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Energy of Love

Notice: A supernatural story.

I wished to submit this earlier than I go away tmr  in order that I can know whether or not i ought to proceed with this or not by your response.


“Riddhima, why are you doing this?” Suhana, Riddhima’s mom, the queen of Taurus shouted at her, with tears falling down.

“I can’t stay like this mother! I by no means will have the ability to stay like this!” Riddhima protested in her indignant voice. “This isn’t life and particularly not mine! My life doesn’t belong right here!”

“Will you disobey the Taurus King, your personal father?” Suhana requested.

“I’ll to stay for myself…..” Riddhima stopped as her mom’s palm was imprinted on her cheek. Crying she checked out her mother who was shedding tears too. “You realize what mother, simply the best way I ran away after I was little is identical manner I’ll now. My warning.”

“You’ll not do something!” The Taurus king, her father commanded.

“I’ll, I’ll be certain I’m going out of this hell. I’ll be certain I’m going out and alter this world…..no extra of Taurus, no extra of Pisces no extra of every other indicators. No extra of such continents.” Riddhima stormed off to her room.

“This lady will deliver doom to my territory, Taurus might be affected resulting from her immaturity. Higher preserve her in place!” The Taurus king demanded his spouse.

“My grasp, you understand how she is, from childhood she’s completely different than us. It’s more durable now, particularly when she’s grown up. Hurting her or caging her received’t be the proper factor. She’s the princess of Taurus.” Suhana, the queen, Riddhima’s mom tried explaining the king.

“Nor can I bear any scratch on her however to chill her stubbornness such a step is important. I’m heading in the direction of the world.” He stated.


“Hail the Leo King!” The Leones cheered because the Leo king alongside together with his household entered the Leo Area.

The Leo king to his throne and settled, whereas his household beside him. His solely youngster, Vansh fiddled together with his fingers, bored of the conventional routine. His mom, the queen of Leo, Vira caressed his hair and smiled barely. She was clearly conscious of his calls for however couldn’t give a lot to it.

“I’m 20 mother, don’t.” Vansh stated dismissing her hand and tried his finest to plaster a smile.

“You’ll nonetheless stay a baby for me.” Vira stated. She took a brief pause and continued. “Are you continue to upset from morning?”

“That’s the one factor I need mother, nothing else. I need to get out of this, cage. I don’t need to stay a Leo!” He stated in a louder voice in search of the eye of his father and the Leones.

“Why is Prince saying that?” One of many Leones requested, interested by his behaviour.

“I’m not a prince and I’m not match to be a prince! I don’t need this!” Vansh bought up in anger and began leaving the world.

“Watch your phrases prince! You’ll be punished additional in case you resolve to disobey me. Off to the palace!” The Leo King roared at his retreating determine.

“I’m going to go from right here!” Vansh murmured whereas leaving.

Vansh left the world and headed for the palace. He seemed on the sky and smiled, enthusiastic about the outer world, a distinct world from his. Decided to flee, he made a plan.


“I like you Riddhima!” He confessed

“I like you too!!” she gleefully confessed and hugged him tight. “However the others? King?”

“We’ll make our personal world….full of affection! You’ll be with me on this proper? Not just for us however for others too who need to escape the cage?” He requested decided.

“All the time!” She replied, boosting his morale.


“I crown you each because the God and Goddess!” The King of all Kings stated proudly whereas crowning…….

Love is highly effective, it could actually compel an individual to cross all limits and do something.

The Finish

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Its my first time I’ll be writing one thing of this kind. It’ll be a Three shot or 4 shot.

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