Love doesn’t exist at all (Another story) – Weezersongs

Pouring my beer in chalice, I used to be making an attempt laborious to cover my ache from everybody round,specifically my ex girlfriend, Riddhima,I used to be betrothed to,she all the time mentioned that it hurts when I’m with another factor or particular person,thats why she used to hate any alcoholic drink or so ,alcohol,ya,it was only a betenoire for Riddhima, earlier,not now.

Turning to the appropriate ,I discovered a bevy of women,making an attempt to maybe inform me,that how a lot they love me, properly I’m used to it. Individuals discover it laborious to imagine, that even after being on the high place in so known as enterprise,I’m but a celibate bachelor.

It shouldn’t be the unbelievable factor, my eyes clearly present,I really like Riddhima’s soul. 

I say it even now,

However love ,is now getting my animosity,and when I’m ,

Sitting right here in her wedding ceremony venue,sporting these ceremonious garments, this alcohol is strongly wanted as an anodyne.

Oh ya , Its my flip.

My flip to surrender speech,in my ,love’s wedding ceremony. 

Properly at the moment, 

Am in a state that i’ll severely shout,that love doesnt exist,

Riddhima, three years, she discovered  me debonair,burly however all the time mentioned that she …discover solace in my arms.

And if talked about me,I all the time discovered a declivity at her door,didnt realise when she turned,that necessary, likewise didnt realise,

When my talks changed into blase blathering for her.

I used to really feel resentful seeing her with any man,immediately,she is married to another person.

Did realise her love for Kabir,when she turned anomalous in our lunch dates,

Holding the mic ,

Seeing her in bridal,

Coronary heart was beating,

However not with that tempo ,

A thought strucked my thoughts,

And that i spoke out,

” The life of affection is,simply as a lot as deciduous leaves,you all would possibly get antipathy,some would possibly say,what a behemoth,I simply dont need anybody to have cloven relations, that’s why saying,love doesnt exist in any respect !!”

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