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Day 6
8 AM
The inmates get up to the tune larki lovely kar gayi chull. All of them dance. Nishant dances with Tejasswi.

9 AM
Pratik tells Akasa that I attempted speaking to you however you ignored me. Akasa says I need consideration, I informed you that your ego can’t be greater than your friendship. Pratik says I simply discuss to you and Karan. Akasa says you didn’t notice I wished your consideration, you felt your ego obtained damage as a result of I ignored you? Pratik says you retain doubting my intentions. Akasa says who informed you that? Pratik says you don’t belief me proper? Akasa cries and says I solely spoke to you, I don’t know how one can cope with folks. Pratik says everybody thinks I’m manipulating you. Akasa says allow them to really feel that. Pratik says I’ve accepted you as a good friend, I obtained offended yesterday since you denied me. Akasa says you solely concentrate on me ignoring you as soon as. Pratik says that’s the particular person I’m.

9:30 AM
BigG enters the home. He places the letter there. Afsana tries to scare him. All giggle. BigG leaves. Afsana reads the message that the doorways open for alternatives however who can seize it? Let’s see. All cheer listening to that.

11 AM
Shamita comes out after showering. Vidhi says we don’t even have garments to vary. Karan tells Nishant that it’s been 4 days since we modified garments, that is no humanity. My nostril has hairs now. Nishant says you’re going to get it quickly. Karan says I’m lacking my slippers now.

1 PM
Vishal appears on the home and says quickly we might be right here. I’ll shine quickly. They will’t cease me for lengthy.

3:15 PM
Karan tells Jay that nothing occurred, are we losing time by working behind the map? We haven’t tried to get the map from them. They’re comfy so gained’t give us the map. Now we have to do one thing, we’ve to make their lives tough. Now we have left them alone. We might be scolded if we don’t attempt to get the map. Now we have to pressurize them to surrender the map.

Pratik tells Nishant that the map just isn’t secure in my sipper. I’ll conceal it in my sneakers. Nishant says they don’t have the brains to search out it so don’t do something. Pratik hides the map in his sneakers.

Karan asks the boys to suppose so we are able to get the map.

4 PM
Karan tells Vishal that we’ve to make use of Pratik’s anger to get the map. Now we have to assault their weaknesses.

Nishant tells Shamita that they are going to attempt to scare us so we’d crack.

Karan asks Ishaan to go in the home and simply irritate Pratik a bit of bit. Ishaan enters the home so Pratik follows him. Shamita laughs at Pratik’s antics. Miesha tells Ishaan let’s go from right here. Nishant says they’re scanning the place. Shamita says they’re making an attempt to make us nervous.

4:15 PM
Vishwa Sundari asks Miesha to convey all jungle inmates there. Ishaan comes there so Pratik says he is sort of a spoon. Ishaan says you’re a mosquito. Miesha says Pratik is working behind folks. Pratik says Miesha is faux. Ishaan costs at Pratik however Miesha asks him to disregard Pratik. She asks Pratik to go away. Pratik says shut the f*ck up. Miesha says don’t discuss to me like that Pratik. Ishaan asks Pratik to enter his sneakers. Pratik says you’re Miesha’s bodyguard?
Vishwa Sundari tells the jungle inmates that I don’t like seeing you all in outdated garments. Don’t fear as I’m right here. Do you want garments? All of them say sure. Sundari says you folks have misplaced your roadmap, the cave will open at this time so that you all can take your garments from there. All cheer. Vishwa Sundari says you folks can take your garments or select 5 individuals who gained’t get their garments however as an alternative the taking map. All jungle inmates say we may give up our garments.

4:30 PM
The jungle folks determine who gained’t get their garments. Vishal says I’m prepared to surrender my bag. Karan says I’ll share my garments with Vishal. Karan says we are able to share the garments. Vidhi volunteers to surrender her garments. Jay tells Karan and others that we’ve to cease Pratik from getting that map once more. Vishal tells Akasa that solely 2 women want to surrender garments. Tejasswi and Vidhi surrender their garments. Akasa says sorry to Vishal as she thought he was asking solely 3 women would get the garments. Miesha says I’m okay to surrender my garments. Tejasswi says then let Vidhi get her garments, we’ll share along with her. Miesha says I’m fantastic.

