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Sameer is strolling with Rakhi, Preeta coming from behind thanks her, she in a state of confusion query what does she imply, Preeta replies that she didn’t say something to Prithvi in anger, Rakhi replies she didn’t say something however was murdering him in her anger, Preeta explains she understands however they’ve to attend for only one extra day, Sameer explains they each are actually brave and affected person girls.

Prithvi standing within the corridor exclaims he’s positive Preeta is hiding one thing as she tried to query her however she didn’t say something, he’s positive one thing is happening, Prithvi wonders how can he discover a approach to attain the reality, Prithvi tries to ask the reality from Sherlin, questioning if she is aware of concerning the plan, however Sherlin leaves with out saying something, Prithvi exclaims he’s now positive one thing is going on and should discover the reality.

Preeta mentions she is bound Prithvi could be attempting his finest to seek out the reality about what’s going on, Prithvi realizes that the weakest level on this case is Sundeep and he’s within the hospital, Rakhi additionally mentions that Sundeep is the weak level, Sameer explains that if Sundeep does something unsuitable then they won’t be able to win the case, Preeta explains she is bound Prithvi would attempt to plan one thing relating to what is going on.

Sundeep is sleeping within the hospital, Prithvi strolling thinks if this man opens up about his secret that he was the one who framed Rishab for the crimes then his fact could be revealed, he should do one thing about Sundeep, Prithvi tries to achieve his hand however then Sundeep pushes it ahead, he’s about to suffocate Sundeep when he out of the blue wakes up questioning what’s going on, Prithvi explains that he can placing it on the proper place as a result of it was fallen away, Prithvi asks if every part is okay, Sudeepa assures there’s nothing unsuitable, Prithvi assures Sundeep to not be anxious as he was about to carry the cash however was not in a position to carry it nevertheless got here to the deserted manufacturing unit, Sudeepa mentions there’s nothing to be anxious about as he may give it now, Prithvi will get tensed mentioning he didn’t carry it right here since he’s not even disguised as a physician, Sundeep explains there’s nothing to be anxious about since he can carry it tomorrow to the court docket and provides it to his fiancé Sudeepa, who could be sitting beside him, Prithvi mentions he mis understood the facility of cash however is now relieved, Sundeep lies down assuring he would give the assertion simply as Prithvi needs. Prithvi leaves with a glad thoughts.

Preeta comes out of the toilet the place she sees the missed calls of Karan, she shortly calls him, he apologizes saying that he was not in a position to reply her calls when Preeta replies even she was not in a position to reply his calls, Preeta explains that she has one thing actually vital to inform him that somebody who could be very near them was behind every part, Karan is nevertheless not in a position to hear it exclaiming that it’s extra vital to seek out the proof which is able to assist in the case, he sees the assistant speaking with somebody, then exclaims he’ll name her again, Preeta thinks that it may be as a result of there was no connection the place Karan has gone, she sitting prays that the rains cease and Karan manages to return again as she needed to disclose such an enormous information that Sundeep is with them now and can give the assertion in there favor, she is actually tensed.

Sundeep in the course of the evening calls Preeta, she answering it questions what has occurred, Sundeep explains that Prithvi got here to satisfy him within the hospital, he was sleeping however he felt as if Prithvi was attempting to kill him however he managed to get up, Sundeep questions if Preeta would shield him, Preeta assures she is going to do all she will be able to to avoid wasting him, Sundeep assures now he will probably be together with her and provides the assertion in his favor within the court docket, Preeta replies she is actually glad that he’s satisfied to be with them as a result of this actually is a favor for them, Sundeep lies down pondering that cash shouldn’t be the Bhagwan however everybody likes it, he nevertheless doesn’t wish to spend a while in jail so now will stand with the Luthra’s.

Preeta within the morning helps Pihu prepare for the college, she explains that when she is going to come again immediately, Pihu is actually excited, Rakhi additionally wakes up Mahesh mentioning that Rishab is coming again, he in pleasure asks her to take out his garments.

Prithvi whereas strolling wonders what’s going on as why is there a lot silence in the home, he simply then sees each Preeta and Rakhi, when she coming to Rakhi mentions that nothing unsuitable occurs with the nice as that is why her son is coming again dwelling, Preeta additionally explains she is aware of nothing unsuitable occurs with those that are good, Rakhi mentions she is going to put together the favourite candy dish of her son, Prithvi wonders what’s going on which he’s not seeing, he then leaves.
Preeta requests Rakhi to not be indignant as Prithvi would possibly get suspicious, Rakhi explains she shouldn’t be in a position to management her anger when seeing Prithvi, Preeta explains that immediately Rishab is coming again so their day could be extra candy.
Prithvi within the room is ingesting water, Kritika comes out, he questions if Rishab jee is coming again, Kritiiak exclaims it’s true and even she desires every part to be regular, Prithvi then tries to questions what plan have they obtained, nevertheless Kritika replies she doesn’t know something after which leaves which worries Prithvi.

Rakhi asks Karina to information her how a lot ought to she put within the dish as she is aware of Rishab likes this dish as Karina prepares, Sherlin additionally comes when Karina reveals to her that that is his favourite dish, Sherlin thinks she shouldn’t be in a position to perceive if she ought to get tensed for Prithvi or be pleased about Rishab as a result of she is aware of that when Rishab comes again he would have Prithvi thrown out of the home.

Dadi is praying within the Mandir that immediately they handle to carry again Rishab, Kritika additionally comes to wish the identical factor then asks Dadi to return as they’re all prepared.

Sameer coming to Preeta informs everyone seems to be within the court docket together with Prithvi, Shristhi exclaims he doesn’t know what’s going to occur to him, Mahesh questions when will they create Rishab, Shristhi exclaims they normally carry him on the time of the listening to, they then carry Rishab, Rakhi hugging him assures Sundeep would now give the assertion on their behalf, Rishab ji shocked to listen to about it, Sameer even hugs him when the police private ask him to step apart since they’ve to start out the listening to.

The court docket listening to begins with the choose coming to his positon, he sits down which worries Dadi who thinks why is she so indignant, Karina exclaims there’s nothing to be anxious about since immediately Rishab will probably be free from all fees, Prithvi seeing Preeta wonders who’s she trying to find, Kritika explains she could be trying to find the lawyer as he’s not current, the prosecutor appears at Prithvi with a smile, he thinks that the lawyer would break his whole plan, Prithvi thinks Preeta jee has grow to be a strolling suspense film, he wonders what’s she fascinated by.

The choose enters the chambers, everybody stands in his respect, then Rishab is requested to face within the field, the choose exclaims that the choice which was shield the final time could be launched immediately now, the protection lawyer stands revealing that there’s some new proof which is able to change the route of the case.

Precap: the protection explains he has actually excellent news relating to the case that can change the route of the case, Prithvi thinks that this may be Sundeep who has joined arms with Preeta, the prosecutor questions the place is Sundeep, Preeta walks out questioning Sudeepa the place is Sundeep, she explains he was simply right here on his cellular however can’t be seen now, Preeta thinks that if Prithvi has performed one thing unsuitable to him.

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