IPL anchor Karishma Kotak recalls being paranoid about ‘looking like a bimbo’, says instructions were, ‘Glamorous dikho, chaar sawal karo, nikal jaao’

Model-anchor Karishma Kotak has opened up about the difficulties women face in male-dominated workplaces. Recalling her initial days as an anchor, she said that she worked extra hard to prove that she isn’t ‘just an okay face.’

In an interview with News18, Karishma said, “I feel that now it’s much better than when I started in 2011-12. But Mandira (Bedi) started before me. Shonali (Nagrani) started before me. So I felt like a couple of women had kind of set the path. They were there so it wasn’t new for another girl to be taken as an IPL host, but I think initially it was just like, ‘Glamorous dikho, chaar sawal karo and nikal jaao.’ For example, ‘What’s happening in the changing room?’ ‘How do you feel you are playing with Dhoni?’ It used to be those basic questions and I was very paranoid that I shouldn’t look like a bimbo.”

Talking about how the situation is better now, she said, “I think women get stereotyped quite quickly and I think it happens even in workplaces that we have to work extra hard to be like, ‘Oh, I’m not just an okay face. I know what I’m doing and I know what I’m saying.’ So when I did feel that way a little bit, that is when I sat down in the commentators box and I would listen to them commentating because that’s the way you learn. You get the inside information because you’re sitting down you’re watching and what you see as an audience and what you see as a commentator are two different things and I would just listen and I still do.”

She added, “So I think it’s much better now. I did feel that way, which is why I felt I need to up my game and now it’s been about 10-11 years and 100 tournaments later. But just going and asking for questions is not going to give you longevity. You really do need to know your game.”

The actor had participated in Bigg Boss season 6 after which she rose to fame as a host. Karishma will be seen in the movie IRaH, which also features actors Rohit Roy, Ameet Chana, Fagun Thakrar and Rajesh Sharma.

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