5 PM
Afsana comes into the home and takes sugar. Shamita says you possibly can’t break the principles like this. Karan takes the sugar from Afsana and places it again. Shamita says she is breaking guidelines for no motive. Karan takes Afsana from there. Nishant says I’m a bit of pissed. He goes to Jay and says it’s not our determination that you just persons are within the jungle, you all are coming in the home which is okay however Bigg Boss has made these guidelines. You persons are taking meals from inside so at the very least respect Bigg Boss. You persons are in majority so we are able to’t cease you all. It’s an ungainly place for us. Ishaan says we gained’t break the principles. Karan tells Nishant that if they’re breaking guidelines then cease them. Nishant says Bigg Boss made these guidelines. Karan says don’t train me guidelines, Pratik broke the principles however we obtained nominated. You may shield your objects but when I want something from the home then I’ll take it, cease me in case you can cease me. I’m advising you to guard your own home as a result of we’re going to come inside quickly. All cheer for Karan.

5:30 PM
Shamita tells Vishal that Afsana is irritating. Vishal says she thinks all cornflakes and fruits come for her. We give her meals however she simply takes no matter she needs. Now we have to cope with her in a enjoyable manner.

Pratik is standing outdoors the cave. Karan says in case you get damage then don’t cry. Pratik says no person can use violence. Karan says we’ll all cease you. Miesha can be blocking the cave and says if he does one thing then all boys can take Pratik on. Pratik says why do you want boys to defend you? Miesha says I’m speaking right here, why are you not letting me discuss when you’re speaking about equality? Ishaan says he’s ineffective. Jay claps for Miesha. Pratik asks Jay to get misplaced.
Vishal tells Shamita and Nishant that Pratik is being irritating now.

5:45 PM
Shamita asks Jay if he had some situation with Pratik from earlier than? Jay says no, I don’t like the best way he talks to me. I by no means met him earlier than the present. Shamita says you made an opinion after watching OTT? Jay says no, I didn’t like the best way he was ordering me round right here.

Karan takes the trashbag from the washroom space and tells Simba that we’ve to interrupt Shamita down. If she breaks then we’ll get the map. Simba says finished. Karan throws trashbags in the bathroom.

Vishwa Sundari asks what’s their determination? Vishal says we’re giving up 5 luggage, he says Vishal, Sahil, Ishaan, Tejasswi and Miesha will surrender their maps. Sundari says the lion buzzer will play and the cave will open so you may get the map from there.

6 PM
Simba, Sahil, Ishaan, Afsana and others are guarding the cave door. Pratik is obstructing it too. Karan tells Nishant that in case you attempt to go inside then you may be crushed. Nishant laughs. Pratik says somebody is kicking me. Afsana touches Pratik’s physique. He says you’re like my sister. The lion buzzer performs. All women seize Pratik whereas Simba and Ishaan go inside. They take the map from there. Afsana is obstructing Pratik whereas Tejasswi is holding him. Simba hides the map in his pocket. Umar goes inside too. Ishaan takes the empty board whereas Simba runs away with the map in his pocket. All run behind them. Karan grabs Sahmita. Tejasswi is obstructing Pratik. Afsana is grabbing Shamita. Karan hides Ishaan within the washroom. Pratik involves Simba and tries to verify his pocket however Simba stops him. Pratik tries to take their baggage. Vishal asks what do you want? They’ve already taken the map. Pratik says I gained’t let anybody go inside. Umar and Vidhi are inside. Ishaan comes out of the washroom. Shamita tries to get the map from him. Karan asks Miesha, Akasa and Afsana to push her. Afsana grabs Shamita and pushes her away. Shamita tries to combat with Karan however he runs away. Karan has taken the important thing after locking the washroom.
Pratik is making an attempt to enter the cave. Miesha asks him to go away. Pratik says shut up. I’ll do what I need. Miesha says do it, darling. Sahil and Miesha are blocking Pratik.

