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Dadi praises for the ladoo which she makes as they’re actually scrumptious, Karina mentions that she has made so many ladoo and would have gotten drained, she asks Sarla to inform the quantity which they owe Sarla for getting ready them as she would then convey it, Rishab in shock questions what does she imply by this, Karina asks why are all of them her like this, she has not mentioned something fallacious as Sarla does the catering enterprise, so because of this she was asking about this, Sarla replies she herself runs the Kumkum Bhagya corridor and even her personal brother is a caterer who manages a lot of the issues, she herself cooks for the small capabilities as no work is small, however she has not come right here as a caterer however because the mom in legislation of Karan, she considers Rakhi and Mahesh as her circle of relatives so introduced these ladoo for Ganpati Papa, as if she was a employee Karina wouldn’t be speaking to her like this in order being the bua of Karan, so they need to not less than hug, Sarla forcefully hugs Karina which angers her, prithvi thinks Sarla did one thing actually worthwhile as she has given a befitting reply as a result of Karina left so stone unturned in ruining the picture of Sarla nonetheless she gave a befitting reply, Dadi advises Rakhi to go and have Sarla carry out the darshan of Ganpati papa.

Dadi then leaves with Preeta, Rishab additionally asks Karina to return with him as he wants to speak one thing vital along with her.
The goons enter by means of the gate and are about to go inside however the guards cease them questioning whoa re they since all these company who have been on the checklist have arrived, they’ve marked them current, one in all them says they’re goons which worries the guards, they exclaim what do the guards thinks they’re as a result of they’ve simply come to play and wouldn’t go away with out performing, they ask the guards to substantiate from their boss, they’re about to dial the variety of Mahesh after they beat them each, planning to place them within the automotive of any one of many company.

Karina asks Rishab the place is he taking her, he replies he can not take her on a date so is taking her to the Pandit, she questions why would she go to a Pandit, he replies it’s as a result of he needs to ask a questions from him, climate she would ever change in her life, he explains everybody modified on this home besides her as she is simply the identical, he asks why was she attempting to provide Sarla the cash, Karina mentions she has nonetheless not been capable of settle for Sarla as a relative, Rishab says she has a superb coronary heart however each time her thoughts are available in between her emotions, Karina exclaims if he means to say she is just not adequate, Rishab replies it’s not like this as he is aware of she is mostly a good lady however generally she does one thing which is just a little harsh, he asks if she would settle for his one need after which says she should attempt to be good with Sarla only a bit, Karina asks if he is aware of why did she convey Pihu into this home, she replies it was for Karan and Preeta alongside along with her total household as she actually loves them, Rishab explains she solely loves her blood relations, Karina leaves saying now he’s judging her. Rishab stopping her explains he isn’t anybody to guage her nor was he combating along with her as a result of he isn’t anybody, Karina coming explains she is aware of this as a result of he’s her obedient son, Karina says he requested her for one thing now she additionally needs to ask him, she then request him to not go away and stick with all of them as a result of when he isn’t in the home, their household doesnot appear full, she advises him to additionally take into consideration his circle of relatives with Sherlin, now that Karan and Preeta have gotten Pihu, Rishab exclaims he’s pleased with Pihu as she calls Rishab, Karina tries to persuade him so agrees to strive. Rishab as soon as once more requests her to be good with Sarla, she nonetheless is adamant that she has modified quite a bit however agrees to strive only for Rishab’s sake.

Sarla says to Rakhi that the murti of Ganpati is all the time actually lovely however this time she feels it’s much more lovely since Pihu has come into their home, Rakhi additionally agrees along with her saying that she is true, they each then see Dadi and Preeta coming to the Pandit the place Bani Dadi exclaims she feels there are plenty of containers her so they need to take a few of them again and wrap them within the wrapping sheet, Sarla and Rakhi additionally come to supply their assist, Kritika additionally follows them.

The goons enter the occasion the place they see Sarla nonetheless the boss mentions they’ve simply come for his or her medication and don’t have anything to do with any ladies, Mahesh stops them questioning who they’re as nobody invited them, they take the title of Mahesh Luthra not understanding he’s really standing in entrance of them, Mahesh questions who invited them because it was not him, they insist it was Mahesh. Karan and Rishab are strolling down the steps, Mahesh sees them each so going to them explains they each ought to say to the gamers that nobody has invited them, Karan and Rishab go away mentioning that there was an emergency on the stage, Mahesh additionally leaves them ordering they keep right here as he would come again, nonetheless all of them go away to search out their medication.

Preeta is strolling with Kritika who asks whether it is true that Sonakshi is ready to stroll, Preeta replies it’s the reality as she is getting higher, Kritika asks if Preeta it under no circumstances bothered by her as a result of she had a previous with Karan, Preeta mentions they need to not decide anybody by what occurred prior to now, as they need to be left prior to now, Kritika replies she even heard that the previous even adjustments the current, Preeta asks has she not heard that lots of people have modified, Preeta mentions the dacot who used to chop the fingers, however sooner or later he met a Pandit who knowledgeable him he has no proper to take something which he can not return, Kritika questions what does it need to do something with their story , Preeta replies it’s that they need to not decide anybody by their previous. Shristhi comes with Sonakshi and Pihu who’s sporting actually cute glasses, Pihu additionally affords her assist, however Preeta replies she is holding it comfortably, Preeta then provides a field to Pihu, so all of them go away for the kitchen.

Preeta will get scared after getting into the kitchen which even worries Karan, Preeta nonetheless replies she thought that it was a snake, then Preeta begins wrapping the containers and Pihu even helps her, Karan nonetheless begins combating with Preeta which makes Pihu scold Karan warning him to by no means battle with Preeta since she is one of the best mom on the earth, nonetheless Shristhi together with Karan and Sonakshi begin teasing Preeta, even Sonakshi acts as if she is hitting Preeta which angers Pihu who begins beating Sonakshi, Karan then exclaims all of them would apologize to Preeta so Pihu additionally forgives them, Pihu then asks Karan to take her to the room however at first Karan refuses so Pihu mentions solely her mom Preeta is one of the best, karan leaves along with her.

The goons standing exterior plan to depart for the visitor room as there are additionally some containers there to allow them to first test them.
Kritika going to Ganesh mentions he should convey a cart for the containers as they’ve all been wrapped, she sees Prithvi so going to him asks if he’s becoming bored, he nonetheless replies he was simply serious about how he would takeover new corporations and would generate plenty of revenue, Kritika exclaims that she feels he must be jailed, Prithvi will get shocked listening to this.

Shristhi within the kitchen exclaims she is admittedly impressed with destiny as Pihu simply got here to their home a couple of days in the past however now she loves everybody quite a bit nonetheless is admittedly protecting about Preeta as she considers her to be her precise mom, Preeta assures it’s not like this as she loves everybody, however was simply saying like this as she was in a superb temper.

Sonakshi strolling within the corridor thinks how Pihu was hitting her precise mom for the sake of Preeta, she felt like slapping her as she is her organic mom however was not capable of as Pihu is the bridge which might take her to Karan as she would do all she will be able to to get the love of her life.

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