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Sameer says to karan that Rishab doesnot dwell right here so what if he has another relation, Rishab will get mad so then is about to hit Sameer along with his shoe, Karan additionally says how he by no means thought with this angle, Karan sees Sherlin getting into the room and apologies saying it’s her room, Karan asks Sherlin if she requested Rishab about any girlfriends that he has in London, Karan leaves exclaiming he would hear about his tales within the morning, Mahesh says that his youthful brother has the behavior of hitting sixes on each ball so now Rishab should not be mad, Sameer additionally leaves however Rishab is de facto pissed off, He turning to Sherlin exclaims he got here after a very long time so for this reason they’re simply messing with him.

Within the morning Preeta is with Pihu when her cell rings, she asks Pihu to reply it and he or she questions who the individual is, Sarla replies she is the mom of her mom Preeta, Sarla mentions she ought to name her a Grandma however Pihu explains she would name her as Nena, Preeta taking the cell exclaims she has understood it was Sarla on the decision, Preeta hears that Rakhi is speaking with somebody on the cell, Preeta will get fearful when she realizes that Rakhi is fearful, Rakhi ends the decision exclaiming she would discover another manner, Preeta questions the explanation when Rakhi explains that the individual to whom she had given the order of the ladoo cancelled it since his store burnt so now she must discover another manner, she asks if Preeta is speaking with Sarla so taking the cell requests Preeta to present her the variety of the one that made the ladoo since her order has been cancelled, Sarla says that Rakhi forgot how she instructed her that she herself ready the ladoo for Karan so Rakhi should not be fearful since she is going to certainly put together all of the ladoo for the pooja however Rakhi refuses saying that she would get drained however Sarla insists she isn’t alone and would make all of the ladoo as a result of they’re actually giant in amount, however Sarla insists on making them so Rakhi accepts, after ending the decision Sarla orders Janki to go and produce a whole lot of the bins since they’ve to organize the sweets.

Sherlin is de facto pissed off pondering what if Rishab is definitely having an affair in London when she thinks he’s truly working, Rishab comes out of the room, she will get surprised, he questions if she has one thing which she needs to ask him, she isn’t capable of say something when Rishab leaves, she wonders if he going to speak along with his girlfriend so plans to keep watch over him, Sameer is sleeping when Rishab enters the room saying that he would now sleep with him, Sameer asks if he was thrown out however Rishab replies he himself got here, they each lie down when Karan additionally enters the room saying even he would come and sleep with Rishab, he doesnot even take off his footwear, he leans on Rishab who isn’t capable of lie down mentioning it’s his jet lag so he wants some sleep and the way would he have the ability to carry the Murti within the morning, karan exclaims he doesnot know something so insists on being with him, the three of them should not snug when Mahesh additionally enters the room the questions who’s it, Mahesh replies he’s their father as per the relation, Mahesh additionally jumps on to sleep with all of them, Rishab questions how can the mattress bear their weight as it will break, Mahesh replies he has some huge cash so would purchase a brand new mattress, Rishab decides to go and sleep in the lounge however Mahesh stops him, all of them comply with sleep when Mahesh exclaims nobody is allowed to snore besides him.

Within the morning Prithvi whereas getting into the Luthra Mansion, calls Ganpati Papa they usually all reply Moria, the drums begin beating whereas Mahesh together with Rishab, karan and Sameer carry the Murti to their home, everybody in the home begins dancing with immense pleasure, they’re dancing when the Pandit jee stops all of them mentioing now it’s time for the Pooja so the one who’s the eldest of their home ought to come ahead, Mahesh and Bani Dadi come to take away the veil from the Ganpati papa, each of them take their blessings.

The friends arrive and Karan together with Rishab and Preeta flip to greet them, they each are actually comfortable to return right here, Karan exclaims they’ve arrived on the perfect time, he asks if they’re late when Preeta assures they’re simply on time since papa has additionally arrived so after some time it will be time for the pooja, she asks if Jeetu jee has arrived, Karan factors to the gate mentioning he has arrived, Jeetu jee within the dressing enters when Karan together with all of them take his blessings, karan exclaims that it was their honour that he got here to their pooja, Jeetu jee mentions that it’s his honour because the arti is extra auspicious since they don’t have their expensive Sushant Singh Rajput with them, additionally it is particular as a result of all of them are a household from Pavitra Rishta to Kumkum Bhagya and now Kundali Bhagya, he exclaims now they need to carry out the arti so after taking off his footwear he walks in the direction of the Mandir, beginning the ritual of Pooja, everyone seems to be performing the arti after him when Sonakshi additionally comes within the wheelchair, all of them begin clapping singing the auspicious music of Ganpati papa,. The pooja steady, everybody has a smile on their face, whereas Jeetu jee performs the pooja, he fingers the thali to the Pandit jee earlier than taking the blessings of Ganpati papa. Jeetu jee turns that he prays from his coronary heart that Pavitra Rishta connects with each family and so prays that identical to has made the family of Kundali Bhagya blessed with a lot honour, all of them should stay the identical, he turns to hunt their blessings earlier than leaving.