6:15 PM
Pratik is making an attempt to take Jay’s baggage. Jay says don’t seize my bag. Pratik says you took my baggage too. Jay says I didn’t take your bag. Bigg Boss tells them to not use bodily violence. Jay says that is my bag so depart it. Jay says I gained’t depart him now. He corners Pratik. Bigg Boss asks Pratik and Jay to settle down, don’t use violence. Nishant asks Pratik to maneuver away. Pratik strikes away from Jay and says get misplaced. Jay sits on the bag and says get misplaced.

Pratik is making an attempt to take one other bag however Ishaan sits on it. Karan asks Pratik to not do it. Pratik retains making an attempt to get a bag. Vishal takes Pratik’s bag and says now I gained’t give it to you. Ishaan asks Pratik to get misplaced. Pratik says don’t push me. Pratik blocks Ishaan.

Vishal hides Pratik’s bag within the washroom. Karan locks it.

Ishaan and Jay block Pratik as he’s making an attempt to grab the bag. Bigg Boss says you folks will get damage, don’t use violence. Shamita asks Pratik what’s within the bag? Pratik says they will’t push me. Karan sits on the bag so Pratik can’t take it. Simba asks him to get misplaced. Ishaan asks Pratik to return and attempt to snatch the bag. You all can assault me collectively, he tells Ishaan that present your faux physique some other place. Get misplaced now. Nishant takes Pratik away from there. Pratik says the place is my bag? Nishant says Vishal took it. Vishal tells Pratik that I’ll give him a bag when he calms down.

6:30 PM
Pratik asks Vishal to present again his bag. Karan says it’s in the bathroom. Pratik says I want to vary my garments. Karan says I gained’t give it again, we wish to irritate you now. He asks Pratik to settle down and provides us time. Pratik says I’m not touching anybody’s bag.

Shamita asks Nishant how did Karan get the important thing to the washroom? Nishant says we had the lock and the important thing.

Afsana calls Pratik a nalla. Pratik says I’ll break the bathroom door if I don’t get my bag. Ishaan says go and break it, that’s all you do. Karan tells Pratik that he gained’t give his bag. Karan tells Ishaan that I’ll give his bag as soon as we get 5 luggage again. If he breaks the bathroom door then we’ll take all their mattresses.

7 PM
Pratik asks Karan to present them his bag. Karan says I gained’t. Karan tells Shamita that Pratik has to remain in the home solely then we must stop fireplace. Shamita asks Pratik to remain right here for a while and don’t go to the jungle aspect. Shamita asks Karan when will he give his bag again? Karan says we’ve stayed with out luggage for 4 days so he can keep with out his bag for a while. We nonetheless don’t have 5 luggage. Shamita says you haven’t touched my stuff? Karan says we haven’t but when Pratik goes overboard then I can’t management anybody anymore. He leaves. Shamita asks Pratik to settle down, you had been warned 3 instances by Bigg Boss. Nishant tells Pratik that we’ll lose our luggage additionally in case you don’t cease. Pratik says it’s my stuff. Nishant says you’re going to get your bag again in case you settle down. All they’re saying is to not go on their aspect. Pratik says they’re threatening us.

Karan tells Vishal and Tejasswi that they’re scared about their stuff. Vishal says Shamita and Nishant are preventing with Pratik due to his acts. Karan says we’ll convey Shamita on our aspect.

Nishant tells Pratik and Shamita that they took Pratik’s bag as a result of they wish to maintain Pratik away from their aspect. If Pratik goes overboard then they are going to take our luggage additionally. Pratik says they’re threatening us and also you each are being intimidated? Nishant says you’re proper however Pratik settle down. Shamita says Pratik is mistaken, Bigg Boss tried to cease him for 3 instances. Pratik says I finished when Bigg Boss informed me to. Shamita says we’re a part of the group so take into consideration others. Pratik says we’re people too. Shamita says we help you in your combat. Pratik says all of us took the map. Shamita says no, you took the map and we supported you. She asks Nishant was it our combat or not? He says no, it wasn’t our combat. Pratik says we are able to’t settle for what they demand of us. Shamita says they have already got the map so settle down, you’re going to get your bag again. Nishant asks Pratik to go and do what you wish to do. Pratik says I’m not doing something. Pratik says I can go outdoors if I need. He leaves. Nishant tells Shamita that you could’t give them the map. Shamita says he’s appearing like a child, don’t inform him he’s proper. Nishant says they didn’t contact my bag, if Pratik goes overboard then they are going to take our luggage additionally. Shamita says he’s egocentric, he doesn’t take into consideration us.

