Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 16 – Weezersongs

Whats up all right here is subsequent episode, hope you prefer it. As per strategies Shaheer Sheikh will play the position of Vishal Kapoor and his pair shall be Tejasswi Prakash in a personality which shall be proven quickly. Its a parallel observe solely Kaira are at all times the primary lead right here.

Episode 16

Vishal, Kartik and Naira attain the hospital. Vishal is taken in for the donation whereas others wait exterior. Kartik’s cellular rings. Its the police officer 

Kartik: Sir?

Police: Kartik sir we’d like mam’s assist to establish the killer from the database

Kartik: However sir..now she is

Naira sees him on cellphone and involves him

Naira: Kartik what’s up?

Kartik: Naira ..(he cups the cellular speaker along with his hand) law enforcement officials want you to establish the killer

Naira: Unwell do it then..come..

Kartik: Sir…Unwell join you on a convention meet in my laptop computer and we will share the display screen in order that its straightforward

Kaira stroll to the resting room and seat earlier than the laptop computer. The display screen is loaded and the Kartik scrolls the file down. Naira watches it keenly. Few scrolls later

Naira: Kartik..cease..cease…go up

Kartik scrolls up and Naira: Cease…he…he….

She factors at a photograph and Kartik is shocked 

Kartik: Are you certain Naira?

Naira nods her head

Naira: I can nonetheless bear in mind each expression on his face Kartik

Kartik: So..its…its..Akshat who killed her

Police officer: Whats your opinion as a professor on him sir?

Kartik: I’ve myself suspended him from school for dishonest in exams constantly and annoying me in courses. He’s nonetheless below suspension solely

Police officer: Then its him..sir we have to enquire his class mates and the woman’s class mates. 

Kartik: Go on sir

Police: Thanks a lot mam and sir. Sorry for disturbing you. Mam we may have your witness later too

Naira: Anytime sir

The decision disconnects. 

Naira: Kartik

Kartik: Hmmm

Naira: Kartik…..

She shakes him

Naira: The place are you misplaced

Kartik: No..nowhere

Naira: Jhoot

Kartik: Woh Naira…Im simply excited about Akshat. I by no means thought he’ll go to this extent

Naira: Sorry Kartik

Kartik: Why are you asking sorry? Whats your mistake in it?

Naira: I gave witness and ….

Kartik hugs her

Kartik: Im proud for that. Our youngsters shall be courageous like their mother and can communicate for justice and that is their first lesson in womb

Simply then nurse involves them

Nurse: Sir surgical procedure over. Its successful. Affected person will recuperate from sedation in a number of hours

Naira and Kartik rush to Naksh and Naitik who’ve been shifted to the room

Naira: Papa…surgical procedure is successful muma will recuperate quickly

Naitik will get as much as go. Naksh stops him

Naksh: Later papa…now they wont enable us anyway

Kartik senses that the daddy and children want some alone time

Kartik: Unwell inform others and are available 

He walks out along with his cellular

Naira: Papa..we’ll see muma later…

Naksh Naira and Naitik hug to share their happiness.

In the meantime exterior 

Kartik informs Keerthi and walks to the Krishna ji idol. He folds his palms infront of the deity 

Kartik: Thanks Krishnaji…years in the past I requested you to return my mother however you didn’t do it however you have got fulfilled that want for my Naira. Ab aage kaa bhi dyan rakhlijiye. I don’t need something or anybody to harm my Naira

He wipes his tears and feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see Vishal 

Kartik: Dr.Kapoor?

Vishal: Vishal is ok…glad for the success of the surgical procedure 

Kartik: Because of you

Vishal: I’ve vowed to do the whole lot doable to save lots of a life. Its my pleasure 

Kartik hugs him

Vishal: Unwell take your go away.

Vishal leaves and scene freezes 

Hours later

Everyone seems to be gathered round Akshara. Naitik is sitting holding her hand in his. 

Naksh senses pressure and plans one thing 

Naksh: So Naira..what shall be muma’s first phrase

Naira: Naira in fact…

Naksh: No approach..you might be papa’s princess and Im muma’s …

Naira: Duggu

Naksh: Haan so she’s going to name me first 

Naira: No she loves me extra she’s going to name me first

Naksh: No me

Naira : No me

Keerthi to Kartik: These two are inconceivable 

Rajshri: Ye dono toh bache hai 

Dadi: Naira goes to turn into mother but she is a baby for Akshara proper so this infantile battle is nothing incorrect

Naitik who was sitting pale Out of the blue turns glad as He feels slight motion in Akshara’s hand

Naitik: Akshara….akshara…..