Preeta turning to Ankita asks how is her journey of Pavitra Rishta going, she replies she isn’t capable of categorical it as they’ve been given a whole lot of love and their life was stuffed with a lot issues, she mentions that when she met Shaheer on the first day she knew he had the love, Shaheer mentions it’s a story of a easy household as they don’t have large automobiles however are a loving household and even when they can’t go to Switzerland they’re nonetheless a robust household, Preeta explains it’s true because the real love tales don’t want any kind of cash however simply feelings, Rishab additionally agrees with them when Preeta explains that simply as Kundali Bhagya is de facto beloved so Pavitra Rishta would additionally get the identical response since it’s already so near the hearts of the viewers. The pandit jee comes to present them the Parshad, Karina is de facto fearful when she will get a name, she questions why it’s taking as long as the place are the ladoo.

The efficiency begins which Preeta and Karan are watching together with Pihu, the efficiency begins with the standard drum beaters, it’s saying within the background that love isn’t discovered and if the love has the kripa of Ganpati papa then nothing can cease them which is why has as soon as once more to them with the love story of Manav and Archana, she wishes to as soon as once more dwell it, she begins he efficiency which is de facto mesmerizing, all of them actually take pleasure in it and he or she even performs the pooja earlier than taking the sticks, beating them collectively to create a mesmerizing tune, Rishab additionally enjoys the efficiency, Archana lastly ends it with an immense applause.
Karina exclaims she instructed Rakhi there was no want to present Sarla such a giant order, she mentions the friends have arrived they usually have even carried out the pooja so what would she give to the friends once they depart, Rakhi exclaims Sarla jee made the order when their prepare dinner was not capable of on the final second, Preeta comes asking what occurred, Rakhi nonetheless refuses to say there may be something flawed, Karina mentions Rakhi is getting fearful as she can not say something however it will have been higher if they’d given the order to an unknown individual, Preeta says there may be nothing to be fearful about since she would name Sarla simply now.

Sarla is ordering Janki to rush up as she was not capable of get the tempo so has to exit and rent it herself, she asks Janki to put all of the bins exterior the gate, she leaves when Janki is fearful questioning how she will place all of the bins by herself.
Sarla asks the tempo driver the place did he go as a result of she was ready for thus lengthy, she is driving with him when they’re about to hit one other driver, the individuals in it begin shouting at Sarla, she will get fearful questioning how are they driving, the individuals exclaim they should ship the order, there may be somebody in the home when he will get a name from these within the automobile asking in the event that they had been capable of ship the products, the individuals exclaim that the police is looking quite a bit and now they’d have a whole lot of problem in delivering them however the boss warns them to ship the products since he has taken the cash, the individual asks the driving force to reverse the automobile when the constable notices and asks them to examine the automobile.

Karan is taking a selfie when Karan asks who’s he looking for, Sameer doesnot reveal the identify when Rishab additionally asks what has occurred, he then explains that he observed that one thing is flawed with Sameer and Shristhi as a result of when he went Sameer was actually comfortable however now they’re trying bizarre, he makes Sameer sit down mentioning how he noticed Shristhi hugging another man, Sameer will get tensed questioning who was the opposite individual, karan coming to them says he instructed Rishab that Sameer wouldn’t reveal the identify so simply, a waiter brings the bat for Karan seeing which Sameer tries to run away, he then asks Rishab to return as it’s time for his or her efficiency, karan questions who’re they performing with, Sameer mentions it’s a particular visitor and he should additionally come.

Risab walks down the steps after performing the arti, he begins the lead dance, all of them are actually shocked to see Rishab carry out so nicely, Karina and Rakhi actually take pleasure in his efficiency, he takes the celebration to a different stage, he ends his efficiency with a pooja, Sameer continues the sample so he additionally begins with a pooja then taking the middle place, she begins the dance which can also be actually good, the inal one that is definitely the visitor additionally begins his efficiency, he leaves everybody in shock along with his efficiency, each Rishab and Sameer be part of him fo a trio efficiency after he scream Ganpati papa moria.

The employee asks the boss if he can therapeutic massage his head, the boss warns him to not converse in any other case he would kill him, an individual comes and the boss exclaims he’s glad Robin got here, so Robin questions why is he so offended when the boss says that they’ve been delivering the nice since a very long time however nobody knew about their operation so he solely has to seek out the identify of that individual as then he would himself kill that individual, Robin is about to the touch the guitar which angers the boss when Robin asks him to not fear and play the guitar as it will relax his nerve whereas he would within the meantime discover out concerning the informer, he will get on the decision asking the individual to disclose the identify of the informer.

