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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on weezersongs.com

Kanha and Balram rejoice seeing cow Surabhi again. Balram tells Kanha that seeing Surbhi in tears, it appears to be like like she is troubled. Kanha says Surbhi is unhappy seeing the state of affairs of her kidnappers who additionally kidnapped different villagers. Balram asks motive. Kanha says they’re Manigreeva and Nalakuvara who’re trapped in jungle since ages, they’re Kuber’s sons; as soon as Kuber went to satisfy his sons and located them engaged in alcoholism and womanizing, so he walks out angrily. Narad visits them and seeing them ignoring even him blinded by their wealth curses that they are going to be trapped in bushes for hundreds of years. They apologize and request to take again their curse. Narad says he can’t take again his curse, however Narayan will free them from his curse after centuries. Kanha then tells Balram its time to satisfy Narad.

Narayan walks in sky chanting Narayan when Kanha calls him. Kanha asks who’s he. Kanha says one whom he’s keen to satisfy all the time and is available in entrance of him. Narayan rejoices seeing him and chants Hare Krishna and sings a bhajan for him. Mahadev notices that and says Narad is misplaced in his devotion. Devi Gauri says story ought to transfer on, so he ought to do one thing. Mahadev says her brother Krishna will do a leela now. Kanha tells Narayan that it time to free Nalakuvara and Manigreeva, however they need to be examined earlier than that. Narayan asks how will he. Kanha says he’ll inform him . Vrinda wakes up and seeing herself alone in jungle pleads for assist and begins crying. Manigreeva and Nalakuvara really feel unhappy seeing her crying and resolve to cheer her up till Kanha comes to satisfy them. They create butter and sweets in entrance of her. She will get completely satisfied seeing butter and remembering Kanha pleads them to free her in order that she will take pleasure in butter along with her group.

Akrur visits Kans. Kans says immediately he’ll meet and kill divine baby Kanha and show the forecast improper. Akrur reminds him Devi Vindhyavasini’s curse that if he enters Gokul once more, he’ll flip into a girl. Kans says he remembers it and will get tensed. Narayan disguised as a wooden cutter walks to Nalakuvara and Manigreeva to check them and free them from their curse. Nalakuvara and Manigreeva stroll to him and asks who’s he. Narayan says he’s a wooden cutter and desires a particular tree wooden for yagna. They each focus on to assist each Vrinda and wooden cutter and present him their bushes. Narayan acts as rejoiced seeing the tree. Balram tells Kanha that appears like Nalakuvara and Manigreeva handed the take a look at and will likely be free from their curse. Kanha agrees. Balram says he must go there to free Nalakuvara and Manigreeva, however Kans mama will catch them if he goes there. Kanha says nonetheless there’s time to free them, he ought to wait and watch what’s going to he do subsequent.

Akrur informs Kans that there’s a mountain which doesn’t come underneath Vindhyavasini’s territory. Kans says he’ll attain that mountain and use a weapon on Kanha which can drag him to him. Akrur asks how will he get that weapon. Kans visits Shukracharya and requests a weapon from him with which he can take an individual from one place to a different simply. Shukracharya says he’ll give him a weapon, however he ought to use it solely when his enemy is in entrance of his eyes. Kans agrees and will get a weapon. Shukracharya warns him that he can use this weapon solely as soon as. Kanha thinks mamasri or his weapon can’t hurt him.

Precap: Kanha frees Nalakuvara and Manigreeva from their curse.

Replace Credit score to: H Hasan

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