Akshara slowly opens her eyes

She appears round and her eyes recognise her Naitik…the person whom she fell in love with, the person who was her higher half, the person who walked along with her in all walks of life

Akshara: Naitik….

Naksh and Naira who had been combating amongst themselves realise that Naitik gained the race and really feel glad for it. Naira hugs Naksh.

Naitik is overjoyed to listen to his title from his Akshara. He was residing all this time..only for the sake of residing however now his life bought its that means again..it bought its Akshara again. 

Naira and Naksh rush to Akshara seeing whom she smiles

Akshara: Duggu….Naira

Naksh: Dekha..she known as me first

Naira punches Naksh they usually each hug Akshara.

Naitik begins to cry. Kartik holds him

Kartik: Papa…papa…aaram se

Akshara turns to Kartik and he or she recognises him too . All of the previous recollections flush into her. She recollects hanging from the peak and her eyes nicely up. The tears moist Naira who appears up at her

Naira: Muma…muma…

Akshara: Naira..woh…top…..I used to be hanging….

Naira remembers that traumatic day and he or she too will get emotional. 

Akshara: Kartik…..I noticed his Automobile operating into the hills whereas hanging. He was entering into different aspect however heard my cries and tried to come back to me however his automobile misplaced management and collided on my automobile and it bumped into the hill

Naira and others together with Kartik now get to know what occurred that evening. Kartik is stunned too as he remembered nothing in nasha.

Naira: Kartik….kartik tried to save lots of you…however…however….

Kartik’s pleads ring in her ears…the sight if him in jail and him apologising for the factor he by no means did traumatise her as she now is aware of the reality. She cries out loud

Kartik walks to Naira , she hugs him and cries

Kartik: Naira bas…bas….chup hojao

Naira: Kartik..that evening…..you….did…..you tried to assist muma..you needed to assist her…..woh…..I punished you for 

Kartik: Naira bas…its throughout now…ab please chup hojao

Dadi: Haan Naira, anth bhala toh sab bhala…

Akshara simply now sees others round her, she is confused 

Akshara: Naitik…naitik….how lengthy has it been…

Naitik: Greater than a yr Akshara

Akshara is shocked 

Akshara: What?

Naitik explains the whole lot to her together with Kaira marriage Keesh marriage and now Naira’s being pregnant. Akshara is stunned as nicely upset

Akshara: How unfortunate was I to overlook my youngsters marriage ceremony. Duggu..the place is your spouse?

Naksh takes Keerthi to her. Akshara caresses her face as Keerthi will get close to her

Akshara: Sorry beta…sorry duggu

Naksh who was controlling the whole lot Out of the blue bursts hugging Akshara

Naksh: Muma….muma…these days had been horrible I used to be getting married..Papa wasn’t there..you weren’t there…I used to be combating with bhagwan as he snatched you….like he snatched dadi

Akshara: Duggu…Duggu..please dont cry

She wipes his tears . Her eyes now fall on a crying Naira as she remembers Naitik mentioning her being pregnant. Akshara extends her hand to Naira. She runs to carry it. Kartik follows her

Akshara: Naira…I missed your marriage ceremony too..and now you might be pregnant..Im changing into a nani

Naira: Muma ab aap aagayi na..Unwell compensate for the whole lot now however you realize I missed you want hell every time particularly after realizing my being pregnant 

Kartik: Haan mam all of us missed you

Akshara stares at him

Akshara: What mam? Married my daughter in my absence with out my approval 

Kartik holds his ear

Kartik: Sorry mam however….however….you gave your approval to our love..so solely

Akshara: However this isn’t proper..marrying my daughter and calling me mam..name me maa

Kartik: Sorry ma…maaa …sorry maa galti hogayi….Unwell not repeat it

Rajshri who was silent this lengthy involves Akshara. He eyes are moist with tears

Rajshri: If what Kartik did isnt proper then what you might be doing isnt proper too…behaving as a mother quickly after opening your eyes…did you consider your mother

She breaks down hugging Akshara. 

There may be happiness in every single place. The scene freezes 

Precap: Akshat meets Vedika? Joyful household and Naira’s romantic apology. 

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