Prithvi is strolling within the corridor, he thinks the way it has been lengthy since he received to spend a while together with Sherlin so would go and hug her exhausting from behind, he’s about to enter the room when Rishab opens the door, Prithvi turns when Rishab questions the place is he going, Prithvi comes saying that he ahs a praise for Rishab and Sameer as a result of they each gave a very good efficiency which was stuffed with leisure, he asks if they’d been practising in secret, Rishab replies he’s getting jealous, Prithvi exclaims it will be a joke, Rishab coming to him says he was not joking as if Prithvi comes close to his room ever once more then he would ensure Prithvi pays, Rishab leaves with Sameer when Prithvi exclaims it’s good he’s now in entrance of his eyes, as he got here into their home.

The dance efficiency of one other star begins, karan begins to smile seeing him dance due to the superior efficiency which he’s giving, the star turns again, one other girls star takes his place to mesmerize your complete viewers together with her dance strikes, Shristhi then involves the stage for her efficiency, she makes the performers dance at her want, she ends her efficiency with a bang.
Sonakshi is sitting within the wheelchair questioning how boring is that this wheelchair since she is alone within the room whereas everyone seems to be having fun with downstairs and Karan is downstairs, she hears Preeta and Rakhi waking by the corridor so purposefully drops the wheelchair and begins screaming, Rakhi and Preeta each come dashing to her assist, they make her sit again on the wheelchair questioning why was she making an attempt to stroll when the medical doctors have suggested her to relaxation, Sonakshi sitting mentions she must attempt to stroll as she must depart this home someday, she lastly begins strolling then exclaims she was capable of stroll now, she then says Pihu would endlessly be the kid of Preeta as a result of she was by no means capable of give Pihu the love of a mom however Preeta was the one who gave her love, she is aware of Preeta would endlessly be her mom, Rakhi exclaims that in any case that occurred referring to Pihu it’s the first time she feels good with Sonakshi being on this home. Sherlin standing exterior the window wonders what sort of a girls Sonakshi is as she so simply known as different girls because the mom of her daughter, she has no curiosity as a result of she must benefit from the patty as there could be performances occurring.

Ranbir begins his efficiency on a classical music with a guitar, seeing which Prachi will get a smile on her face, he even involves her desk throughout his efficiency to make her dance with him on the music, they after that additionally begin acting on one other classical music seeing which even prithvi begins smiling, each of them are in full sync with one another due to the immense love which exists between them each. Their efficiency is predicated on love whereas being infantile, representing their younger age together with the wild feelings that are depicted by the fashionable era.

Sarla exclaims they received actually late so she is glad Janki introduced them, she asks the place are the remainder of them so then explains that these are much less, Janki replies she was alone so did all she might, Sarla additionally helps Janki place them within the truck, the van stops close to the tempo and the individual is de facto mesmerized to see that their bins are the identical as these that are with the ladies, the individual asks his males to vary the quantity plate of the van in order that they lose the cops who’re chasing them, he then orders his males to combine his bins with these of the ladies, they see that Sarla and Janki have went in the home so he goes to divert the eye of the driving force in the meantime his males handle to put the bins, Sarla comes with Janki, she orders Lakshman to start out the tempo as they really want to rush.

Abhi and Pragya begin their fairy-tale efficiency, depicting the love which they each have for one another of their hearts, they share a very romantic bond between them each which may also be seen of their efficiency, Sherlin whereas being with Rishab actually enjoys the efficiency. Abhi and Pragya each as soon as once more stat the dance on one other music, Preeta is trying gorgeous in her costume, Abhi goes to bounce on the stage whereas Pragya leads the dance, she goes to be with him who excites even Karina and Rakhi, Abhi lifts Pragya excessive earlier than their efficiency ends.

Preeta comes to hope in entrance of Ganpati papa, Dadi asks what occurred, when Preeta replies she was simply praying to Ganpati, Rakhi explains that Sonakshi for the primary time known as Preeta because the mom of Pihu mentioning how Preeta is the true mom of Pihu, Shristhi additionally involves greet all of them, Karina comes questioning about Sarla, Preeta replies that maa was simply leaving the home so would certainly arrive actually quickly, Karina leaves in anger, Rakhi assures Preeta that Karina is simply actually tensed, Dadi explains she would go and examine on Karina whereas all of them ought to deal with the friends, Rakhi additionally leaves to attend the friends, Karan questions Shristhi what’s flawed however she refuses to just accept something, he explains he wants a while alone with Preeta to scold her since she is simply worrying about Sonakshi, Shristhi replies she wouldn’t let him scold her sister. She exclaims he’s the perfect Jiju and even loves her quite a bit so she requests him to seek out some one like him for her, Karan questions what’s the want when she has Sameer, Shrishti leaves after getting nervous, Karan questions Preeta why is she appearing like this as he is aware of concerning the affair, Preeta additionally refuses to just accept she is aware of something concerning the affair, karan leaves saying he is aware of this for a truth and would show it, he leaves whereas Preeta smiles.

