper. I ought to simply cease writing altogether.

“Completely not, Riddhima, you truthfully don’t have any thought how superb your work is; it comes from right here” He positioned his hand on my chest. “It comes out of your coronary heart, it comes out of your soul and each time you write you’re taking my breath away. I’ve learn superb books however by no means have their tales touched me like your writing has. And I’m not simply saying that as a result of I’m an incredible boyfriend” He gave me a cheeky grin then, tightening his maintain on me for a second then letting go. “I do really imply it. You’ve a present, an incredible present. So, do me a favour, do your self a favour and don’t lose that present. Individuals lose every little thing in the event that they don’t have anyone there to look out for them. Simply because Ragini advised you your writing is nothing however crap doesn’t imply it’s true. Don’t you suppose your professors would’ve advised you by now? Don’t you suppose I might’ve saved you the embarrassment? I consider in your writing and extra importantly… I consider in you”

I kissed him, an unbelievably tacky grin on my face. I used to be clad in his pyjama prime that got here to my mid thigh- I spent the night time right here, I already had a drawer of my issues in his bed room. He and I stayed up all night time simply speaking. We talked about life, what our plans have been… How our households have been going… and what our dad’s thought of our relationship collectively. They have been ecstatic, completely satisfied that we discovered one another.

“Riddhima?” Vansh requested, hovering over me, his arms on both aspect of my head; he was attempting to not squash me along with his weight.

“Sure Vansh?”

“Why are you so guarded from me… from everybody?” I closed my eyes, shifting my face into the mattress. Why’d he need to spoil this excellent second with questions like this?

“Vansh, please… can we not?” I didn’t wish to speak about this- why I used to be so guarded with my emotions. Why I attempted my hardest to not make him upset or indignant with me. Why I attempted to not get into fights. “I actually don’t wish to get into this proper now.”

“It’s your mother or father’s… isn’t it? Due to how a lot they fought amongst one another?” I nodded, swallowing, starting to talk.

“They fought on a regular basis. They at all times had one thing to argue about. If it wasn’t about cash… it was my mum accusing my father of dishonest, or vice versa. I might hearken to their arguments and I might promise myself that I might by no means fall in love- I promised myself I might defend my heart- however I’ve failed massive time. As a result of… I like you greater than I’ve ever liked anyone.”

“That’s the primary time you mentioned you’re keen on me” He kissed me- it was gradual… it was passionate; after which we made love for the very first time. It was gradual, it was passionate… And it was sensual. He made positive I used to be okay and cozy the entire time.

“Riddhima…” He was half asleep, however he checked out me prefer it was a very powerful factor on the planet that he would ever say. “We’ll by no means make your mother or father’s errors” Then he picked up my arm and kissed the scars- kissing away the damage I had as soon as felt. “Transfer in with me?” he requested. “I’m uninterested in waking up each morning and never seeing your face”

However we’ve bought payments to pay,

we’ve bought nothing found out,

when it was exhausting to take,

Sure, sure, that is what I thought of.

I keep in mind how we felt sitting by the water,

you place your arm round me for the primary,

you made a insurgent out of a careless man’s cautious daughter,

you’re the smartest thing that’s ever been mine.

We had payments to pay, in reality we had lots of them- in some way we managed to determine all of it out. Each single day was sort of hard- however we made it work out. However after we had the uncommon battle I remembered the second we have been sitting by the water, the second he put his arm round me for the primary time.

We went again to that place by the seaside… and he requested me a query; a query that I might always remember.

“Will you marry me Riddhima Kapoor?”

I didn’t need to suppose twice.

“Sure, sure, sure, sure!” I squealed, throwing my arms round his neck, squeezing him tightly.

And I do not forget that battle 2.30 am,

as every little thing was slipping proper out of our fingers…

I ran out crying…

and also you adopted me out into the streets.

