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Auto driver says what is that this nonsense this man thinks my temp as godown. Vibhu walks in says have some endurance all the things shall be gine. Driver says in the event you don’t obey correctly then I’ll distribute all of your undergarments in colony then don’t says something to me. Vibhu hers David voice says that gained’t occur occasion is her. David on handcart says I requested Pelu to drive taxi in London, so he use to smile and in the present day I don’t have cash so its getting exhausting to seek out him in the present day. Vibhu ask David what is that this who did this to you. David says a poem and says Chachi did this to me she bankrupt me. Vibhu says so that you assume you might be bankrupt and provides him field of undergarments and say go and promote these. David says you re asking me to promote these are you out of thoughts I’ll criticism about you. Vibhu says you might be broke and can vome to dwelling with this situation then she’s going to throw you in dustbin as used rubbish. David says I instructed you to not marry her she’s going to smash all the things. Vibhu says first take into consideration you, you gained’t have the ability to return to London or your hometown. David begin promoting undergarments and ask driver are you sporting undergarments. Driver says no. David then purchase and put on it.

Tiwari cleansing flooring. Ammaji come and says why are you taking time Angoori use to do it in 10minutes and you might be takin 2hrs. Tiwari says cease interrupting me. Ammaji says I’ll let you know how individuals use to be slave throughout British ruling interval. Angoori include Tillu and takes Ammaji blessings. Tillu additionally greets her. Ammaji says you might be supporting him nice. Tillu says I’m one who will help her in any situation and also will deal with her enemies. Ammaji asks Tiwari to go carry water and maintain some atticates you spouse got here from her enterprise you must ask her water firt. Angoori says no I don’t need I’m comfortable in the present day and ask Tillu for cash and provides to Ammaji, says take 75000rs. Tiwari asks did you earn this from promoting undergarments. Ammaji says no she have a beer store. Tiwari will get faint Tillu catches him. Angoori says ti Tiwari earlier than fainting hear me one time that I’ve accomplished my goal. Ammaji says this time is for celebration and ask Tillu come tonight and don’t carry your good friend. Tillu says sorry I can not fo that. Ammaji says okay then carry them too. Tillu says I’ll go and invite everybody.

Vibhu speaking on cellphone with fufaji speaking about wedding ceremony date says on 16 November I’m busy my schedule is just too tight. Masterji come and says I’ll speak to you later. Masterji says please take out a while for us. Vibhu says fufaji was on name. Masterji asks is all the things all proper. Vibhu says sure and inform how’s you. Masterji says I’m in ache that 25,000 is gave my spouse learnt about that and asking for cash. Vibhu says I’ll switch first each time Anu will get cash in her account. Masterji says first, dis you took cash from different too. Vibhu says I imply I’ll drop all my work and first switch your cash. Masterji says okay or else I’ll inform my spouse about you then it eill be you and my spouse you each can determine and leaves. Vibhu prays to god please ship somebody to assist me. Prem walks in says there’s a saying well-known in Kanpur whoever takes cash of Prem then he don’t let that individual die in piece. Vibhu says you imply to say that I’ll not return you cash. Prem says sure and pay attention we are able to full our earlier quantity however in 75000 I’ll take ever penny as a result of I took it from my spouse’s saving and I’ll inform her then it is going to be between you and my spouse and he leaves. Gupta come and says give me my cash when are yoi giving. Vibhu says don’t fear I’ll provide you with again. Gupta says I’m threatening you in open if I instructed about cash to my spouse then it is going to be between you and her and leaves. Vibhu says all of them three took cash from there spouse, if Anu get to know then she is not going to depart me.

Everybody at Tiwari’s, celebrating Angooris success. Masterji congratulate her. Angoori says it’s all due to your blessings. Prem says she broke Tiwari’s ego. Angoori says no that was not my intention. Ammaji says however Tiwari need to allow you to down however you flip the tables. Teeka says you might be proper Ammaji. Tillu and Malkhan mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says you got here right here to eat or insult me. Vibhu and Anu walks in and everybody greets. Anu give Angoori a present to congratulate her. Angoori says thankyou very a lot. Anu says to Angoori you might be an inspiration to girls. Angoori says I didn’t perceive. Vibhu says that you’re inspirational icon. Gupta name Vibhuti says please come I want to speak to you in personal. Vibhu go and sit with Masterji, Prem and Gupta. Gupta , Prem and Masterji ask Vibhuti how’s Anita’s household doing now. Prem, Grasp and Gupta begin discussing concerning the state of affairs amongst themself. Tiwari get nearer to pay attention all the things. Vibhuti telling lie about Anita’s household. Tiwari ask what occur to Bhabhiji is there any drawback Bhabhiji. Vibhu says no there’s no drawback. Tiwari says proper now Gupta instructed Bhabhiji is unhappy. Anu says I’m not unhappy. Vibhu says to Anu lets go. Anu says however we simply got here. Angoori asks why is Anu sab however. Ammaji reward her and says she ia at all times comfortable, who mentioned she is unhappy. Gupta, Masterji and Prem inform how Vibhuti took cash from them 50,000 ,25000 and 75,000 respectively. Anu in shock and says my household is completely high quality. Tiwari says Vibhuti is fraud he used you and your loved ones as bait to take cash from everybody. Ammaji abuses Vibhuti. Angoori says to Vibhuti this isn’t proper. Vibhu says I did to avoid wasting a girls’s dignity. Tiwari says he’s telling a false story. Vibhu says it’s not a false story it’s true and factors at Angoori. Anu says what you probably did with that cash. Vibhu says I’ll return there cash and I buied undergarments with that cash in order that her dignity is maintained. Everybody claps for him and says we’re very pleased with you. Angoori says you thought quite a bit about me. Vibhu says this was my obligation. Angoori ask inform me what did you do with so many undergarments. David walks in and says he gave all the things to me and relaxation are on handcart my voice is down as a consequence of scream however didn’t offered any of them, I can odor meals and says lets occasion.

Saxena barking at tea promoting man. Man says the place is Teeka. Saxena says my proprietor is of no use. TMT come and Teeka begin loving Tommy and says take have some biscuit. Tillu and Malkhan attempt to pet tommy. Tommy barks at them. Teeka give him yet one more biscuit and aks Tommy have you learnt tips on how to sing. Tommy says sure. Teeka says listed here are some paper on this file in the event you sing them then I’ll be yours official father and might deal with you, uf you signal this then they are going to be your uncle and can make video to make you viral that tommy can signal. Malkhan make video. Tommy says please flip round I’ll signal. Tommy bites Teeka. Teeka says whyyou did Tommy and says I signed your again, I could be mad or canine however not and ediot. Teeka runs.

Anu says to Tiwari you know the way a lot I like cleanliness. Tiwari says okay lets begin cleansing and so they each get excited.

Vibhu helps Angoori to scrub

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