Preeta emerges on the stage adopted by Karan, they each begin their romantic efficiency, which is de facto magical, their efficiency lastly ends, and it proves to excite everybody who’s watching them.

Sarla is with the driving force when Janki asks if his temp has gotten outdated as he’s driving actually gradual, the individuals within the van mentions that he doesnot know why the truck driver is driving so slowly as he walks extra quick then the driving force is driving the tempo, the individuals within the van disguise themselves after making use of the faux moustache, Sarla sees the neighbour who’s performing the responsibility on the police barricade, the police constable wonders why ought to he waste his time checking the truck of Sarla aunti as he is aware of she isn’t a felony, he asks the constable to examine the van,

The individuals after passing the barricade, take away the faux moustache after which they seek for the tempo, they see Sarla standing beside the truck and so attempt to take their bins nonetheless Sarla sees them stealing so warns them to place the bins again, the individual assures he was not staling something however Sarla exclaims there isn’t any must lie as she noticed him, she explains if he was hungry then ought to have come to ask her as she would have certainly given him the field however he opted for stealing, she asks if he is aware of what his mom could be feeling as she could be pondering he’s working within the metropolis however whereas he’s truly stealing. She warns him to not present her his face after punishing him, she wonders the place all of them have gone after which realizes they’d be watching a efficiency.

Within the Luthra Mansion, one other wonderful dance efficiency begins which is de facto full of life and the performer stuns everybody together with her exemplary strikes, which aren’t simply carried out, she then rushes backstage whereas the drum beaters present their abilities earlier than she as soon as once more returns to take the centre stage, after seeing her efficiency everyone seems to be pressured to applaud for her.

The individuals are ready within the van when his buddies come mentioning that the ladies who was sitting within the tempo got here again, she begin scolding him and even stated that he should not steal, he felt like crying pondering as if she is his actual mom, all of them plan to go to the home with their van, they see Sarla standing alone and Shaka mentions he shouldn’t even assume that he would get scared. They after sitting within the van plan to take the bins as she is alone, however simply then Preeta involves greet Sarla who is de facto mesmerized with how nicely Preeta is trying, Rishab additionally comes out, Sarla will get excited seeing him in India, she questions when did he come, Rishab replies he would have come on a airplane if she requested him to, Karan questions why is Rishab hugging his mom in regulation, Rishab replies he’s the primary one that is so possessive about his mom in regulation. Karan says he can share Sarla with him, she mentions they each are her sons and he or she prays that additionally they get to dwell comfortable and content material lives with their wives, your complete household involves greet Sarla, then she explains they’re her youngsters, Sarla meets Rakhi apologizing for being late as a result of she was stopped on the barricade, Rakhi assures she got here on the proper time, Preeta questions why did she not put on a sarree as a result of everybody has a costume code, Sarla explains she forgot when Preeta replies she made all of the preparations in order that they depart.

Markos will get actually pissed off after realizing that his medication are within the Luthra home, all of them plan how would they convey out their medication from the Luthra Mansion as it’s the home of a celeb when Markos mentions they by no means go in any home as drug sellers however at all times put on a disguise so would this time go for the disguise of the band members, he orders all of his males to take out all the weapons which they’ve and divide them amongst one another.

Within the Luthra home one other dance efficiency begins which amazes the audiences as they take pleasure in it quite a bit, the dance is de facto systematic as each the performers carry out it with a rhythm, their efficiency ends with a magic.

Rakhi together with Karina and Dadi carry a few of the bins to the Pandit jee mentioning that he may give the Parshad to these friends who come to him, she asks Mahesh if he has positioned the remainder of the bins within the visitor room, Mahesh mentions since there was no area left within the kitchen in order that they had been pressured to place them within the visitor room, Rakhi prays that they get wrapped as quickly as potential, Sarla comes dressed within the sarree when Rakhi praises for the way stunning she is trying, Bani Dadi additionally says that the ladoo which she makes are actually scrumptious, Sarla explains that is the home of her daughter so how might she not make the ladoo for them, Karina explains she has made so many ladoo and it have to be actually tiering, Karina asks her to inform the quantity which she needs for the ladoo as then she would go to carry it, Rishab and Karan are actually shocked to listen to what Karina has stated.

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