Pratik is making an attempt to open the bathroom door. Karan says you possibly can’t break the lock. Pratik says I’m making an attempt to open it, I’m not breaking it. Pratik says I need my baggage again. Karan says you possibly can’t destroy the property, settle down now. He leaves from there.

Karan involves Shamita and says Pratik is making an attempt to interrupt the door. Don’t inform me if issues go overboard. Nishant says you possibly can burn his stuff all I care. Shamita offers one piece of the map to Karan and says I’ll finish this combat. Nishant shouts at Shamita and says this was my determination additionally, how are you going to give the map to them? Shamita says I used to be preventing for Pratik however he doesn’t hearken to us, he doesn’t care about our stuff.
Pratik is making an attempt to interrupt the door. Vishal reveals the map piece to him and says you had been preventing for this solely? You need to play together with your thoughts. He hugs him and asks him to settle down. Pratik says I do know Shamita gave it to you.

Nishant tells Shamita we did all this in a bunch however you’re behaving like Pratik now. Shamita says as a result of he isn’t listening to us. Nishant says then screw you each, I’ll do what I need. You gave up the map with out asking me. Shamita says I requested him if we’re a bunch however he stated we’re people. Why ought to we help him when he’s mistaken? Nishant shouts that you just needed to ask me earlier than giving up the map. He screams at Shamita why did you do worse than Pratik? Shamita tells Nishant you possibly can’t scream at Pratik however you possibly can scream at me? You had been telling Pratik he was proper however screaming at me? Karan comes there and tells them that Pratik has damaged the bathroom door so we won’t cease now. Shamita says don’t contact my stuff, we’ve given you the map. Nishant shouts at Pratik that f*uk you each. Shamita shouts at Pratik why did you contact the bathroom door? Pratik says why ought to I be afraid of anybody? Shamita says you wish to play alone? We’ll play individually now. Pratik says you be afraid of them however I don’t care. Shamita says you’re egocentric. I’m fed up of this sh*t.

7 PM
Karan tells Sahil that Pratik touched our rest room so I’ll mess up their washrooms. I need Shamita on our aspect. I wished this to occur. We’ll let Shamita use our washroom.

Pratik involves Shamita and says you performed me. Shamita shouts at him to not be egocentric. Nishant says you each are egocentric. Pratik says I gained’t be afraid of them. They’ve my stuff. Shamita says they informed me that they are going to take my stuff since you tried to interrupt the bathroom. I’ve been supporting you however you might have been interested by your self solely.

Vishal tells Bigg Boss that we’ve each the maps now. Now we have taken the map and their unity each.

7:15 PM
Pratik says you folks have destroyed our washroom so I’ll destroy your washroom. Karan says you are able to do it however all 3 of you should have repercussions. You tried to interrupt our rest room so this was our reply. Should you attempt to do one thing then all 3 of you’ll bear the burnt. Pratik says I don’t care about them. I respect you. Karan involves Shamita and Nishant. He says if Pratik does one thing mistaken with us then you definitely 3 might be punished by us. We’re bored with sleeping on the flooring, don’t mess with us anymore. You folks might have given us the map however you all began it.

7:30 PM
Shamita cries so Vishal consoles her. He says I’m right here for you, it’s simply 6 days and it’s not price your tears. Simply chill out. Shamita tries to calm herself down. Karan calls Vishal so he leaves.

Karan tells Vishal to keep away from Shamita. Vishal says I felt unhealthy for her. Karan says I really feel unhealthy too however don’t console her, we try to interrupt them aside.

7:45 PM
Vishal tells Jay that every one three of them are preventing. Shamita was crying so Karan informed me to not console her however I used to be making an attempt to instigate Shamita extra. Simba laughs and says he’s crafty. Jay says he’s doing it for the workforce. Vishal says I really feel genuinely for her however I’ve to make her consider that she is alone.