It was 2:30 within the morning; 2.30 and I couldn’t sleep. An excessive amount of was operating via my mind at that precise second… particularly the nights Vansh got here dwelling previous 4… there was slightly voice inside my head questioning if he was dishonest on me- he wouldn’t try this, would he? He wouldn’t really try this… proper?

I heard the entrance door click on shut, his body got here via the doorway and my coronary heart skipped a beat as he walked into the kitchen, his eyes rising as he noticed me awake and in my pyjamas.

“Riddhima, honey what are you continue to doing up? You’ve bought class within the morning” I ignored the query, gulping as I ready to ask him a query that damage me to no finish.

“Are you dishonest on me?” I appeared into his eyes, I appeared on the shock in his eyes- I watched as his eyebrows shot up into his hairline. His respiratory hitched, his mouth agape. “Effectively, are you!”

“No! I’m not!”

“Then why are you out till 2:30 within the morning? Why else?” I might really feel the tears on the point of overflow- however I wouldn’t allow them to fall. I didn’t need him to see me cry.

“I’m not dishonest on you, for god sake! I’m not your father! So cease making me out to be him!” He had his fingers on my shoulders shaking me. “If I used to be dishonest on you don’t you suppose I might’ve left you by now? Huh!”

“Then why else would you be out doing god is aware of what? Huh!” His fingers clenched my wrists- not exhausting sufficient to harm, however exhausting sufficient to use strain.

“Would you simply hearken to make for f**okay sake! I’m not your sleazebag of a father! I’m not going to go away you, however you retain accusing me of doing issues that I’m not doing! Would you like me to go away you, do you? As a result of if that’s what you need then simply go away, go, as a result of I’m not going to f**king try this to you.” I do know it was my fault -this fight- however I couldn’t assist the sob that escaped my lips, or the tears that discovered their means down my face. I did what I do best- I ran. I ran out the door, extra upset then I’ve ever been; he yelled after me however I didn’t pay attention.

Braced myself for the goodbye,

as a result of that’s all I’ve ever recognized,

However you took me without warning…

and mentioned I’ll by no means go away you alone.

He caught as much as me in lower than a minute, greedy my hand in his… begging me to not transfer; I braced myself for the goodbye- all people leaves. Vansh will go away me- it’s unavoidable. He’ll go away me like all people in my life has; it’s all I’ve ever recognized.

He compelled me to look into his eyes.

“I’ll by no means go away you alone… I’m so sorry I mentioned all these issues in there, Riddhima. I didn’t imply most of them, I meant it after I mentioned I might by no means go away you. I’m not your father. I’m going to go away. I’m not going to do this as a result of I like you, I couldn’t ever think about spending my life with out you… and the rationale I’ve been out till virtually 3 within the morning is due to this” He introduced me with the ring he hadn’t had on the time- a hoop he mentioned he couldn’t afford but. “I labored nightshifts at an area nightclub to get you the right ring… I wished every little thing to be excellent for our marriage ceremony. I wished you to have your excellent dress- your excellent hair- no matter you wished. Riddhima, please don’t accuse me of dishonest on you ever once more. I promise I shall be trustworthy to you FOREVER” he emphasised ceaselessly as he slid the ring on my finger. It was essentially the most lovely ring I had ever seen.

“I’m sorry Vansh” And I actually was.

You mentioned “I keep in mind how I felt sitting by the water,

and each time I take a look at you it’s like the primary time,

I fell in love with a careless man’s cautious daughter,

she is the very best factor that’s ever been mine”

His arms wrapped round my chilly body as he whispered “I keep in mind how I felt sitting by the water, each time I take a look at you it’s like the primary. I fell in love with a careless man’s cautious daughter… and she or he is the very best factor that’s ever been mine”

Maintain on, make it final

Maintain on, by no means flip again

You made a insurgent of a careless man’s cautious daughter

You’re the smartest thing that’s ever been mine.

Our marriage ceremony was held in entrance of greater than 300 guests- it was the right marriage ceremony. My mom and my father have been there- and for as soon as they didn’t battle.

Vansh and I are going to final, I can see it now…


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