8 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that all of us have suffered so much within the jungle. You aren’t chargeable for it. Shamita says it’s all justified however I don’t perceive why Nishant is telling Pratik that he’s proper, how can Pratik be proper? I don’t know if Nishant is afraid of Pratik or he’s making an attempt to maintain Pratik on his aspect. Nishant obtained offended at me as a result of I did a mistake however why didn’t he scream at Pratik? He’s afraid of Pratik. Karan calls Vishal and says I’m opening the bathroom door now. I simply wished to punish them. Vishal says fantastic. Vishal tells Shamita that Pratik might have simply waited. Karan tells Shamita sorry for all this however Pratik was not listening. Shamita says I’m not with Pratik, I don’t play it that manner. I’ve realized Pratik gained’t hear. I’ve been supporting him however I can’t help him anymore. Karan says in case you 3 play collectively then we’ll assault you 3 collectively. Shamita says I’m not enjoying with them anymore. Karan says in case you imply it then we gained’t assault you.

Jay tells Nishant that I gained’t do something right here which I can’t bear. Jay tells Nishant that they’ve tousled your washroom by throwing trash round. Nishant asks who did it? Jay says I don’t know. Nishant says this reveals their upbringing, the viewers is watching it. Jay says one particular person must clear it. Nishant says I’ll do it.

8:15 PM
Nishant begins cleansing the washroom.
Jay calls Karan and says let’s assist him. He’s doing it alone. Nishant says it’s fantastic, you need to have thought earlier than doing it. Karan says we didn’t assault you. Jay and Karan begin serving to him in cleansing the washroom. Nishant says to Jay that you just folks can play however take into consideration your hygiene, you will keep right here. This reveals their mentality.

9:45 PM
Karan tells Nishant that Pratik can’t change. Nishant says you possibly can’t punish me for him. Karan says I wished to listen to it from you and Shamita. Nishant says what about Jay? Karan says Jay and Vishal can’t be trusted. Donal comes there so Karan jokes she will be able to’t be seen in the home. Donal says inform me one thing good. Karan says I can’t see your again so I can’t praise. Donal says I’ve chosen the best garments now. You might be within the line. Karan says don’t say all that to me, my title proper? I don’t stand within the line.

10:45 PM
Jay tells Karan that Sahil is speaking to Pratik. Vishal makes enjoyable of their accent. Karan says I wished to interrupt Shamita down however Vishal was not leaving her alone. Karan says Shamita and Nishant had been preventing at high of their lungs however I went there and informed them Pratik’s antics would make them punishable. Shamita obtained offended and was crying however Vishal was making an attempt to console her. I used to be making an attempt to cease him however he wouldn’t hear. Tejasswi laughs.

11 PM
Nishant tells Pratik what’s the explanation for taking part in like this? Shamita and you’re enjoying alone. They’re all united however we’re seen as a damaged group. They know how one can get offended, they know how one can make Shamita weak. We’re stupids. Pratik says you are able to do what you suppose is correct, I’ll do what I believe is correct. Nishant says we’ve to play, we don’t have one other alternative. Pratik says they will’t threaten me. Shamita might have damaged issues round however why did she break our code? Nishant says she’s not like us?

12:30 AM
Miesha asks Ishaan what sort of a lady you want? Ishaan says she must be fairly and he or she ought to love me from the guts. Miesha smiles at him. Ishaan says I can’t ask a lady out. Miesha says I like off-beat guys, those who can bear my tantrums. Ishaan says once you cried that day, I melted that day. Miesha says you’re telling me you want me as a result of I cried? Ishaan says I’m totally different like that.
PRECAP – Karan tells his boys to annoy Pratik. All jungle inmates maintain following Pratik round. Pratik will get offended and breaks the bathroom door. Vidhi is having a shower inside. She comes outdoors and says how might you break the lock after I was having a shower inside? Pratik says so what? I didn’t have unhealthy intentions. Tejasswi says a lady wouldn’t really feel secure in case you do this. Pratik says I didn’t comprehend it was her inside. Karan shouts so what? how might break the lock when somebody is inside?

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